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Cool blue - is quite a dark colour so it will not light the surrounding environment too much.

Black storage - will stay black independent of the light cast onto it. Black is now black.

I will need to check what is happening with the items in the black storage. Wondering what is happening there.

This looks like Black rock storages - so it will stay black. (Yes - it’s changed in the update.)

White gleam will not light the black blocks.

We will be tweaking the meshes a bit :+1:.

Thanks all for the feedback.

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Ah ok. I need to redo all of my :open_mouth: storages then. Yikes. lol

Lighting Poll
Lighting in Release 225 Status

If you want the storage to be a different colour then - yes. Sorry!

However… before you remove all the storage - you could harvest some goo, create some colour sprays, and respray them a new colour!


I will do that instead :+1::+1::+1: I totally forgot about goo/sprays


Very important info! Tq!


I will disagree, the most common gleam (cool blue) is now considered to be a light color that does not emit a lot of light. Which means a lot of rebuilding if players want to be able to see their builds. While I can understand a room being darker, the fact that I cannot tell there is something in a storage block when I have lighting above and below and can still pick out the wood grain is probably something that needs to be addressed. If I cannot even see my machines with a stack of refined gleam behind them, why is this ok?

Even in natural outdoor light you cannot see the detail on some items like doors.


It is?! o_o
Always looked like the whiter of all blue colors…


So who’s making the brightness chart for all the gleams… :upside_down_face:


The naming convention might be similar to the cool, warm, and bright range now where a color might be dim even though the emitted light is closer to a white or brilliant color.

Edit: this might hurt my brain while I try to figure out how colors interact.


Awesome, now where the exo planets at? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll be sitting there in my fields later with an eye to the sky for sure… :wink:


Looks like ill have to change all my storage blocks then cause 90% of them are dirt nasty black :woozy_face:


@james That’s a gleam farm… that can’t be right?


Besevrona looks like Gloviathosa… :slight_smile:


Woah that is a lot of purple color. Ouch…


I heard the only planet to find exotic yam bulbs is circa…has anyone else seen them in resource tab on other worlds?


I like the new graphic. But some details look odd.
All metal props has gone black. And it hard to see some of the stuff in storage.

Night orange storage with some wood.

And the exposure control seem to overreact.
These are same spot same time, on the second i look up a little to the upper window.


Because people need to not be self focused (no offense meant) and see toward the bigger picture - blue is now blue, black is black, light levels work better across the game… and a million other reasons. I’m not saying that there might not be an adjustment here but we need to be very careful and smart about it.

If the game have a better light design for everyone then we all benefit in the long run. Obviously I don’t have all the technical details but the light working across the board is much more important than if someones storage is dark. Those things can be solved in other ways like focused lights or other things.

People should easily be able to understand that we have OPTIONS on solutions and the we shouldn’t just be focused on 1 or 2 specific issues. I don’t understand how people aren’t at least understanding that and are willing to look at options instead of just focusing on the small light issues.

It feels like the doctor just gave you a clean bill of health but people want to complain that they have to eat salad now…


@Pfiffel are you going to update Can’t wait to assess the damage. :slight_smile:


Working on that, but it’s hard to resist all these resources thanks to the planet reset. Didn’t think it would be this crazy, but it shows how little natural regeneration actually does.

Edit: updated and!

Probably going to add a diff feature to the drops table so you can compare pre- and post-farming patch.