Plug your shop!


Gloviathosa Market is back to the business!

We have wide variety of goods to propose, reasonable prices and request baskets full of shiny coins! :wink:

We are at the northern exit of PS Gloviathosa hub. Visit today, while pies are hot and exo shrooms are fresh! :pie::mushroom::moneybag:


Seraph Store has its first 2 AoE hammers up for sale :blush: 6 more crafting and will be up soon
Someone come buy them so i can keep making more, im so excited :rofl: :rofl:
Will be opening a little forge store in the next few days :partying_face:



@bigad9 i thought i’d tag you in this thread as it shows you a lot of the current shops (many of which have request baskets) plus directions on how to get there :slight_smile:


Talonted Masonry offers refined stone, brick (currently stocking), and a variety of stone products like shop stands, signs, LED’s, etc.

Request Baskets for: Bone, Rock Salt, OortStone, and Titanium hammers and axes.

Grovidias Te PortalSeekers hub, first tier up, in the corner by Apple Market.


Lattice chisels in stock :slight_smile:
Ive put around 12 out for now will restock properly tomorrow
Starting at 800c :slight_smile:

Accessible through portal seekers shopping hub top floor: Seraph Store

Then through the sapphire portal for Secret Forge :blue_heart:

Looking for a chisel

Glass panes for sale at my Gyosha store - 80/100/150c - as I make them as playing with the colors. :wink:

Also, considering expanding operations and putting up a new Newbie-aimed store on Refgar, given the new tool coming to find prices… thinking of putting it right off the world road and making it look like an Interstate exit - “Exit now for…” Hehehe. :crazy_face:


Lake (capital of Sochaltin I)
cheap advanced coils, cheap ancient vital essence and plenty of request baskets for oort plus a few other things.
Also I put out free rock after a mining session (and I mine quite a lot so refilled regularly)

PS Lamblis
TNT megahub
Nova Golda
DSK Galaxy hub
The Hunt Hive
DK Mall


chisels. all of them, including very cheap and conveniently color coded changer / undo / lattice chisels.
Pyrr’s Gloomy Shop (Eresho, -1620, -1298, 74) portals: DK’s ultima tree, PS Lamblis


:wave: I have about 50k essence for sale at 3.6 each for fresh and 4 each for ancient.
2204n -738e alt65 Maryx

Edit: about 150 rough umbris @ 650 each and 40 unforged blink bows @ 9k each there too.


Buying and selling all kinds of basic materials! I own DK’s Ultima Tree on Eresho and my shop is on the lower floor there. Everything costs either 0.5c, 1c or 2c

Items I buy and sell:
Raw meat
Raw prime meat
Creature mantle

Fibrous leaf
Fleshy leaf
All 3 kinds of blood

All 3 kinds of ancient tech
Iron ore
Copper ore
Sulfur fragments
Olivine fragments
Cobalt fragments



Ok, decided to do what I said before and added a particularly garish piece of Americana to our EU server: Introducing a convenience store exit off the World Road on Refgar, Paka’s Goods 2 Go! :wink:

Not stocked yet but will put some of my most popular stuff there for any passersby. I don’t think I’ll portal link it to anywhere - just leave it way out there and see how much I end up having to stock it once the scanner hits.


So do I now…I am beating u there…lol


Two day Birthday Sale at Chateau Excelsior


Awesome shop I sell to you all the time.


Thank you! Much appreciated :smiley:. I try to check and refill the baskets daily once at least.


Hi boundless. Due to no anniversary event. I see some rage quitting about to happen. So before you do come sell me all your gems…I needs them still…baskets at dirtyMAYO portal at hunt Hive or ps hub gyosha bottom floor…money will continue to be topped up daily…Just remember rage quit after u sell all your gems to me… hahaha. Have a awesome day


And I need gems too, Coin Converters, Trung!


I stuck out some 20c resin as an Opening Sale for whoever manages to make it to my little outpost store first… :wink: