Release 247: Sovereign and Creative Worlds!

The release notes will be added here once the Sovereign and Creative worlds are online.

Until then please review the following Testing release notes.

Release 247.1:

  • Fixed a crash in portal system.

Release 247.2:

  • Fix for pre-simulation of liquids removing crop-lights (gleam) during world generation. This was causing the world builder to fail generating some private worlds.
  • Fix the presentation of heat in furnaces on survival worlds.
  • Fix for the rendering of Atlases of 6km worlds.
  • Fix the Creative Bridge distance checking to be consistent between client and server.
  • Modifications to the sampling rates of http request to scale better for a larger universe.
  • Modifications to the server logging to reduce the volume of verbose logs generated for a larger universe.
  • Updated Marble text description to reference the variations.

Release 247.3:

  • Allow Location and Portal tokens to stack.
  • Expose per world level cave selections into private world customisation form.
  • Rework handling of world end-of-life in clients to allow reducing world lifetimes.
  • Update the world lighting to iterate more steps per frame. This stops the worlds from “getting behind” rapid block lighting changes whilst customising private worlds.
  • Added a new special type of exoworld for evolving colours.
  • Improve the performance of recolouring chunks used during colour selection process on private worlds.
  • Fix for players rejoining a world from the sanctum too quickly asserting the server.

Release 247.4:

  • Removed World Shop button to external site after guidance from Steam that it contravenes their rules.

So the release notes aren’t even ready?

Nonetheless, keep up the great work team!


they are probably too busy giving us the worlds we’re so excited about


^ This - they have clearly sold HUNDREDS of sovereign and creative worlds as evidenced by the Explorer channel of our PS Discord which announces the appearance of any new sovereigns. I can’t even imagine how busy they are.

Great work, team!


Awesome job well done to all involved :clap: :beers: :partying_face:
I’m glad you took the time to give this release the vast amount of polish you’ve all put into it!


Loving the update!

Ps. THANK you for fixing the bug with beacons [Great job devs!]
The planets are awesome! I wish there was a way to link some to peoples cities in general, such as being able to waive the blinksec requirements, but I fully understand that would make the whole system get a rework.

Is there a list of things via script that says what can or cannot generate on soviern worlds? Or a way to use the logic

If World == Fueled
All Portal_OORT = KEEP
Portal_OORT = FAIL

The portals would stay fueled without the use of oort if you opened the portal and the planet is paid for.

Not sure if it’s possible.

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Thanks @james

This might be a really stupid and probably quite greedy-sounding question, but I am assuming, if I buy a sovereign world, it does not include Gleam club membership?

I don’t want to sound ungrateful or anything and I know that you guys need to run your company somehow as well, but… I find the prices for the sovereign worlds a bit… on the expensive side, particularly for me. Now… I already spend regularly money on a Gleam club to support you guys and originally wanted to get a sovereign world, but that wish is basically out of the window now.

However, it would be great - if that is feasible for you - to consider the option to rent a sovereign world and include a gleam club membership, as a little bonus so to speak. :slight_smile: It might convince some people to spend a bit more money, it would make it more… affordable. But paying a GC membership and additionally the cost for renting a souv. world, plus setup, I find a bit much.

Yes, I hear the argument, that I don’t need the GC… nor do I need the souv world. But that’s not the point, I am simply trying to offer an alternative, which may convince people to spend money or rather increasing the chances for people that usually would not be able to afford one thing or the other but maybe would (re-)consider if they could get both. :slight_smile:


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Just in case there is confusion here, there is no setup fee for sovereigns. The $10/20/40 is the price per month.

It’s not really my place to respond to the rest of your post, but keep in mind that you are renting a server from them. If you rent for $10 and they are paying $5 for the actual server, they would be effectively giving you GC for free if it was included. We have no idea what the price they are paying for the servers is, but I’ve seen (unsourced) people saying the devs don’t consider this a major profit driver.

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Yeah I know that, but that’s why I also thought, that the GC membership could be a bonus, because you’re not really affecting the server rental, so it could be quite easy a bonus. I didn’t say “add server to my gleam club membership” - i said “add the GC as a bonus to the server rental” :wink: Otherwise that would indeed be really unfair. :slight_smile: I totally get that.

Oh, thanks for the clarification, I thought it’s $9.99 to setup and then buying another fuel to keep it running.

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Yes, there is an initial cost that comes with 30 days of fuel for free. After that you’d need to go to the website and purchase fuel & redeem it in game, to apply it to your planet.

Gleamclub is a purchase that can be made via Steam or PSN. Planets & fuel have different pricing periods and can only be purchased on the website. It’s also something that is currently being set up manually, to a degree.


Thanks for clarification. I only thought I make a suggestion. At this point, I won’t be able to afford either both or one or the other on a continuous basis, but I assumed I can’t be the only one hoping for a little incentive or convincing offer or bargain. So I thought I’d throw the idea in there, I didn’t want to imply this is an easy thing to do or any of the services (or the work by Wonderstruck) is not worth the money. I certainly understand that there are limitations (technical as financial) that also Wonderstruck has to work with. Doesn’t mean it can’t be considered, maybe in the future when things get (hopefully) a bit easier. :slight_smile:

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How many planets are we up to now?

101 new planets so far today according to discord.

Do u no if we can change your world if u do not like it my world has holes all over it i do not like that

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Didn’t you pick the biomes?

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No i did not

Just went with default

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Why would you do that ?


I do not think you can change the biomes after it has been created.


I wonder if the devs have plans to give us the ability to add more concurrent player spaces to our worlds.