Question for the devs

i understand that plots have a solution, basically done through plot debt, but how will coins work in the future, once the update hits?

I too am curious about this. Will there be any other way of making money other than relying on selling items to other players and accomplishing achievements?

Are you asking what will happen to your coin balance when we promote Testing to Live?

If so the plan is:

  1. Reset player progression to a minimum set just after the Tutorial.
  2. Players retain all earned coins.
  3. Players retain all earned plots.
  4. Players retain all inventory.

You will lose:

  1. The ability to craft all items - you’ll need to learn the recipes by unlocking the crafting skills.

If players want to experience Live from the very beginning then you’ll need to create new character which we’re working on. But this will likely arrive after Testing is promoted to Live.


Coins are mainly earned via Feature Objectives, Contracts, and Daily, Weekly and Lifetime Feats.

You can also generate income via Footfall - from other players visiting your beacon.

Any other ideas?


You or your guild could be paid each time one of your portals is used.


As long as there is lots of ways to make money, which it seems like there will be, I’ll be happy. Just like you’re giving each player the need to choose which type of character they’re going to become through upgrade choices, I think too we should have the choice of becoming better at making/earning money.


I mean, coins are easy enough to get, but I have 30,000 right now, and I’d rather not lose all my money. Gem torches sell well

This is covered by footfall, as the portal would be in your beacon.

But there could be something additional here.


I am referring to coins I currently have, in live, what will happen to those, when the update happens. I’m curious

James answered this already. See the second line.

I thought I saw something toll-like long time ago in dev-blog or art work for future? A lock like one we have in game now, but possible to open through coins, so a player could put that on a bridge gate and such maybe even portal and other players would be able to enter/pass through protected area by paying a pre-set charge.


I found it!

So, if you have your portal in a building with a gate protected by such toll lock than you simply get money every time somene’s getting in/out.


Thanks friend, didn’t see that. Reading too fast.