Someone should make a sticky post with all the boundless web resources


get on it @DKPuncherello :rofl:

Would love to get a post with these stickied on the Boundless Reddit, for sure - not sure who can sticky a post there? But a good link compilation I think would be hugely useful there… lot of people when they start a game and have questions, Reddit is among the first places they look it seems.

If folks would put their stuff on it would also show up on Google searches. Dumping it in a forum post is basically write-only documentation.

During the recent Steam sale daily hits on the wiki went up about 9 times the regular rate, so I’m pretty sure it’s an effective newbie resource.

The wiki could especially use some guides written by experts. The information that’s there is updated quickly after each release but could be enhanced to meet a broader range of needs.

If you want to add to or update the wiki, I’d be glad to give what help I can. Also, if you’re an expert on CSS it could use some love.

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I’ve helped contribute to it, but I’ve fallen away from my large articles/changes. I really should get back into it, Boundless crafting has evolved a fair bit since I was putting work into the wiki so I’ve had less motivation since there has been less need.