/ POLLS / Most wanted features V2

1 year later… time for making hard decisions
PS I’m just a player, making these polls out of curiosity!

Features - choose up to 3

  • Farmable Plants, crops - make food of them or become a gardener
  • Placeable mailboxes - you can place them in front of your house and when you’re offline players may leave messages inside
  • Building blueprints - Build a house and sell a scheme for it
  • More rare block types - like ancient corruption, dark glass, growth… which can be found on high tier planets
  • PvP or other competitive mechanics
  • Building tools - like ability to build in a straight line by clicking and dragging the mouse, or clicking and dragging to fill a rectangle. Scaffolding or jetpack usable within the beacon for easier building and chiseling.
  • Titans as endgame PvE thing - whatever they are.
  • Structures underground - nothing big, just small houses, or temples you can encounter.
  • Another race for variety
  • House props which give small bonuses within your beacon - tables, chairs, decorative beams etc.
  • Hearth stones you can interact with and show appreciation to someone’s structure.
  • Guild System
  • More ore tiers - like gem -> special -> enchanted gems etc
  • Flying Machines/Gliders
  • Something totally different?

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QoL - choose up to 2

  • More permission types for beacons
  • Ability to keep your settlement name - and still connect to a bigger one
  • Fair Death Penalty
  • Cheaper 2x3 portals
  • No wait time when changing skillsets
  • Free warp to your “Home” beacon if within 300 blocks radius
  • Emotes shortcuts

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Who are you in Boundless?

  • I’m a Builder
  • I’m a Hunter
  • I’m a Crafter
  • I’m an Explorer/ a Gatherer

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QOL is biased. “Fair death penalty” is misleading. Just because people may not like recieving a penalty for death does not mean its not fair.


(I’m just glad me managed to do 1 items from last years poll. Give us 15 years and we’ll have everything covered.)


I just want clothes. ;_;


Voted for “something totally different” since I didn’t see any option for allowing vertical builds (allowing more than one owner in a stack of chunks).


Haha that’s what I imagine. There are so many cool features to be implemented. Even small ones can be gamechangers, but there are bugs to solve, other things already in dev…
From my point of view many things from the last poll have been partialy implemented.

Farmable plants - not really farmable, but we have so many different types of flowers and plants all around the worlds which we can hehe, “farm”… There is solid reason to invest in axes + we can collect them with gathering epic.

There are machines which utilize space within the house. You now create a machinery room exclusively for machines. Even fact that you can connect 16 power coils is a cool change.

Sings have been implemented and literally everyone uses them.


I think the best QoL implement right now would be autorun toggle
Food/brew stats in the UI


Voted “something totally different”: I’m thinking more varied craftable blocks like more expensive, and prestige giving versions of gravel, soil, foliage, etc.


Actually It’s not fair if you receive a 20k exp death penalty when taking huge fall damage inside your beacon… I died like 40 times? 99% times because of fall damage within my beacon. I don’t want to be punished for such thing. And it scales with level while you don’t really receive more exp at level 50 than at level 20 when you are already well estabilished.


I think that the random fall damage actually scales to your health and speed bonuses. That’s atleast what I’ve gathered from the posts regarding the matter.

The problem I have with forum polls like this is that they are so biased towards the people who frequent the forum and not the average/casual user.

I have always wondered why no developer implements in game polls :thinking: Maybe there is a reason for that.

The other problem is I’ve seen early access devs listen to their fanbase, implement a feature, and then NO ONE uses that feature.

Vocal majorities can ask for things they never use.

the one quality of life thing I really want is to get out of this loin cloth. honestly I’d rather go it in the buff.


Player feedback can be extreamly useful to developers, I get what you’re saying about the limited scope on opinion that can come from the forums in terms of the overall userbase but that’s just the nature of most games most have no interest in forums, but still I like polls like this.

I’d be happy with atlases that weren’t nearly always out of date showing resources that have already been mined which in turn would mean I wouldn’t keep wasting my precious and limited time online which would mean I could actually get on with the stuff I enjoy doing.


Off topic regarding the poll but what you write is wrong. You loose 50% xp on the next 20k xp, so your loss is 10k. Dying once or 40 times doesn’t matter, the buff doesn’t stack just refresh. I don’t know why you shouldn’t take fall damage within you beacon. If you do something stupid at home or at else where it hurts the same.
At lvl50 with 100 skill points you get way more efficient skillsets then with lvl20@40skillpoints resulting in a lot higher xp rates.

We can argue here:

//end off-topic

Nice poll though :grin:

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not that

Giv me jorts and crocs pls. That or joots.

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