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I get this bug

We should have a fix for this in the next update.

Okay, so it seems that it can be an issue with the Interface Scale. Is there an improvement when you set the option to Small?

We’re trying to find out why some players are getting negative XP, so there’s probably a bit more to this problem.

Thanks for the screenshot, we have logged this into the database.

If you assign an item to one of the radials, then that item will be equipped by default. The issue with the grapple being released if you click on the item in the same radial display should not happen, so we’ve logged a bug.

Are you still earning XP in the normal way separate to the Daily Experience Bonus? I looked into this and it seems that if the mouse pointer was positioned over another Feat (Daily Activity Bonus below it for example) and then back to the Daily Experience Bonus, the total would be updated. Can you check that this is the case?

If so, this may indicated that the information is not being updated correctly without additional actions.

We’ve not been able to reproduce this so far. Are you able to share a video showing the issue in action? Perhaps there may be something about the way it’s been set up that should show what’s wrong.

Thanks for the video, we’ll log a bug. Did this issue start occurring after you have completed this Feat?


yes and it kept going until I restarted the game


I decided to re-install the game to check this out for you @vdragon and I was logging in on my main character for a moment, but honestly I’m now dangling between staying and leaving because of another great experience…

This time, during my what… 10 minutes online… I died because of a lag spike. There were absolutely NO CREATURES in my direct vicinity, only a couple of chiseled blocks upon which I was standing. Character started bouncing around, one moment I’m here, the other I’m there. I stopped moving, hands off the wheel and there I was: DEFEATED and completely WONDERSTRUCK.

So. I was willing and able to check bug after bug, but I believe you guys have your hands full. Nowhere are no bugs. Not any minute or any gaming sessions is bugfree for me. So it really doesn’t matter what I do, I seem to end up greatly discouraged to stick around longer. Mostly since the last patch, is why I’m dumping this last post here. What am I going to do with this? Please, tell me: how did this game evolve from being my best and most played game on steam to the worst?

Re-de-installed :disappointed_relieved:

dude! sometimes a new update comes with bugs we test they fix then the next update… this is what we signed up for.

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It’s not for everyone and some people don’t realize it’s not for them until after they’re already deeply invested. No worries.


I can help work out why you’re experiencing the lag spikes - if you’re interested?

Can you share a screen shot of the Latency Histogram after playing for a few minutes?


i thought it was lag at first but im not so sure now…

Batch of 100 torches in workbench counts as just one. :sob:

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What was going on here? Did you sink / teleport below ground?

By batch did you mean mass crafted? I mass crafted a few different torches and created exactly 100 for each type, which is working as expected. Can you give more information on what happened?

Sorry i was vague. I was referring to the feat workbench crafting II for crafting 500 items. Only counts as one item.

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I’m sorry @vdragon I think it was my graphics card that needed to be updated. Basically when I broke blocks they broke but on my screen they either took a slower rate to disappear OR they just remain. What the picture shows is when I broke several blocks I walked right in them and I could see everything under the map.

When entering a portal I sometimes get placed above the portal on the roof of my house.


Sometimes my game crashes when I go through a portal this happens when I go do different planets and not in the same world

Thanks for the clarification. It looks like it’s affecting all the Feats involving the Workbench. It’s been added to the bug database.

Is it all okay now after updating the graphics driver?

Which particular portal is it? It’s likely that the portal is bigger than the location you’re going to, meaning that it will not go to that exact location.

That’s a bit more serious. Can you share a game log and any generated crash dumps around that time if possible? Follow the instructions below:

Did you submit these logs just after the game crashed? There doesn’t seem to be any errors in both.

My one hop portal has closed despite having 253 shards in it. It won’t reopen.

Where did it hop to? Did the beacon on the other side expire? I don’t know what would happen under those circumstances, but it’s worth investigation.

It hopped from Solum to Vulpto. I’ll travel to other portal and check beacon.

Lol, my settlement in Vulpto is gone. I thought I had it fueled for weeks but maybe I was mistaken.

A notification system would be nice for these situations.