Question about the use of Macro/AutoClick

I am wondering what the policy is regarding basic macro use and auto-click and rather or not this is something that will/can/could/might, get one banned for using them.

Specifically, my keyboard and mouse comes with a program that allows me to create simple macros and bind them to a button.

And there is a program I used quite a bit in minecraft and a few other games called JoyToKey that allows me to map joystick buttons and axis to keyboard presses and mouse movements, This program also allows the auto-firing/clicking of keys and buttons when you hold the button down.

Are any of theses programs considered “cheating” and pose a risk of being banned if the functions that allow manual automation (auto-fire/click) are used?

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Call me old school, but auto clicker is cheating in my view.


I don’t see why it would be considered cheating. What advantage would it even give to have multiple button presses at once?

its not so much about an “advantage”. it is more about reducing the amount of fatigue/stress on the wrists/hands/fingers, from very repetitive actions and spam clicking.


While the last patch broke it, the next patch fixes it, when you hold down the mouse button you’ll automatically swing a tool if you have energy or wait until you do have the energy. Mining is just holding down a mouse button and pointing at the rock you want to mine. Just to be clear, I have no problem with macros and I was pointing out how they’d be harmless in this game.

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Back in the days joysticks had hardware autofire switch. I guess unless you don’t do anything you couldn’t do normally you shouldn’t have problems. Keeping mouse button pressed while mining does really strain hand muscles.

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yes stress on PC can get high, espwcially from pressing the W key all day long. for tools u can do the steam overlay trick to continously use them.

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The key question is does it allow you to automate the game to a point where it plays itself and you can walk away from the pc? If yes, that’s a potential problem.
If no, i don’t see why it shouldn’t be allowed.

When I started last year before the exp rebalance and mining was the only efficient way to level i used tape my mouse button when fingers start hurting from mining. :joy:

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Your energy will deplete and you will stop swinging. But you won’t regen energy because of constant swing attempts. Eventually your character will go into starvation and die. Sorry, will be defeated.

You still have to be present to stop auto click regularly and restart. It can only be used to rest your muscles and save your hardware. You can’t go away and leave the game for hours to do stuff on autopilot.

So, not a cheating situation, I think.

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This is a topic as old as video games :slight_smile:

What I found for general consensus in most games over the years is the following:

  • Ease of access tools should be allowed, if you need a tool/script to counter a handicap.
  • Chat macro/predefined sentences are fine, with exception of life trading in games and/or spamming.
  • All forms of automation that grant you an unfair advantage are not accepted.

Finally and most important:

  • it is nearly always case by case and in the end its the developers choice what they accept.

That is why most in most games any forms of scripts/macro/automation are prohibited because it is to much work to monitor and judge in general.


I don’t say those should be encouraged, but most of is undetectable by other means that statistical analysis :wink: So this prohibition is not enforceable.

It has been awhile and I was hoping for a clear answer to this, If a dev wouldn’t mind responding, that would be most helpful.

I decided to make video of what i use the autoclicker for, so i can get a better answer rather or not, doing this, is risking my account being banned or not.

IMO, as long as youre not “runescape scripting” as in running some crazy routine thats completly automated things are fair game. Especially the small stuff like clicking a bunch on the same spot

For those who dont know runescape was notorious for massive automation tools that u could gather materials, craft items from them and sell em, all entirely automated

Holding down mouse button for hours really starts to hurt my hand and I’ve started developing carpal in recent years. I’ve thought about finding a program that will hold left mouse button down for me with a key press but I will still actively move my char and mouse as usual but I’ve played games in past that would ban you for even this so I figure if my hand gets any worst i simply will stop playing any online games unless It is specified that we can use these types of assistance. I haven’t reviewed the user agreement recently, I’ll have to read it when I get home. Is there any mention of this? This so far with amount of mining I have to do has kept me from playing as much as I’d like

I have ruined more than one mouse button playing minecraft, so anything that avoids that hopefully is fine. as others have said as long as you can’t leave the pc and it continues and does more than just click the same spot (like moving your character would be bad) i don’t see how it could be a problem… it could easily be filed under disability, i don’t want RSI or carpal tunnel

Turn on ClickLock. It’s a build in Windows feature, Control Panel -> Mouse, that holds the mouse button down for you.

Enable it. Hold button to engage. Let go. It swings the tool until you click the button again. Great for mining, digging, and lumber jacking.

in minecraft i used to bind mining button to shift then use sticky keys to do the same

But why do you need that? Dont you just hold the button down and the toon auto clicks in game.

I only use a macro that does 30 clicks to fill a queue.
I think the game should have a shift+click function to do that :frowning: