Release: 129 - Boundless updated to the latest development version [legacy version is still playable]

New development version of Boundless:

We have updated Boundless with our latest development build (originally referred to as the C++ build). This versions offers the latest features, best performance and will eventually become Boundless 1.0.

  • We aim to update the game every week.
  • Updates will include new features, bug fixes,optimisation and content iterations.


  • It will also include features still in development that are: incomplete, lack polish, use placeholder assets, and contain bugs.
  • There will be world wipes but we hope to do these infrequently.

Here is a list of features that are not in the Legacy version

  • New worlds: Includes inverted slopes and a more alien world.
  • Item props models added: meat, stick, seeds.
  • Mould block now uses foliage system to look extra soft and gross and spore-y.
  • 1st Pass: Weapon and items rendererd in GUI and for drops with some placeholders.
  • 1st Pass: Texture blending supported for newer blocks.
  • Added control remapping for chat, inventory, worlds menu, full screen and toggle debug info.
  • Emote animations. Type a / followed by the emote name in the chat window. Examples: /wave /shrug /laugh /yes /no /facepalm
  • World regeneration - Blocks modified outside of a beacon will be regenerated to their original states over time as long as players are not within their immediate vicinity.
  • Native support for DualShock 4 controllers on Windows
  • Grass/Soil block interactions now fully supported, with the 3 grass types being freely mixable with the 3 soil types.
  • Many, many new slopeable block types such as rock.
  • Many, many new craftable block types such as rock also (Recipes pending…)
  • Many brand new block types like mud, growth and thorns.

Legacy version of Boundless:

The legacy version of Boundless is still playable as a Steam Beta. If you are coming back to play the game, your creations are still preserved in the legacy version. This version contains all worlds originally released when Boundless was launched on Steam. This version is no longer updated and will be retired in the future but remains accessible for players whilst the development version is expanded.

How to access the legacy version:

The legacy version is accessible via the “BETAS” panel of the Boundless “Properties” in Steam. See the screenshot below.

  • Right click [Boundless] to display the drop down menu.
  • Then click [Properties]

  • Click on [Betas] tab.
  • Then, choose [legacy - JS Legacy worlds] frm the drop down menu.

Here is some of the things you might see in the game over the next few weeks/months.

  • Update to the World Builder
  • Resource regeneration
  • Updated hand crafting with the new GUI
  • Machine crafting with the new GUI
  • Dual Wielding with the new GUI
  • Storage with Lock and the new GUI
  • Tweaks to various assets (Blocks, items, props, weapons and tools)
  • Addition of Lance / melee combat
  • Weapon and tool progression
  • Basic player progression which will be extended in the future
  • Currency support
  • New creatures

Please follow the Boundless forum for all development details and discussions:

Report issues to:


Ooo world builder

Very excited to see all you have in store and glad you made the switch. Keep up the good work guys :+1:


This new version messed up my graphics. :frowning:

In the caves in testeu2


What OS and graphics card are you using? Some Mac with mobile Nvidia have shown this.

I think I am having the same issues…
Mac book pro with NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB.
Scary skies…

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Mac OS 10.11.6 Beta (15G12a)
graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2048 MB.

Any hope for a fix?

Hi @Piperjimm this thread is about this bug, no fix announced yet :frowning2:

So, we’re going on like 80 days unplayable game?
I feel a delete coming on…

Check the testing branch, most users have had the issue resolved in the testing branch