New perm colors introduced by Sovereign Worlds? Please report here!

What planet type and tier gives us best chance for either black gleam or more in demand colors of gleam?

Black gleam is impossible according to devs. But shadow, night, strong, pure colors are the most popular possible rare types that can spawn. Still havent seen a deep color yet.
Every single Strong, Shadow, Night, Pure color has spawned on T5s

Strong Cherry T5 Coal

Night Orange T5 Metal

Night Lilac T5 Coal (wasn’t an actual spawn of gleam on the world)

Azure T5 Toxic

Night Fuchsia T5 Toxic (wasn’t an actual spawn of gleam on the world)

Shadow Yellow T5 Shock

Not a single color for Pure, Shadow, Night, or Strong has spawn on an exo on anything other than a T5

Shadow Red and Pure Rose were left out because they were custom made exos


Ah that sucks about black gleam, any difference in metal, blast, burn, etc?

Source? (10 chars)

According to james:

If this quote still holds true, then I just debunked your claim that black gleam is impossible. Hoping it is the case.


Check my updated post


Its not impossible ti get black gleam

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Black gleam was addressed individually and an exception. Also the world config files are there on github so you can look at the code yourself if you are curious

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Again, source? Where’s the source of this claim? Where did the devs discuss this and state such info?


Darker color would be t6 coal world, but it have a chance to be either brighter or darker colors.

Simple explaination :

Generator pick a color shade between 1 and 10 (dark to bright)

It picks 5

The world profile for gleam color jave a vaiation of -2 to +2

Gleam color become either 3,4,5,6,7

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I finalized my first sovereign introducing a lot of new colors for blocks and plants, but I checked it just now against the known public world colors table - some of them new colors might have been introduced in earlier spawned sovereigns.
Still, when I find a moment I will post a full list of new colors.

Sneak peek: cool red glacier, light azure twisted wood, bright magenta sedimentary rock, azure glow cap fungus


According to who? I have never seem a developer say that black gleam was impossible. if black was impossible then how did we get white?

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New colors from my first sovereign:

glacier: cool red
ice:cold berry

silty soil: deep slate
clay soil: dark cerulean
peaty soil: dark cerulean

ash: silk cobalt

sponge: weary violet

gnarled grass: silk cobalt

ancient wood: silk cobalt
twisted wood: light azure

metamorphic rock: rust violet
igneous rock: pale berry
sedimentary rock: bright magenta

gravel: pale berry

lush foliage: warm blue
exotic foliage: warm viridian
waxy foliage: warm viridian

tangle: deep cerulean
mould: dark lilac
growth: light turquoise

ghost flower: azure
trumpet root: deep turquoise
traveller’s perch: deep cerulean
spineback plant: stale moss
oortian’s staff: stale cerulean
stardrop plant: light turquoise
mottled tar spot fungus: strong cerulean
clustered tongue fungus: silk cobalt
weeping waxcap fungus: silk cerulean
glow cap fungus: azure


Is there a way to check the color of a newly made planet outside of the game?

IIRC this was indeed brought up and possibly when discussing colour rarity and the impact specifically on goo farms if black gleam became available.

From memory it was a colour that was actively being prevented from spawning…and a vague memory also exists that they weren’t allowing ALL colours to be gained on release of sovereigns (that might just be my twisted memory of something totally different though. Painkillers yay)

Yeah, @Gorillastomp, @Simoyd and I are working on trying to automate this process. But we will still have to rely on players to go to planets to get the data and send it to us.


Based on my understanding the type of planet does affect what colors can spawn. You are not going to get white rock on a tier one planet. James insists that all colors are possible whenever he addresses the question. The developers did limit the sovereigns to existing colors to protect the color rarity (which is a different topic), but if you get the correct type of planet then you have a chance at a color. For example a metal planet has the best chance for white rock based on my conversation with the developers. There is a lot of randomness to it, but it is possible.

It is a question that probably needs to be answered directly by James. Both sides seem to be bringing up quotes that can or cannot be provided or could even be contradictory.

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We’ve got Strong Blue mud and grass :smiley:


If memory serves James. Basically black is the exception to the rule. We also had no deep color spawn. I’m not here to debate black gleam though. Believe me or don’t. Im going off evidence and with our large sample size of exos and answering someone’s question which tier and type is most likely to get a rare color. My answer is a resounding T5

And this could be true. . He also has said all colors are possible. . so he has unfortunately created part of the confusion. Now that the planets are spawning and they know what algorithms they are using, we should be able to get a definitive answer.

Please provide a link to the quote on this.