Sovereign and Creative Worlds now live!

FIRST! Thanks for this!


Shop is still locked…

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Shop is now unlocked


So it is! Let the frenzy BEGIN!

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just bought a 3km


I’m a little disappointed that I have to buy before I get to see the customisation options. Can someone post up the process?


From what I understand from the shop, a world is a one time payment based on world size, then $9.99 per month thereafter?

Thats much more reasonable than I previously expected!

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I got cha bb, working on one now.


Redeem key is greyed out (just bought one, well, Beth did)


The per-month depends on size.
I assume the rough reason behind the scaling is that a world that is 1.5x the length is 1.5^2=2.25 the area and volume so 2x as expensive. 6km world is 4x the area and volume.

I also believe that it’s not exactly 3km 4.5km and 6km but rather something like 192x192 chunks, 288x288 chunks, 384x384 chunks. for lengths of 3072m (exos), 4608m (our worlds), 6144m.


Looks like you pay the initial price, and then need world fuels to keep it going.

World fuels scale.

So in effect, whatever you pay (9.99, 19,99 or 39.99) initially, you are paying that each month to keep the planet up (or close to it) via world fuels.

That is the way it looks to me based on that math.

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I’m seeing the same thing as @Spoodle. Greyed out area that won’t let me redeem my world key on PS4.

Got it - didnt fill out the form haha

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when the customization happens? after buying but before world deploying? via website or in game?

@Xaldafax Wait, so you were wrong, Creative worlds don’t get to be in orbit of the world of your chosing?

I am on PC and I’m also seeing a greyed out Redeem Key button despite having a valid key.

That is not at all explained in the shop, and the +30, +60, +90 icons suggest otherwise.
First bit of feedback @james is to make that more clear in the shop page itself.

Also, sadly, my card is declining the transaction because it is international, so I will have to wait till I’m at my bank to complete my transaction :sob:


Ignore mine, we were being unobservant

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lush 3 with advanced options form filled and filed