Request for information Update

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Hello fellow Player, Hello Devs (@james, @luke-turbulenz, @olliepurkiss ),

it’s been a long time since we saw the last “concepts” of gameplay aspects. With this topic, I like to ask if you have any new information according to the following topics or if you are able to share some of your current concepts (even if they are not final).

1. Planning for 2017
This is, for me, one of the most important topics. It’s now 30 days ago since you asked for our contribution and yet, we don’t saw any “real” answer or conclusion from your side. What was interesting in the responses you get? Did you change anything in your dev-timeline because of our feedback? Did you found any valuable features you like to add to the 1.0 release because of this post?

2. Skill Trees
This one is now nearly 3 months old and you got a lot of negative feedback according to your initial setup of the skill tree. There are also a lot of really good answers in this post. I’d be interested if you found any good concept and if you already got a new concept in the pipeline. When can we expect some new information about the skill tree, skills (in general) and the progression system?

3. Beacon persistance (orignal post)
This topic is now nearly 9 months old and yet, we also don’t get any news about your ideas according to the beacon persistence. What is your current planned concept? Can you show us some of your ideas? It would be interesting if you go for “beacon decay” or “permanent beacons” or some middle way between these two.

4. Guilds
As the above, this is also nearly 9 months old and I have nearly the same questions. You got a lot of negative feedback to this topic too, how did this affect your concepts or your development process. Can you share your new concepts according to guilds (and/or player driven cities)?

Even if I have a lot more questions I like to ask, I think it’s enough work to answer these questions. I’d be really interested to hear from your current concepts and it would be nice if you could share some information.

Disclaimer: I’m not asking for “detailed” and “finally balanced” concepts that are ready for implementation, I just like to ask for “rough” sketches of your planes (But, the more information you can share, the better).

I await your answers (maybe in different topics) with interest.


I’m absolutely agree with Heurazio.
Please, tell us a couple words about current stage of this features and your decisions.

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Thanks for the prompts, there are unfortunately a few things still outstanding, and I’m not sure I can tell you much more now, but I will try.

  1. That thread was meant as an thought exercise, and was an interesting read. Much of what people prioritised in there matches what we already thought, with the notable exception of farming which got higher billing than I would’ve expected. We’re are still working out the order of implementation of features, taking into consideration what you have told us. It’s a complex process, especially as we are moving focus onto getting the game to 1.0 this year. Getting the game out of Early Access, and out on the PS4 brings with it a lot of work which doesn’t directly contribute to game features, so we need to make sure we can do that, whilst still delivering the features we all want to see.

  2. I love the way you read a 145 post thread with a large range of opinion and comment, and arrive at “a lot of negative feedback”. Anyway, there was some great feedback of all types in there, and as always we have taken note of it, and will act on it in due course. The reason we haven’t posted new information, is because we haven’t come back to do another pass yet.

  3. Once again, that’s a fantastic thread, and was very helpful for us. (I posted in that thread) with our conclusions, and we haven’t moved any further than that.

  4. You see negativity, and I see constructive comments, but maybe that’s the difference between us :grinning:. This one though, I can expand on. My final reply to the thread was a little light, and we have moved our thoughts on from that. I will post a new thread on Guilds either today, or early next week for further discussion.

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks for your reply @olliepurkiss .

Maybe “negativity” was the wrong word. Maybe “controversy” fits better because the initial idea was not “accepted” as stated.

For me, it’s a pity that there are no new concepts for #2 and #3 but I hope time will solve this problem.

I’m waiting for your #4 post :slight_smile: