Plot protection abuse

How negative is the impact on Boundless if people make 2 plot wide strips to reserve land…? I don’t plan to do it, but what if someone has a build planned?

Although I could see someone intentionally using this method to troll just because.

But if someone looks at the night sky and becomes angry that some planet they rarely visit has 20k plots reserved in this manner, maybe it is just a perception issue and not an actual problem?


Yup. This exact thing happened to me…albeit on a smaller scale. I was told “at least there is a buffer between you two”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I moved - found a less crowded planet.


Still enjoying this giraffe.

“She” has the most beautiful eyes!

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Sir this is my doing if you need some assistance you can reach out to me anytime. Also each person that has been surrounded has been spoken with.

You have not taken the time to speak with me, but you taken the time to come here and complain. Try speaking with the person giving you stress it might work out for you.

This goes for anyone else that feels that the first thing you should do is run to the forums first.
Painting a bad light on someone before you speak to them does not make you look any better.


I don’t know the specifics but sometimes it is hard to get in touch with people

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You can always ask on the forums if someone knows this person and if you can get in touch with them. some type of attempt should be your first step.
If we had a bigger community I would agree with you, but you would also have less time to bother James.


Holy crusade: hmmm seems me looking up this can fit into boundless well. Crusade a medieval military expedition to recover lands form others? No one needs to parish. Just a quest for land. The holy part is ones believes in what is right or wrong. I can see boundless as having there own beliefs. Well with the crosses, not just tied to one religion, use in other symbolism. I checked not voliating TOS. So all checks outs. :wink: i might not want a holy crusade like our world’s history. Maybe a different crusade is needed for boundless?

Why are they obligated to communicate with you when you are the one that surrounded them with plots which violates the coc? I would have notified James also, let the developers know/decide if a player is violating the coc or not.

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First those plots that are surrounded are not his plots and those people already have been spoken with. He has three huge sides to grow on. he is obligated by the rules to talk to me if he wants to grow on plots i have plotted on one side of him. otherwise how else does he get that area.

So clearly Kal you are missing some important information that maybe he left out? The surrounded plots are not his not any single one lol.

He just wants to be able to grow in all four directions. I understand this but he needs to communicate if he wants to move in the one direction i have plotted. ?

lol Kal-EI when I plotted this James was the first person that was notified before and after I plotted the area. You sound like you feel strongly about something you are not involved in or have all the info lol.

Stunner did contact me to ask if I still wanted my Seginiakai flower farm :]


Did they notify James, or just post on the forums 1st?
Does the CoC elaborate as to how many plots you should leave in between you and your neighbor?

Also, the OP posted screenshots of someone’s plot and called it “protection” abuse. They didn’t say they were surrounded and needed assistance.

not sure if this is in reference to the new reservation system or just limiting people’s plots

Yes James has been shown multiple times before and after. Issue is nothing I have done has upset anyone but tiger. And plotted only on one side of him and left plenty of buffer as well if he wanted more area.

If he wanted more land then that he needed to communicate or else how else how would he get it?

We need new planets please there is no where to build!!!


Or maybe there is a way to go back to the planets where our oortian species started our journeys from!

Like an oortian home world with big cities and ancient shops.


Shops that sell those little lights we used to carry around lots of laughs


Yes please! Tho I would love two of each of T1 to T3, a T4, 5, 6 and a permanent 7 for all four regions!

So 40 new permanent planets total!

Ahhh lovely!


Id settle for 4.


Yup. Communication is key. I do think people don’t do that enough in the game and it leads to other types of conflict.

I’m thinking more suggestions around simplifying and improving message system. Some of the recent ideas (even including letters) was cool. It sometimes is hard to tell who is active or not.