🆖 Nova Golda and Nova Golda Market Mega Thread - Maps Added!

Finally it’s time to announce this officially! And I’m excited!

The Nova Golda Market at Nova Golda, capital of Trung, is opening today!

A new and improved market with happy customers and shopkeepers!

We also have quite a few portals in the dedicated portal area. Some are up top like here:

But there are 2 stairs leading down:

In this corner we see the farm and mining portals, a portal to Meteor Meet at Delta Cancret and of course a portal to the Nova Golda Portal Network!

Personal portal area:

The rest of the space will be for portals to malls, shops and other interesting places!

There’s plenty of room and portals can be made any size by request!

Ask Aenea, Fidach, Ghandy or Nerarth for help with this!

Overview of market from portal area:

From the other side:

As you can see there are quite a few market stalls set up already and of the initial 20 2x2 plots only 7 are left! So if you’re interested, hurry!

Overview of some of the shops:

And naturally a market of mine without my own shops won’t do!

So they are here:

Due to the increase in size I’ve now combined Noms 'n More and Brews 'n Stuff into one market stall.

Original Forgeries is back too! With an even bigger stall!

The one thing that is missing from the market is my Coin Converters. When I started it I wanted it to be for everyone, even shared some plots with Fidach who then made his own Coin Converters later after he didn’t have enough space but I wanted more than that.

Well, now we have that!

Request baskets are NOT allowed on any of the market stalls!

They can go into the dedicated Coin Converters!

Which is at the front of the market, next to the portal area!

There too one can ask for 2x2 plots and use them to buy anything you want from visitors!


That’s not all! You actually get 5 plots (well 6 due to lights under the floor) since you get also a plot of the path!

This means that every visitor will have to run over ALL the beacons when they want to go to the back!

See it as a ‘request basket footfall coop’!!

As you can see we’ve all been rather busy at Nova Golda! And we hope you like the results and come shopping with us or get a market stall or request basket plot of your own!

Soon we will be adding roads and accept settlers so the city can expand!

Come visit us at Nova Golda Market!

Portals at the new Eresho Ultima HQ in the shopping mall section, DK’s Ultima Tree, Nova Golda Mini Market at Eresho, Ultima Trung Hub and of course Portal Seekers Lamblis Hub!

See you soon!


Reserved for future use.

Please, definitely visit my request shop at Coin Converters. It’s shop 2, and I will be adding signs soon with pricing – at the moment I’m mostly after Silver, Copper, Fossils and a few other bits and bobs.


I’ll need to check this out later! It looks great in the pictures!

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So glad you are back in business Aenea, this looks wonderful, great work! :slight_smile: I’ll definitely be by to check it out and drop some coin soon!


Titanium 3x3 hammers for 2399c are back in stock! Come and get 'm!


Nice!! :sunglasses: I’m definitely going to be loading up on some hammers!

Edit: Bought some, both titanium and some of the diamond T6’s! :smiley:

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Awesome! Thank you for the business! If I’m around next time ask for a hand trade, I can price them then between with and without tax so it profits us both!

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Restocked on Teaching Pies (loving the bonus consumables buff!!), more are on the way but that will be tomorrow, need sleepz!

Also added more titanium tools! And gold hammers, yes, gold!
Silver will be added too. I also added 9 slingbows but it took longer for me to change the signs for them than to sell :smiley:
Crafting more so I can forge more of 'm!

And of course added some more gem tools!


Thanks!! :slight_smile: Forgot to add, got some persisting pies too of course - your prices are sooo good!

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Then you will be happy to know I lowered the price of persisting pies to 349c!

Also had to up Teaching pies to 349c I was way, way too cheap with 299c and couldn’t keep stock, hahaha

And I’ve noticed my old brew prices were slightly too high, so most Mega and Super brews are now 189/179c for Mega or 169/159 for Super…

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Can I reserve the spot next to bobbuilder? Noticed beacon next to him is in your name. We run bob’s farms and trader bobs together.

Sure you can! The one behind Bob I think you mean? if the beacon name says Reserverd/Taken and then a name then it’s not free tho still in my name.

I will hop on in a bit anyway and change the beacon name for you!

Oh ok. Was there last night and was open. Behind if looking straight ahead yes. Next to on left if facing his hammer shop

It looks so beautiful :heart_eyes:

Yeah, still in the same letter row, row D I believe that is! Will be done in a tick!

Or if you are on too I can add perms for you right away as well!

Thanks so much!!

Not on now. But will be tomorrow/later today. 1am my time

Its 1am now for you? US east coast then! It’s 7am for me.

In any case, I reserved the plot for you!

Get your loot-sticks here!


Stand number C2!