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I agree with her - I think your place is really nice. Please give it a chance :] @Goblinounours


Good for you. But I’m the one who spent months on the build, and I’m also the one who’s now disheartened because he hates the look of his build…
All the meshes are way too dark, and there is NOTHING I can do to fix it. Gem torches don’t help. More gleam doesn’t help. Even outside, my shop stands are looking offly dark.


I have to say the work bench and other machinery are a bit too dark.

But gotta admit - i like the contrast difference with the light.


Please just take the time and work through it with a different set of light colors. We all get that light and textures changes but we don’t need to go complaining every where about it. People knew this was coming for weeks now and it was done for the betterment of the GAME. So people just need to chill about their personal builds and all…

Or you are welcome to join the “universal destruction wipe guild” that I am running… Just added one more reason why a wipe would help…


Gosh I am running everywhere I know are builds of friends and mine and those I liked before and I must say this lighting is making it GORGEOUS!

I get that lighting in some places may be a problem but it is worth to work around it when I see how awesome builds look now. Much more authentic.


And I’m talking with people I know on Discord, and they’re also pissed because things they did are now worth being destroyed, so the whole “it’s gorgeous” opinion might be as subjective as mine, apparently.


Hate to think that the guys have worked so hard for it to be slated in that way literally straight away though.

Yes a few things need tweaking imo with the lighting. But overall the new colours and texture looks are beautiful.

Bravo Devs! Thanks for your hard work


Sure, but on the other hand, I’ve been pointing to these risks for weeks, and the devs told me that it “was on their to-do list”. It’s not like they weren’t expecting this. They must’ve known that A LOT of people would have their build deeply affected by this.

The way is see it, it’s impossible for them to leave things as is. You can’t even make room with proper lights unless it has a glass ceiling and it’s day. It’s like gleam emits colors instead of light, now.


I get how frustrating this can be and how people can be pissed. For those of us that played EA we are used to having to deal with a light and color change. We had to deal with it then… It wasn’t fun in some ways.

I think the key thing to remember is to look past your personal builds and see the bigger game needs. In the long run this will help the game more than hurt things. People just need to move beyond their own interests and really see the longer benefits in 1-2 years, etc.

Also take a step back and now understand how those that complain about slides, or 1+ seed retention, or regen bombs, or a whole host of issues in this forum feel when they are shot down and beat up by some of the people in the forums. It kind of sucks when you are being affected by something and can’t change it but others are just fine with it… Sucks to not feel heard huh?


I will have to agree I am using bright refined gleam and here is my storage now.’

Looks empty right?

it’s not

I have refined gleam immediately above and below and cannot even see what is in the storage blocks. I have the brightness turned all the way up on the monitor.

A lot of gleam and very hard to see what is going on. If there is an adjustment I can make in the game settings, I cannot find it.


What colour is the storage?

What colour is the gleam block?


Gleam is cool blue

Storage blocks are black and dark green


I’m sure adjustments will be made with many things. Now that it is live there are alot more people “Testing” this update than there was on test server.


Basically, it’s like gleam emits more color, less light, and meshes aren’t as affected by light as they should be.


I agree that the storage blocks, machines, and plinths came out a bit too dark. Other than that…es muyyyyyy bueno!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Lighting in Release 225 Status

We just need a storage light asset or something for targeted light. It makes no sense to change a whole game design just because of one thing like storage light issues.


I disagree on this one. They are really way too dark. I have white gleam right next to mine and still can’t see the items.

Edit to add: I don’t think they need to change the lighting for everything, just for a few of the functional items.


These are both from Live, cold berry bricks next to cold berry storage:

With light source in hand:


Something tells me that is not entirely correct…


Fair… I haven’t seen anything yet. All I know is we CANNOT have a knee jerk reaction to this and just do it because a few people are mad. We need to look at it from how it affect everything and whether it makes more sense to change the light again OR if it just makes sense to fix the ASSETS. Redo shelves, storage, etc.

Don’t assume light needs to the fixing versus other things.


This little room used to be horribly bright, glad I didn’t redo the gleam now!

My forest feels even more magical :slight_smile:

And look at that mosaic! :heart: