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Signs are left floating in mid air when you destroy the block they are attached to…


Try putting a different item in it? I had a wooden shovel in mine when it was bugged. Took it out and put it in the inventory, closed it, opened again and placed a hammer instead and I could set the price.


Signs can be free-standing in space by design yes, though perhaps the sub-voxel standalone sign pieces “should” be dropped? But definitely the larger modular signs should not.

Testing 183: Creatures and Combat!

Would it be possible to go back to showing the contents of a device or other work surface rather than defaulting to the Recipe tab? When I go to one of those, the first thing I’m likely to do is add something to the device or work surface, then choose a recipe, not the other way around. It’s now two moves to offload materials instead of one, and it just ruins the workflow where I’m concerned.


I love this. Opens up lots of creative options!


Didn’t see you saying that and said exactly same thing in the other thread.
It slows me down when I’m checking machines (sometimes I don’t remember all crafting I left going after last session).


Weird thing hanging from my ceiling - looks like placeholder and it says “igneous rock…something something”.

location shown in this one:

and here is the thingy:


  1. I lost bones in my inventory after I bought additional inventory space skill.
  2. Three of my furnaces lost their fuel after I was interacting with one of them. Specifically, I was trying to add more compact soft coal to one of them and pressed Esc on keyboard a bit too quick (I was mid-way through dragging coal from my inventory). Normally items floating with mouse cursor don’t disappear when leaving inventory. This time my furnace had no more fuel left and two other furnaces next to it lost their fuel too. I’m not sure about coal in inventory as I didnt remember exact number I had before it happened.
    (I’m sure they had around 4-8 compact soft coal each).


I just died by jumping down to stairs where i would normally not recieve any fall damage at all.
Bye Bye Ruby Grapple. Thank you.
It happend right after reassigning skill points. Maybe there is a connection.

As a bonus I lost 5000 exp after returning from the Sanctum.
It’s not visiual, I checked. 42k exp before, 37k after.
(I check my exp everytime I log in before i do anything because these minus exp bugs happen a lot and i wanted to know if they are only visual - sadly they are not.)

I was not able to reproduce the death. All subsequent jumps caused no fall damage.

Great start into the Patch … :tired_face:


I think I broke notifications…

It was doing this constantly after going back-and-forth between my Septerfon and Munteen builds 3-4 times in quick succession.

The notifications as to where I was, were also playing catch up and were displaying in the wrong order. They should probably be truncated as soon as you go through a portal to prevent this.


Client has crashed twice thus far when attempting to open the Extractor in my base. Upon reloading, I am able to get into it. Crash dumps sent both times.


Machines position order can no longer place the machine on top.

Lets focus on the Workbench, lets label four vertical positions in my machine tower (4 blocks tall)

Previously, If I placed the blocks in the order DCAB, the top-most block would be the saw. Now, it is the piston/pump thing. No matter the order I drop the machine blocks, I cannot seem to place the saw on top.

It’s fine if this was on purpose, but I doubt this was intentional. The result is that my entire build now looks funny as I have buried all but the saw.

Was this intentional and will the behaviour remain as such, or is this a bug?


There is now a visual artifact when closing furnaces. The heat bar flies to 100% for a few frames before the UI actually closes. It’s rather distracting.


I get a lot more unstable connection errors now. It is much worse when I go near portals. I went to the chisel knights portal hub to see the nice signs but couldn’t stay long, I would get an unstable connection error and lock up for 3-4 seconds, get to move for 3-4 seconds and get another unstable connection error, and that just kept reoccurring until I left.
I also frequently got an unstable connection error after shooting a cuttletrunk :confused:


After using a copper slope chisel I switched to a silver precise slope chisel to finish up corners. It is behaving as if the silver chisel is a copper one and taking out an entire side rather than just the corner.

EDIT: Realised I actually did not have the necessary skill, Could you make this a bit more obvious though.

  1. tp issues is bad tp at top from door in underground

2.died from underground but revival above ground need to underground

  1. 5 Times died tool is gone remove this 25% percent from tools please or change to lest to 5%


I had a totem augment waiting in my workbench when I logged on to the new build. I dragged it from my workbench and dropped it on the totem in my inventory and got immediately disconnected from the server, unable to reconnect for several minutes. About 10 minutes later, I repeated the action (because it had not completed) and the same thing happened, disconnect and unable to reconnect for several minutes. I suspect a server crash, sorry guys, not my fault. This was some time between 18:30 and 20:00 in the GMT-4 timezone on Solum, if you need to check server logs.

The third time, I dragged the augment into my inventory first, closed the workbench screen and opened the inventory screen and dropped the augment on the totem. No disconnect.


When switching from my lvl 50 main to a lower level alt the alt’s HP bar retains the HP bar from my main.


just applied the regen skill, not seeing my health go up… there used to be little green numbers above my health bar, now nothing.

I can no longer control which machine part is visible (mine are hidden in the floor), the order placement does not place the same parts in order anymore, @Awkanic explained it well.

and this one is not a bug, it’s an issue. so you’ve turned off the ability to disable weather and volumetric fog. Now we’re going to have to talk about weather. the cycles are too varied and close together. one minute it is raining then a few minutes of sun then all of a sudden snow.
I think there should be seasons or something, maybe a couple game days of rain or a week or so of on-and-off rain, but then have it full sun for a more decent amount of time like a few months or something (i’m talking in game time, i’m guesstimating an in-game week would be about an irl day?) and then in the ‘winter’ any precipitation should be snow… perhaps clouds (not fog, or perhaps that too -sometimes) when it’s not snowing.
I just think the weather is unrealistic… not in the sense that it should match earth, but I think it should flow better. the changes in weather are very abrupt currently.
Oh! I almost forgot the fog. I turned it off because it’s very annoying and distracting -inside- my house. there shouldn’t be dust and wind flying through my house and walls lol

agreed that the self light skill is very dim… level 3 is dimmer than level 2 used to be. level 1 is useless. I think holding a warp conduit is brighter… (couldn’t test properly bc can’t turn off the light without using cleanse points)

I think that’s it for now. you guys are building a fantastic game, THANK YOU!! for listening to us and implementing our suggestions and ideas. keep up the great work! :smiley:


I was mining on Vulpto and the lighting was doing awfully weird things. I carries a regular torch in one hand, and it was much darker than previously – I’m OK with that’ I’ve used real torches in real caves and they’re gosh-darn dim. The problem was if I looked at lava it was fine but if I was not looking directly at the lava, it was very very bright like glare and made it difficult to see anything. Turning my POV just a few degrees would toggle the glare like turning a light switch on and off. Very annoying and encroached on my quiet enjoyment.


I have used them as balcony rails