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hi i get stuck alot in sanctum floor and under floor lol please fix

I got this message repeating. First time i get the xp, then after a few minutes it repeat with no xp.

If you shift+interact with an object and the interaction is “invalid” (slots full, may not go to machine, etc) the item ends up in the objects physical location. If you remove the furnace, the compact peat will be lying there (after which you just replace the furnace).

good to know, but the fuel slot was empty and it should go there.

I see this as two issues then:

  1. Shift+clicking fuel should put it into the furnace’s fuel slot, not inventory (where it is never valid).
  2. Shift+clicking a full furnace should not remove the stack from the player’s inventory.

that seems correct

OK, the items I listed before are working now.

However now I see there is another issue. I cannot craft anything in a furnace because it says I do not have the basic receipts but I have clicked and unclicked the skill twice now (after leveling enough to get cleanse points). It still does not work.

Any clues or am I missing something?

You need more fuel. The message is wrong in saying you don’t have the skill. It must tell you, you need more fuel to craft.

collision may need some testing on slopes that meet together.

You better believe my ring would be at whatever max height was allowed, as long as it wasn’t in the ten thousands! O.o

It’s not normal, so we’ve logged a bug.

We should have fixes for these on the Testing version, which should be pushed to the live version soon.

We have logged the issue about shift-clicking not placing fuel items into the correct slot. The other issue about the item disappearing is more concerning though. How many times has this occurred to you?

The Sanctum will be going through some changes, but does this issue also occur on a world?

Yes. Sometimes even with two blocks that are completely straight, just separated by one block I’ll jump and get shoved inside a block, then be ejected and take 1700 damage.

And several times if i fall from too high on a ramp I just float straight inside of the ramp. Especially if there’s a second ramp that meets it

It is very easy to reproduce:

  1. Stand close to the furnace. Fill the furnance with two item in its inventory slots.
  2. Shift+click on coal, and it will look like it disappears.
  3. (without a long lapse in time) Destroy the furnace. The coal will be there - right where the furnace was.

If you log out or go away it eventually despawns and you don’t get it back. To me it looks like the stack gets placed into the world at the coordinates of the furnace in this scenario.

When you get stuck, the game should push you out of the ground. But is the game pushing you out of the ground too much by the sounds of it?

Only sometimes. Sometimes I get stuck and then fly a few blocks up. But normally I get stuck and just stay there, or after a few seconds I teleport outside of the block and take damage

I got full dex for the hammer swing speed, but now when i place block it go so fast that i place block all over the place with a single mouseclick.

I use more time for removing wrong-placed block then building.

Maybe split speed for tool and speed for placing block into separate skills.

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i was mining on andoweem at level 97 ( getting iron ) and i got pushed all the way to the top of the mountion i was under… level 224

That’s the game trying to zip you outside of a block you managed to float into

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Sanctum did not exist when I died.


You have ascended to become one with the Oort gods

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