New Oceania Player looking for guild/friends. (Australian server)

Hey guys, Just jumped in to the game and loving it.
I have watched videos before but am just wanting to know if there are any guilds or player groups on the Australian server that are keen to hang out, as I know there are some awesome communities out there.


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Hi. Me and my friend have made a small settlement on Andooweem(Australian server). The theme is building on mountain side. Tell me if you’d be interested in joining us :slight_smile:
We’d love to have another fellow builder among us.

Hey man, totally keen. Not sure yet how to get to other planets just yet but im making my way through the tutorial.

Tell me your location and i’ll come pick you up

Vena V, -1634, 68.

Is that right?

yeah, but you’re missing another number
it’s something like x y z

oh last number is -980

i’m omw

Welcome to Boundless, @Ascalar!

There are currently twelve worlds on the live build. They’re split into four server groups; Oceanic, US West, US East, and Europe. You will find your ping is generally better in your region, but that should deter you from visiting or even setting up on other worlds!

Venv V (Starter), Andooweem (Moon) and Alturnik (Ring) are all Oceanic worlds.

Berlyn (Starter), Elopor (Moon) and Nasharil (Ring) are all US West worlds.

Solum (Starter), Epsilo (Moon) and Vulpto (Ring) are all US East worlds.

Therka (Starter), Septerfon (Moon) and Munteen VII (Ring) are all European worlds.

The largest settlements as of right now (to my knowledge) are Therka Market, Elop Portas, Pixel Gate, and Dragon’s Watch - though there are quite a few others dotted about, and a new town being built not far from you on Andooweem; Tjentzu.

If you have any queries about what to do or where to go, just ask here and someone will help out.

I’ll get you started; @Jeffrotheswell has a handy chain of portals that can take you anywhere you need to go. You can find a link in this chain on your homeworld of Vena V at these coordinate; -2194, 64, 1740.

Have fun! Stay safe, and watch out for Spitters!


Thank you @Pseudonym84
Thanks some handy tips.
Ill keep an eye out for that chain of portals!


Tjentzu is linked to @Jeffrotheswell portal network and more. As you will find out after @Astralus picks you up and orientate you alittle. :slight_smile: