Share Your Story: Economy Transition with Chrysominter

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Hello, I want to ask fellow Boundless player to share their story on how Chrysominter change their gameplay.

I haven’t touch the Chrysominter so I’m not sure what to do with it. It seems like a machine that defined base price for many items. I’m running a 1c/2c refined rock shop, even though I knew what Chrysominter does, I didn’t dabble in it and continue the shop as it is. Although, I’m getting curious if I should start a change. It’s worth considering because I’m guessing the Chrysominter also gives out exp.

It would really help to know how everybody changed their gameplay after Chrysominter release. Have you close down your shop or stop selling specific items? Have you change the base price based on profit defined by Chrysominter? Would you feel conflicted in deciding between selling market demand base item or process them into Chrysominter? Anything that you could share :slight_smile:

The minter hasn’t really changed the price on anything but fossils. Because you can make 36c off of a large fossil from the essence. Essence still seems to be sold in the 3-10c area like it did before the minter.

I now keep my rock and turn it into doors instead of chucking it like I used to because of the minter. Also I make slide as well because of the minter

Oh also you don’t get any xp from it. You put the item(s) you want to mint into it and after click the button it immediately fills the bar towards the 100c mark. Once it hits that you’ll receive 100c and it will lose 1000 durability

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For me it is the only coin income. I dont run shops for now since i dont know when the stuff i would sell is needed. So stuff like stones i burn first to cover warp fees.

It has been great, IMO. :slight_smile: The only negative change would be for my visitors, who don’t get QUITE as many giveaways now. :wink: But I didn’t cut it back that much. For that, and for what I sell, the chrysominter mostly just gets fed with gluts of things when I have too much or with things I’d normally just toss. I stuck one in the spot I go when I warp home, it is extremely convenient. Although it isn’t huge money, I think it is enough to offset the warping around I do on planets for my gathering and mining.

It has changed the way I mine and gather.

Now, whenever I go I take a minter, beacon and fuel.

I beacon a plot, and then when my inventory fills with rock/foliage/soil/whatever other unwanted items, I dump it in the minter and clear my inventory, then repeat.

I have more space for what I want, and earn a small amount of coin for the stuff I don’t.


changed nothing for me, Since im very picky with my in game time and i only build now, anything i have i keep. I now just see the minter as a trash bin for my stuff, aka its useless to me. the little footfall i get over 2 week spans is enough to keep me going to buy a little glass here and there etc. I don’t need much nor do i want to do much outside of building if ever i do anything else. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve had a great time with it. I took down my shop- I was not happy keeping one and feeling like I needed to keep it stocked and competitive. I’ve been able to start purchasing and using forged tools and bows. I’ve been able to buy so many blocks. I am focusing on building. I’m not rich by any means, but I can throw money around at shops knowing I can mint more.


Don’t use it beyond a trash container… Coin I make through shops/footfall from couple of beacons. But I never really paid attention to the minter beyond that.

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They make a nice decorative trash can or keg. I make money through my store and footfall.


… Now I’ll have to put a row of them in my bar! :beer:

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The chrysominter is great. I crafted a couple and placed them in my beacon, and now I sit around looking at them instead of mining, hunting, or gathering. Once I had a bunch of growth kicking around and I put it in the chrysominter to see what happens and I got dozens of coins. I love the way the top opens and closes like some kind of wacky greedy orifice and the cool clicky/servo sound it makes.

Yep, instead of not running a shop, not trading with other players, and not getting footfall I now simply don’t use the chrysominter. Changed the game completely.

Two things for me.

  1. I make fossils into essence as stated by others earlier. This means that I can easily pay for a T7 exo trip with the fossils few people mine because they’re lucent focused.
  2. I buy a TON more things that now net me a small coin gain in the minter once converted to essence. This has lead me to explore far more worlds/malls/portals/shops in search of bargains.

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I put the trash out of my bag in the Chrysominter

That’s the whole story

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I need to put a couple baskets out for ancient essence. I’m always buying it. I’m surely paying more than the minter.

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A long time ago I said I wanted something similar and feel like I got pretty much exactly what I wanted. So if I don’t feel like sorting nonsense, I clear my inventory a lot faster. I haven’t been too concerned with trying to generate coin with it. :slight_smile:

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If you’re paying more than 4c each i have nearly 70k on hand. Been too lazy to feed them to the barrel at the golden fist this week.


I could sell 5 ss of shim orbs. Or just mint them for 4k each.

I’ll buy them for 4c each. I’ll also put out a basket. I’ve been making lots of super enriched bonding agent.

Shim orbs always sell when in the 29-35 range tho so you’d get significantly more if you posted on the forums asking someone to buy them all or if you have a shop sell them thru there

I would use this much more if there were any umbris worlds around so that the coils wouldn’t be stupid expensive :sweat_smile:

I probs have around 500k coin worth of junk waiting to be chrysominated but only if I get the coils :sweat_smile::+1:

On a side note, does anyone know how much coin you get from refined rock, if the price is 0.02 per rock and +40% with coils, it becomes 0.028. Will that still say 0.02 or does it round up to 0.03?