OK so with the positive response to my prior invitation - Buying Raw Gleam 1c - I’ve decided to go ahead and open a facility on Serpensarindi for the processing involved.

With that, I bring you : Serpensarindustries!

The planet name is already something of a tongue twister so I figured, why not?

Serpensarindustries is buying raw gleam for 1c. It’s right on Serpensarindi and I’ve installed a portal hub, as well as a buying area and a processing room. The portal hub is currently linked to three of the largest networks, and offers several portals, where I’m inviting gleam farm owners and others to open on-planet portals.

Here’s a view of the hub from the lobby:

There is currently one open-air gleam farm linked through the hub and I hope to add more soon.

Across the lobby from the hub is the Gleam Buyers area:

In this area you will find baskets buying just over half a million gleam for 1c each block.

Silk yellow is not a requirement, any color is accepted. There are also baskets here to buy peaty soil and other forms of raw spark. Here’s a look at the buying area from the processing floor:

Decorating the lobby is still a WIP but I’m working with a potential vendor to try and get hammers and brews on site in quantity.

The 1c per raw gleam price point is just slightly higher than what you can make refining and minting the gleam yourself if you are a fully efficient crafter doing mass crafts. If you don’t do mass crafting this is a notably better payout and it saves you a ton of time and repair costs either way. Why wait for your coin?

In addition, it looks like this is going to turn into a competitive industry! There are at least two other large buyers getting established on Serpensarindi right now. One of them, Nexton, approached me some days ago during construction and told me he was working on a similar idea. We agreed to interlink so you will also find, right in the buyer’s room, a portal to his facility which he has named “100,000 Coins Per Hour”.

He also has portals to several off world hubs, and a growing number of buying baskets if I’m ever unable to stay coined up for your convenience.

I’ll be leaving the baskets up in my Raxxan factory for a week or so with a sign explaining the move and some location tokens available. The facility is wide open if you would like to explore it, and I’ll put directions in the next post.

Thank you very much for those who have been delivering me gleam on Raxxa. Hopefully with this move it will be easier for you and I can continue to keep you in coin!


We can be reached via the TNT Serpensarindi hub through the portal named “Serpensarindustries” in the southwest corner of the hub:

We can be reached from the Ultima Network Serpensarindi hub via the portal named “Serpensarindusties” on the the east side of the hub:

We can be reached from the Portal Seekers Serpensarindi hub via the portal named “N1” (sign request pending) in the northwest corner of the hub:

We can be reached from Nexton’s facility 100,000 Coins Per Hour via the portal named “Serpensarindustries” near the northwest corner of the main floor:

If other networks would like to link in I’ll be happy to work with you of course!


The first gleam farm linked in is, or course, Nightstar’s Gleam Ball!

Nexton’s portal in the buyer’s area also leads to a large gleam ball set up for some farming, and you can see some of his buying baskets here on the right side of the pic:

Added 2/8/2020 TNT Gleam: A large ball which also has a speed mining setup built into the top. Reachable form the hub area.

As we arrange or receive portals in, Look for updates here. Everyone is invited and both gleam farms and personal portals are welcomed.

New links will be announced here as they’re put in.


SERPENSARINDUSTRIES!!! I had a preview of it. Visited nightstar looking for XP. HES GOT A BIG GLEAM BALL PORTAL IN THE LOBBY!!!


As always, very very impressive. is 100,000c/hr accurate?

Based on the write-up I did several months ago 100,000c per hour is achievable for a gleam farmer doing their own processing with diamond hammers and appropriate buffs for both the harvesting and the processing.

With a fully forged topaz speed hammer and energy buffs, I’ve not tested whether or not you can make this figure selling raw gleam for 1c per block.

I do know that using diamond hammer with mega speed and persist, you can take over 50k per hour easily at this price. Simply by switching to starberry you can accelerate that a bit, and moving to sapphire or topaz will add speed accordingly.

I’ll test soon but it may be possible. In this context it’s only stated as the name of another facility also located on serpensarindi :wink:

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My run yesterday at our one put me at over 140k per 45 mins.

@Nightstar will get our one linked up too are the tokens out to grab?


They are at the base of each portal just pick whichever you like.

I’m doing some plumbing out behind the factory but I’ll come do a sign in a bit :smile:

Hey I was distracted building and this didn’t sink in for a bit:

Is that raw gleam, or coins after processing?

If that’s raw gleam, I’ma have to get me some of those topaz hammers because dang, I’ve really just been dabbling.

coins after full process, still baking obviously but a good run
ruby hammer dmg 7 with speed.

around 125k less spark cost

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i claimed a gleam ball!!! XD

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Howdy Neighbor! :cowboy_hat_face:

@DKPuncherello depending on timing I’d be interested.

I have a 24m gleam ball cut to a flat bottom and portaled/platformed that should be able to host 5 stationary miners with a single bomber.

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Cool :slight_smile: I think you’re linked to Nexton’s right? He has a portal to my eresho tree

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Yes we’re linked.

What are you making with all that gleam…

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@aaron5 plain gleam doors.


I make a small amount of refined as well. My shop stand in the mall sold out of refined gleam again yesterday.

That’s like, not even 1 percent though. Plain gleam doors are the main point.

OK so I’ve seen a lot of variously negative comments about the gleam farming boom over the last couple of days, and I’m getting a number of questions about what’s going on at the back end.

From my perspective, I decided to see a couple weeks ago if I could pay gleam farmers a decent price, churn out some solid experience while I was building, and not go negative in the coin department.

Here’s a rambling jumble of info for you all :smile:

Last night I managed to fully queue the entire refinery I’ve built at Serpensarindustries. This is 120 machines. I did some checking to verify that the cost/spark reduction for coils on a zero-power craft tops out at 16 coils, so each of these machines has 16 coils.

I could have packed them a bit tighter, but this makes the place a little more pleasant to be in, IMO, and also makes experience collection a little more controllable. It also has the negative of adding time to every part of the process, and we’re talking about hours and hours of time.

Last night I was using that portal you can see in the left of the screenshot to collect gleam from an offsite farm and load machines directly. Pushing them all to full queue this way was roughly two hours of work. There will be repairs to be done, and then gathering and minting the doors.

Based on last week’s work in my main factory, minting roughly 180k doors took me approximately 26 minutes alone, that’s after collecting them all, repairing the machines, and moving them to a single location for continuous minting. You can mint 2 stacks of doors before repairing the minter.

On the matter of coin

Loading all of these machines required 518,400 gleam. That’s 4,320 gleam per machine for a total of 3600 mass crafts. Processing time with coils maxed is 1 hour and ten minutes per mass craft for a wait time of exactly 35 hours.

Without level 3 spark and wear buff I would literally not be able to do this with the single set of spark generators currently installed here. The Super Spark and Wear guild buff costs 80k coins and roughly 5 character-weeks of endeavour per week.

  • 9350 spark per mass craft with no buff

  • 3600 batches would require 33,660,000 spark

  • 3350 spark per mass craft with the level 3 buff.

  • 3600 batches required 12,060,000 spark

This is the largest variable in the process

I’m going to pull some numbers out of @Mayumichi’s BUTT and say that based on soft coal prices, spark is currently marketing at about 2c per 100 spark.

  • 673,200c spark cost unbuffed
  • 241,200c spark cost with the maximum buff

These numbers together with the 518,400c for the gleam give us the following figures:

  • 1.191.600c expenses for an unbuffed run
  • 759,600c expenses for a buffed run

The output of 3600 mass crafts will be 180,000 plain gleam doors. These doors mint into a fully coiled chrysominter for 7c per door. This gives us a return of 1,260,000c for minting the doors.

  • 68,400c net profit, before repair costs, unbuffed.
  • 500,400c net profit, before repair costs, with the buff

A single topaz spanner should cover repair costs for the machines and the generators. Forged with additional damage removed it would cover a couple of runs.

I estimate it’s going to take me 4+ hours of time on task to finish this run. I’m hoping that when I do it with all of the gleam on site, it will take me closer to 3 hours. Time spent includes loading the machines, repairing and collecting the doors, and minting the doors.

For those who are doing this solo end to end it would also require time to harvest 518k raw gleam, and time to harvest/convert up to 33.6m spark depending on buffs.

On the matter of experience

This work is a lot more like rock/stone experience than cooking/smelting experience.

Plain gleam doors provide 1200xp, unbuffed, per mass craft. I ran the factory floor this morning, after having accidentally collected 98k earlier. This is the collection, using teaching pies, 12 hours into this 35 hour crafting process:

With max zeal and being careful not to collect a few refiners between pies, I intend to collect nearly 8,640,000 EXP from this run. That’s with roughly 4 hours of grind, 35 hours of processing time, and another expense of 15,400c for teaching pies at 350c per pie.

In conclusion

This process is tedious. Farming the gleam is more fun. And that gets boring fast.

It works as a semi-passive method of experience gathering, with effort requirements somewhere in between rock/stone/refined rock and mass smelting. Perhaps somebody with numbers on hand could help with a comparison.

If you are harvesting gleam and mining spark, making your own doors is a solid way to convert your efforts into coin. It won’t leave time for much else though, and it gets old rather quickly IMO, which is why I’ve never done much of it myself.

With buyers paying you 1c per raw gleam, however, harvesting raw gleam and dumping it into a buy basket is ‘the fun part of the process’ and also a decent way for a player to spend a couple of hours and grab a nice chunk of coin.

TBH a gleam farmer selling gleam into baskets at this price could be making more coins per minute (ignoring the processing time) than a buyer making doors out of the gleam.

For now, Serpensarindustries will stay in business. Some people have expressed concerns about nerfing. Some people are botting farms. This is the information I can provide regarding my personal setup, efficiency, and process here.

If this info helps lead to a rebalance it will be, I assume, for the devs’ perceived health of the game and I’m fine with that. If it helps other players reach decisions regarding time/value management, that’s great and it’s why I publish this stuff.


^ This

Gleam farming is currently a fad hitting the market but it is not by ANY means the best way to make coin. It is mindless (the gathering part) and tedious (the crafting part).

I have seen people burn out hard from this and make a few million coin then just quit the game. Having coin isn’t handy if you don’t play :stuck_out_tongue:

500k profit for 3 - 5 hours of work (including farming it for the sake of this), is not a crazy high profit margin.

4 Hours of hunting (lets say you do nothing and just afk) will net you more coin selling the hunting resources.

The oort alone on a 4 hour hunt (assuming 250 oort per hour hunt) would equal 265,000c and there is NO COST or hours spent at a minter. That leaves 140k to earn from selling your bones/trophies/tallow/blood/mantle/hide…which is easy. There are request baskets for all of those.

The last 1 hour I would say would be going to baskets and collecting your coin with the might of the ‘right click’.

I get that people like the idea of making easy coin. I have been doing profit analysis on different activities so that I can advise people in the PS shop of things to gather that are useful for their time. By far, hunting items are the easiest to sell and make the best return (considering the low cost of entry).

Also, hunts are fun!~ (not for everyone, but more so then clicking a minter!)

I don’t think that gleam farming needs to be balanced, I mean maybe it does…but there are a lot of ways to make easy money in this game. I hope people don’t burn themselves out with this stuff :frowning:

I think breaking it up…being a crafter…paying people for gleam is a cool thing. I think it is a neat emergent game play thing.

You should be rewarded for ingenuity. I personally don’t want to spend 3 hours at machines doing crafting…and minting :wink: so more power to you.