Release 180 - Report issues here

I had the same on the 179 Test Server. Wanted to plot a Cave inside a mountain. Ui showed “Wild” not “Reserved”, but Server denied because of existing beacon.
But there was in fact a beacon way up on top of the mountain, but the game client only recognized it when i got very close to it.

I also see a lot of beacons that look like burned out in the wild lately, but they start to burn again as I come closer.
I guess thats related. Maybe some optimization to save network traffic?

Not actually trying anything. Just noticed that the Team Viewer overlay was there, while it was not before :slight_smile:

That was a bug before, you had to be in range of the beacon (100 blocks?) for the client to notice that the area is actually beaconed. Happend because the world chuncks weren’t loaded or something like that. Thought that they resolved that earlier.

Think this is just to reduce client side resources by not rendering everything when on larger distance.

This has been reported before - and we couldn’t work it out. Can you confirm the value is still incorrect after restarting the game? The game definitely knows you’re a Chieftain but it’s getting lost somewhere along the way.

I restarted the game this morning and the plot values are the same. is there something else you want me to try?

Compactor is broken on my alt:

Input was 20 iron bar for 2 jobs of 1 compact iron each;
Output of compacted iron is not present and the iron used in the proces is gone.

Tax reduction skill does not seem to be working on either work benches or request baskets. a 10% tax rate still applies to:
Items I sell from my plinths
Items I buy from my request baskets
Items I sell to other request baskets
Items I buy from other plinths.

I have both tax reduction skills.

yes that one!

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Last couple of days I keep disconnecting from the game screen (I played in windowed mode). Be it mining or hunting or even right-click actions, using mouse buttons ends up with switching to windows cursor on regular basis (every 20 clicks or so).

It ends up with messing up with my windows task bar and such.

hunting creatures objective you get berrys from creatures but thay arnt registered as creature drops

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We will need to investigate more deeply. I’ve reported the issue and we’ll take a look next week. Sorry.

Just let me know if you need more information from me.

@Kal-El You mentioned this was on an alt character, so is the number incorrect on the alt but correct on your main character?

I think it is correct on the main character. Since I have had it for a while (and you did not take away plots during the last update), it is hard to do a calculation to be sure. It certainly is not too low.

Thanks for taking the time to look into this. We do have a fix for the issue, which should hopefully be in the next update.

Thanks for the detailed explanation with screenshots, a bug has been logged.

Thanks for the update complete with screenshot. I had a look in this and it seems the issue appears when the game is in fullscreen mode, so a bug has been logged. In the meantime, can you check to see if the issue is the same in windowed mode? As the skills on the left should not be covered up as much.

It probably might have something to do with Team Viewer itself, whether it’s an update or a change in settings.

Can you provide more information on this? Was the Compactor built by this particular character, or by another character? Also, which character owns the Beacon near the Compactor and is your alternative character also part of the Beacon as well?

We’ll make a record of this to see if there’s anything wrong.

Just to clarify, you’re not actually disconnecting from the game, but rather your mouse pointer is losing focus with the game?

Thanks for the report, a bug has been logged.

yes, that’s correct

Yes, it same in windowed, and i have Interface scale set to normal.

I just experienced the -XP thing as well:
I logged in and got instantly 7200 XP from crafting over night.
Then some minutes later after getting 50 xp from crafting stones the daily xp bonus feat popped onscreen and took the whole 7200 XP away.
I checked before and after the daily xp bonus feat in the character screen. And yes, the xp are gone for good. Nothing brought them back, not even a restart of the game.
Really frustrating.

As a temporary safety measure could you please just clamp xp values that they are always positive?
So thats these bugs can’t do any more harm?

First, I noticed some graphical error with the HUD, I´m not sure if it´s just me or if it happens to everyone. But I get this everytime I start the game. After mouse over the error disappears. Please se image below. The part to the left is when I have started the game and press Esc, the middle one is after I move the mouse over the buttons and the part to the right is the difference shown in red.

Secondly I sometimes fall when I move stuff while hanging from a grapple. I´m not sure if this is supposed to work like this or not. The grapple will release if I move blocks from the same hand as the grapple, but not if I move the same blocks from the inventory. Please see image below. Red arrow indicates an action whitch will release the grapple, but green arrow will not. I feel that maybe it should not matter if I move the blocks from the hand with the grapple or from the inventory.


suddenly my daily xp feat stopped tracking xp earned (got stuck on 808)

the icon shows xp progress properly (I mined almost 300 blocks of soil after I checked I’m on 808, so I should be at some 2000 xp)

@vdragon, sorry for the late reply. The alt owns the beacon, which isn’t shared with anyone else. The compactor was built inside the beacon. The compact iron ore was inserted and added to the building queue behind compact soft coal. The orders were 2 x 1 item output so no bulk or mass. I know nothing more on this because the scenario is so … basic. You’d expect it to work in this simple setup.