Post Your Screenshots!


very pretty :blush::+1:


:open_mouth: The detail! Thank you MajorVex <3


If you bevel one corner and on the back side bevel the opposite side it’ll shine thru as well. I’ve used it a lot. If you go to order or oortian the portal area has one view of what I did. You can get to us via ult finata in the building on the left behind the world portals(refgar,nia, arie etc) iconic hive has a portal to us as well. And if you go to my house there I have a portal to my vault that’s a wip and have used another version of chisel work to have light shine thru. I’d post pictures but I’m at work


This is definitely needed.
I will start one after I finish work, unless someone beats me to it.
Also maybe it wouldn’t all have to be fancy stuff (though fancy stuff I do so love). I could add a small bit on how to create a little grassy hill, for example.
An indexed first post, once it gets rolling, would be useful.


Ooooo yes please, do this!! Terraforming is something I would love to see, many cases where I have wanted to but I have always given up as I just cannot make it look natural enough!


adding to what I said above, the left side is what was shown higher up by @C0ND1T10NR3D and I would consider that a bug that may be fixed at some point (it is inconsistent with how fluid flow works, where fluids would “not” pass through on the left side example).

the right side is a limitation of the voxel system since once light/fluid enters the block, it cant be stopped from exiting somewhere else in the same block and has to ignore internal block geometry that is sub-voxel, so the right side allows fluid flow, and even with the bug fixed, would continue to allow light flow too.


Yea the right side is more or less what I do.


I really appreciate you coming to tell us about this and that it may be fixed in the future. It would’ve been a shame to make a build using the left-hand method instead of the right, only for the future ‘fix’ to kinda ruin it.

But, (There’s always a ‘But’)… Is a ‘Fix’ really necessary? As you can see, others such as Fante have already used the method in their builds and they look amazing. The ‘Fix’ would ruin that for them. Would allowing the ‘Bug’ to remain really break anything else in the game in the future? Could it be worked around and allowed to remain as an unintended effect?


It sounds like fluid and light work the same way. I guess it would depend on when we get water blocks what will happen to the fluid dynamics if this does not change. I also wonder if some of the weird things we see with water currently are part of this “bug”? For example caves opening out under water and the water does not flow into the cave. It is pretty cool, but should it be working that way?

I do agree with you such a change could lead to some disappointed players when their builds are directly affected. I also find it interesting that if water or light enter part of a block then the intended effect is they penetrate the entire block.


Here’s the chisel work with light shine thru that I did at the town hub.

And here’s the chisel work I’ve done on my vault. Mind you this is still a work in progress and rebuilding part of the town has taken priority over this.

View of the ceiling inside the vault

What it looks like on the other side

My floor from the topside

My floor from underneath

Pathway to the vault

Pathway from underneath

I’ve set up a temporary portal to my vault from the Hubbit hub on sorissi

To get to the town we are connected to Hubbit(portal to the right of my vault portal), PS sorissi(we have one of the town portals<it’s in front of the st Mario cathedral>)

Connected to The Hunt Hive

Also connected to Ultima Finata

Sorry for all the photos in one post :sweat_smile:


I start having doubts about those new animated blocks…


My up and coming castle is taking form, slowly but surely.


looks wonderfully dark


Beautiful shot! Great atmosphere to that.


It’s not really that dark (sadly). Would have been cool but gotta fit in with the rest of my medieval theme :slight_smile:

Thanks, I feel like it looks better from far away xD


You can say one thing…it is eye-catching!


I agree with this


This is what I’m currently working on. I wanted a big boat build! I’m working on a port city too. Would love to have the majority of the city be different boats though. If anyone wants to join in and build a boat, let me know!


Awesome. I must figure this out.


Nice booty pics! I like the treasure chest. :smiley: