Where are the colors?

Fair enough, I do understand why people want everything to have appeared by now. And yes I agree, over a long enough time transition it will not hurt anyone…

Like I say I am not opposed to all 255 colours in every block being released suddenly, it wont affect me one iota. I just have never ever felt like I had a lack of options or possibilities in this game in terms of block choices. But clearly I take a different approach to yourself and numerous others and this is why I genuinely wanted to understand what people perceive as “colour scarcity”… it just seemed like a relativistic thing to me. And clearly it is as your expected time frame is different to anothers.

Yeah its not that way. I’ll extrapolate on this later. I am bit busy atm.


I would still like to know if its true that every single one of the 255 colors available for every single block CAN even show up. @james … As far as I know there’s preset palletes configured, but not sure if every single color can show up. Been inquiring about this, but the devs seem rather tight-lipped on the topic.


From what i understood of the presets some stuff like plants cant get every colors.

If it is that way, they should tell us and be open about it

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There is no artificial limit on the colours that can be selected during the world generation.

Each world config uses a customised recipe for generating colours. This recipe contains many RNG inputs as the colours are evolved and selected. Some blocks have a high degree of variability, for example gleam, which is allowed to select any initial hue. Other block colours are evolved with normal or linear RNG ranges from parent block colours. Some relationships vary hue, luminance, and saturation independently. Some of the configs limit the hue range to try and make more thematically consistent worlds: umbris red-orange, rift blue-pink, blink green-yellow. Likewise Lush worlds attempt to create earthlike palettes where vegation is pulled to green, wood brown, rock grey, and liquids blue. This means that these worlds will have more consistent colour selections.

When I first setup the worldcolour configurations I generated over 500 worlds and confirmed that the recipes (across all the configurations) spat out over 200 colours each. Clearly, as described above because of the theming, some colours are selected more often. But I was happy, when looking at all the recipes together, that the system was generating lots of variation.


I want a luminous or vivid colored palette


Then I guess we should be wishing for more T4 coal exoworlds? Guessing those would be the most diverse in colors?

Or is there any chance that a couple of special exoworlds could be released with a bunch of different/new colors?


I wonder which Exo planets have given us these color types (what tier/atmosphere).:thinking:

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So this just solidifies my point how certain colors are much, much rarer than others because of this theming system. What is so bad about alien planets where there’s no uniform theme like what is currently generated today? Why can’t we get an alien planet where there’s three totally different rock colors, three off the wall soil and grass colors that may or may not go with the rock colors, etc? Why can’t any of these configs allow for a PURE 100% no bullcrap RNG system rather than trying to keep everything uniform?


Sounds good name for new type of planet :smiley:


Rift exo gave us vivid moss, vivid lime, vivid yellow, bright moss iirc

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as @PrincessMaude said, rift exos are your go-to bright color source.

Well. Only if you want green-yellowish bright sedimentary/igneous rocks. I don’t think that the metamorphic rocks are ever specially Brighton those planets

The gem world configs allow for the most variation of colours - as their seed can be any hue. Many of the exos are gem worlds.
If the blocks colours were all “off the wall” then the resultant world would look utterly horrendous. Creating ugly worlds is super easy.
I don’t know what you mean by no-bullcrap RNG system. Sounds like you’re asking for all the colours to just be selected randomly, in place of the current system which attempts to create an attractive world. That IMO would be a “bullcrap RNG system”.


This is a game… We are some kind of aliens on planets that we connected with portals. Do we need planets that resemble Earth?

Of course pretty planets are nice. But I think the point is that we would also like some more variety of colors. And somehow now it feels like we do not get as much variety as we would be getting if things were totally random. Like, why did we get night orange metamorphic rocks 13 times on Umbris exoworlds when there are other night/Shadow red-orange blocks?


Tbh I think there is a way to enforce beauty using covariance between matching colors while making each roughly uniformly likely to appear. I’m not saying this is what I want but I think this a much more civilized presentation of the desired changes to the RNG system you were responding to.

It’s very enlightening that the gem world seeds are a different cluster than other seeds. If someone can list how many gem worlds there have been, and how many unique colors came from them, we could see if those numbers are consistent with uniformly random.

What about some glitched type exos that look horrendous but that’s what they are supposed to look like :pleading_face:

It maybe fun


I absolutely agree here. I’d rather have a ton of attractive world’s that look slightly similar than having them be entirely random.

Maybe for T8 exos there can be a totally random option. Since clearly the Tier makes the world’s terrain and colors more unique, maybe make a T8 with rainbow colors to make it look absolutely crazy. This would,

  1. Appease the people who can’t stop complaining about wanting more colors


  1. Show people how absolutely ugly the planets they’re asking for are.

Thanks for the explanation on the color spawns though I’m glad to hear that on the scale of a few hundred planets you got a good variety. That’s what I like to know.


Yeah. Nice to know we only need to wait another 2-3 years to get to see almost all the colors.


Also please keep in mind that beauty is a subjective thing and what you find ugly other can find beautiful. For example, I cannot stand warm yellow/silk yellow planets/light yellow boundless colors. I find them extremely ugly. I’d rather have colors don’t seem to fit together than having those 3 anywhere. But other people seem to be using them and that’s fine. To each their own