Refund or Sh** out of luck?

All i have to say this entire thread and a lot of the threads popping up lately aimed at the core mechanics / vision of the game is as wonderful dev’s having feedback and everyone getting their say it is a double edged sword. Remember a camel is a horse designed by committee.
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@Godslayer109 please take no offence by comments made but many people feel this game is theirs as much as it is the dev’s due to the amount influence vocal community members have and we all can be a little defensive over our own work sometimes.


lol Economy? You mean hopelessly googling and or searching if someone has a shop on the planet ur on the looking for it for ■■■■■■■ 30-40 minutes only to find it’s no longer there or no longer sell what u are looking for?? yeah GOTTA LOVE that economy…you shouldn’t need buy or sell ■■■■ from a BASIC planet…it’s the level 2 or 3 planets that you should sell ■■■■ from.

also idk how u find “joy” in being basically forced to buy the resources cause i feel 10x more accomplished when I do it myself and by buying stuff i no longer feel accomplished…not even from building cause i can’t even say “I made that myself” cause now i gotta say “Oh i built that but i didn’t collect the resources my myself instead i paid for all the supplies so i only did about 25% of the actual work”

@Godslayer109 dude I retract my previous statement your really just showing your inexperience with the game. I guess some people enjoy exploring what the game has to offer and working things out for themselves others well…

just a simple browse of the forums will tell you where to go for goods i mean @OmniUno alone has almost everything you need nevermind the other shops that compete price wise. on a daily basis.

Maybe you feel like you shouldn’t have to visit the forums to find a shop that will stock whatever block your after but think of the setting of the game …SANDBOX…VOXEL…EXPLORATION…MMORPG rather than lost in the game you seem lost what game you want to play.
Do not confuse this post for elitism, i would be happy to help you but to help others they need first be willing to help themselves…

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Hey, I share your pain when it comes to finding a marketplace when you are still starting out as it raged me as well quite a bit. I still think that it’s one of the big issue of the game that needs to address before launching to 1.0. What I did though is to raise this concern and offer some suggestion here.

Well then, we have different ways to feel joy. :wink: Good thing the game offers a LOT of option to satisfy us all. If you feel accomplished in building AND gathering them yourselves, then you must have felt 100x more accomplished given that you said it’s grindy to gather resources. Still too grindy? Then why not spec to builder AND gathering resources which we could obviously achieve not too far in the progression system. Not too fond of gathering resources and just want to build? Then just buy it in the shops which I’ve seen couple of people do here in the forums. Isn’t it great the game offers this kind of variety of playstyle? Of course, there will always be some aspect of the game that will limit some type of playstyles but I hope you understand.

Btw, that’s a lot of censored words. :wink:


@Godslayer109 The Omni Shop
if you need directions let me know

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Little too much unrequired swearing going on there really.


From all the posts you give it really sounds like you went in game for a few hours didn’t really figure out how everything works and just start negative rambling about how nothing was served on a silver platter to you.

If you really don’t like the game, just give up and find another game.


I’m honestly just saying doodoo sept for the one whoopie! that was in there

Keep it kid friendly please. -Havok40k

yes cause thats what i did -_-…don’t assume stuff like that m8

Dude this is a family game, if you can’t make a simple reply without swearing every other sentence, I’ll simply start neutering your posts with adorable child friendly words like doodoo and wahoo. If I get too tired of that, you’ll simply lose your chat privileges.

Simple request. Be polite, or be silent. You will be amazed at how much more willing to help the community can be when not treated like scum.


What ever -_- i’m done here anyways…gonna go play some modded mc or something see if i can’t find a server or something idk.

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This whole thread explains why I stopped playing for so long. I’m back now, and it’s super tedious compared to even how it used to be. I don’t think I would have noticed as much if I’d played in between every patch. But, here’s the main point:

@Godslayer109 shared how he feels about the game. He shared it how he speaks and was open and honest. Then the “community” jumps on his every statement and either makes fun of it, says he should have done it differently, or criticized his way of thinking. If this guy is feeling the way he is feeling, there will be hundreds of others who would feel similarly. I feel a lot of the same things this guy does, but haven’t said them because of the frankly ridiculous “monitoring” that people like @Havok40k do constantly. It would be one thing if everything abided by certain rules. But, the guy’s cursewords are already bleeped. And you’re still telling him not to swear. Get over it. People speak differently, and this “family game” isn’t only going to have like-minded individuals join the already exclusive community. That’s the main reason I stopped. Instead of people showing understanding and appreciation, they’re like, “My way or the highway. If you don’t like it you can leave.” This game won’t do well if this keeps up.

That being said, I hope that it does do well, and once thousands of people around the world are playing and posting, things that people like @Havok40k have opinions about (which is about everything) will be less noticeable and irksome. Can’t wait for that day.


Frankly I stepped in the way I did because of complaints, but if that offends your sensibilities, you are more than welcome to view the edit logs to read the pre-edited posts.

The “rediculous monitoring” you complain about also as you may notice, serves to pull users out from under the mob of people with opinions different than their own. If you really wanted to check my actions, you may see that I never offer opinions on topics that I am also moderating, and I never moderate topics that I am offering my opinions. Perhaps you’re suggesting that I’m not allowed my own opinions, just because I have the smallest degree of responsibility? If you’re accusing me of some degree of “mod abuse” then I’d invite you to dm me, or make a complaint to a developer.

Irksome or not, my goal is to help maintain a forum where the most people possible can voice their opinions. That includes you, that includes @Godslayer109, that includes everyone. But if reasonable guidelines can’t be abided, then some form of moderation must take place. Do you not consider that some people might be reluctant to voice their own opinions when they know the person they are speaking to will just hurl explitives and insults back?


Thank you for proving my point. And in typical timely manner! I appreciate your service.

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What was your point, exactly?

I’ll refer you to my previous post where you can read exactly what I said. Thought you would know that.

No I can see what you said. The connection between what you said and how my reply proves your point is what I’m asking for clarification on.

I’m going to close this thread now, given it’s attempting to cover quite a few topics simultaneously - including mud slinging. I’m very happy to have a conversation about what players dislike about Boundless and will create a new thread to cover this. It’s here…