Spray painting gleam!

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Yes! Spray painting is something the game actually does support!!!


You mean modded or on the test server ?

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Congratulations for painting achievement :crazy_face:

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Creative Mode modding!


This one is for Bob @Ratchel



Your the worst! Smuggle it back for me!


That’s just mean!!! ( funny to me cuz it’s towards bob) dig that wound deeper :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Can you paint some cactus for my friend @DKPuncherello?

the real irony would be doing this when youc an just materialize a stack of black gleam :rofl:

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the reason you aren’t supposed to spray paint gleam is because it would make rare gleam drop in value.

I already tried that after this video, but I either did something wrong or it’s not possible…

Yes, but it’s fun to mess around with!

And honestly for me the Debug UI is sooo teeny tiny that it’s not fun to have to use it for anything, besides, it’s not the most user friendly thing I’ve ever seen anyway but it’s normally for debugging purposes sooo.

Anyhoo, this can actually also help to recolour blocks without having to replace them. I know I can write scripts for that which I probably will too soon’ish, but this was fun to mess with, hehe.

I always thought the reason why you couldn’t paint gleam was because while the gleam block itself would change, the light emitted would not, but that is clearly debunked in the video, so now i’m not sure.


It’s because the community is split. There’s the group of Gleam needs to be rare. And then there’s the rest of us that want to build with certain colors of gleam and think all of it should be available


honestlly id be happy if they gave us a grey color gleam; keep black rare, but grey gleam would still be useful

I have to disagree lol. I need the black gleam :sweat_smile:. But as I have never seem grey glass panes I can’t actually answer of those would suffice

Let anyone have any color block, we’ll be waiting over a year for all gleam colors to enter the live spectrum…

We knew it was possible but the devs said they had turned it off on purpose

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…Still watching that space… :no_mouth:


theres a lot of stuff in this game that is overvalued to be honest.


Waiting for this to be on live… So disappointed it isn’t. I need far too much black gleam for my projects that at the current rate I won’t get enough in my lifetime. … Color shouldn’t be rare, everyone should be able to get their hands on any amount of whatever color they want without needing to jump through a bazillion hoops and hurdles in their path.

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