PVE combat- Discussion

Hey Guys, I want to start a thread to talk about the less popular, but just as important, PVE
I’m curious as to what styles of fighting we want.
We could opt for the style of fighting swarms of enemies, or we could do more powerful but fewer enemies, or maybe a healthy mix of big and small bad guys.
What do you guys want to see in terms of enemy design?
Some kinda puzzle based fighting (thinking of LoZ) ?
Blunt Stats fighting?
Some sort of skill based enemy fighting?
what kind of attacks should the enemies have? (LAZORS?!)
Should enemies get oortian tech too?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Who are our enemies?! are they corrupt oortians, crazy mechanical guards, wild and crazy beasts?!

Combinations of the above or something I didn’t mention?
Discuss it below!


One thing Minecraft did right was when you defeated an enemy, you had a decent chance to get the armor the mob was wearing. Plus it was also an indication of difficulty.

One thing Minecraft did wrong was make enemies so darn easy that they had to swarm you in bulk to be of any entertainment value.

I really don’t care so much about the details, I just want mobs, besides just the Titans, to be feared.

When I made my own Minecraft server, I used MOD’s to put the biggest, baddest and most ridiculous amount of mobs everywhere I could. And still it was a total joke. It came down to HP because the mobs were just plain stupid and boring even with the MODs. I expect much better from OoRT.


I have gotten the feeling of alien life when thinking about jumping to alternate worlds. Making creatures that aren’t friendly or cute looking but rather look like they deserve to be slain as they are already after you. Beasts of mythos, dragon and demon looking, maybe even like the zerg :smile:

I would like to see the game be free form or live action based fighting. I like being able to dodge and strategically assess my enemies attacks while fighting. I would also like to see the enemies use abilities and attacks the players can use; I always feels this makes the world feel a little less super hero vs the swarm and more the fight to survive.

I agree with Tahru regarding Mincraft enemies had to flock you to become difficult. Some should be simple to farm while others tough to defeat for their loot.


So this plays into the survivability of the environment. It seems like we’re collectively wanting oort to be a deadly struggle just to survive on. Maybe we don’t even need pvp if the mobs are already terrifying. I have to agree with you that minecraft mobs were total jokes to deal with, and I think that was the case mainly because of how bad the AI for those mobs was. I would be in favor of seeing mobs that are stronger and smarter than those of MC.

I really want the combat to have a nice flow:

I imagine going through a portal with a group, seeing a massive (shadow of colossus) titan protector. I first use long range weapons like a sniper rifle and/or bow and arrow. I want to be able to switch to magic or grenade to soften him up.

Once I get close enough, I want to grapple his arm, swing around his body while switching to my melee weapon, and attack a critical point on his chest/back.

He grabs me and throws me back, where I see members of my group attacking him using their specializations.
We end up taking him down after a 4-6 min. battle, he drops an oort stone along with some armor and a legendary necklace.

^This sounds like fun to me.


That does sound fun :smile:

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Ah I hadn’t even thought about Titan combat at all yet, I was just thinking about the smaller enemies that will populate the worlds. Titans are equally important though!

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So maybe mobs should be like corrupt player like characters? Like maybe demonic oortians or something? I do think it would be good if certain mobs could attack like players.
What sorta theme should we go for with enemies? I’d like to see enemies that look specialized to the environment i.e. coloring similar to the biome they’re in and similarly themed abilities.

IDEA: Tint enemies colors to match (or stick out of) the biome. Not exact same color of the biome, but something similar.

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I meant just similar attacks and abilities, not exactly like us. They don’t need to be humanoid but it’s an interesting idea to have enemy version of our own playable races, it would need to be obvious which is enemy rather than PC.

And I second the idea of having creatures unique to certain biomes and worlds. Certain salamanders and scorpions can handle extreme heat. Having giant Roc like birds and wyverns for mountainous areas ect. And having certain enemies which really blend into the landscape and ambush you would be epic for suspense value.

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Airborne enemies would be very cool! It would make long range weapons more important too.
I think we should definitely go for more than one type of enemy.
Off the top of my head I can think of :
Swarms / Insect

If we could include a large variety of enemy that would be great.

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Wildstar combat system.

everything… is telegraphs and aimable attacks, a game more people know would be smite which did somethat of the same thing.

but just have basic sword swings hit stuff infront of you, no freebies. they did a pretty nice system with cc like blind would narrow whaty ou could see on the screen, disarm would throw away your weapon but make you able to pick it back up, confuse would completely change your keybindings for movement, so on so forth.

that is the best skill based system you can get. aiming everything, while increasing your stats and levels with gear and weapon allows you to hurt more with your abilies, you still wont get any damage done if you cant hit,.

all of the enemies were also hard in a sense that they used the same system of making cone attacks and AOE attacks that you needed to dodge, so you always had to move around rather than just standing still and spamming.


although not on the same scale ofc since they are a small team, but the idea. this also made the boss fights hillarious cause they were just massive bullet hells xD

It’s a nice idea, but outside of screenshots it mainly results in this. CONEMAGEDDON!

i played wildstar, think i reached level 38. but i loved the dungeons even the lower levels were kinda hard to complete, it required teamwork and THINKING, that is prob what i would love to see from Oort, not just another mindless hack and slash, but constantly having to think about position.

I definitely see Oort Online combat being more like a very light version of Borderlands combat more than something like WoW or Wildstar, if that makes sense.

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with 87 bazillion… gazillion… whatever, weapons? xD

Hey ben,
Can we have superarmor/superarmor break mechanics in the combat system?

It works like this:
The higher the superarmor of your attack is, the harder it is for the enemy to cancel your attack,
And the higher the super armor break of your attack is, the easier it is for you to break attacks of enemies.

For example, an attack with 500 superarmor can be broken if the enemy attacks you with an attack that has 700 super armor break, but will not be broken if the enemy attacks you with an attack that has only 300 super armor break… however, if the enemy manages to hit twice, very rapidly, with a 300 SA break attack - it will break it because 300+300=600, which is higher than 500.

I would also love the addition of Iframes. what are iframes? iframes are short amounts of time where your character is invincible… basically a dodging skill. they need to be balanced with cooldowns obviously :slight_smile:

Also. some sort of combo/combo recovery mechanics can make pvp REALLY fun.

Here is an example of a MMORPG game that implements superarmor,iframe and combo mechanics:

that sounds awefully confusing. also this would mean that all attacks would just be insane spam attacks, wouldnt it?

It may sound confusing at first, but super armor and iframe mechanics are actually great once you learn how to use them well, and add alot of depth to combat in my opinion

The combat in that game looks frantic but brilliant.

it is. it is massively hack and slash though but wildly satisfying, im not sure how to explain it or if i am even correct, but in games like this it feels like there is a 1/4 sec timetop whenever you hit so you can feel the impact of the character. same thing with the dynasty warrior games :smiley: