Strictest formulation of the creative-portal problem

Whether or not you agree with the three features, this is what I interpret to be the Problem Statement, and the desired solution should fulfill all requirements. Saying “requirement B isn’t really necessary” or interpreting the problem differently is valid but not for this thread. This is for theoretical discussion of this specific formulation of the problem, not about whether you think it is practical or right.

  1. True Creative:” Creative-creative portals free with no limits (time, number, blinksec).
  2. No disruption:” There should be no cheaper way to make a portal network or hub for survival planets than currently.
  3. Same Universe:” If creative world CA orbits survival world SA and creative world CB orbits survival world SB, you should be able to go SA->CA->CB->SB. Whenever you are on CB, wherever you came from, you should be able to go to SB. Furthermore, if you carry warp conduits and coin, you should be able to warp in the same way that you usually do, to planets that you see in the sky.
  4. Cheap connection:” Implicit here is that everyone would like a cheap connection between survival and their creative to receive visitors (this is also related to Same Universe).

Some direct consequences:
-If all creative-creative portals are free, if you can go from a creative world to even one survival world for free, you have violated No disruption. Hence, in “Cheap Connection” I will only focus on one-way travel from survival to a creative.
-“Same Universe”: Sorry, but in this interpretation, no funky sanctum or home beacon or saved-point-of-origin stuff (I like those solutions but they don’t fit with this formulation of the problem).

My partial solution

Satisfying “True Creative” is easy. Just let it happen, one way or another. Maybe you need a new type of portal fuel, new type of conduits, new kind of portal token that only works on creative-creative. We’ll assume that this is done somehow in a way that doesn’t disrupt our next steps.

From here on out we assume there’s a cheap and convenient creative portal network.

The issue with “No disruption” is that every creative world has been connected for free. So running 1 creative-survival link for each survival planet must be more expensive and less convenient than running a reasonably oort-efficient network. To ensure this, each creative-survival link should require the maximum amount of oort, fueled from the Survival side. To avoid having all T6 network planets available in a single place in two jumps (creative to any T6-orbiting creative, then to T6), blinksec limits in creative must be the same as in survival. I admit this is not perfect True Creative :).

Creative portals can make creative portal tokens, which can be placed into a creative or survival portal. Survival portals can make survival portal tokens (as they do already) which can only be placed into a survival portal.
In other words creative portals can only accept creative tokens (free fueling between creative-creative), survival portals can accept all tokens (always paid fueling).
But when a creative token is in a survival portal, no matter what the blinksec distance, the cost is maximum.
Only creative portal tokens can be carried from creative inventory to survival inventory (obviously).

This also solves the local hub problem (a creative world with portals to every region on its host world).

This deals with “No disruption” but leaves us with the questions of warp conduits and cheap connection.

One way to deal with the warp conduit problem is that the game should check for coin and deduct the coin from your survival-side inventory when going FROM creative TO survival. The coin cost will always be maximum in this direction to discourage this travel in order to protect No disruption. From survival to creative, 1 blinksec warp 100c as usual, from the host planet.

Lastly, the “Cheap Connection” requirement. It is easiest if the cheap connection is one-way, as any cheap connection from creative to survival jeopardizes either “True Creative” or “No disruption”. So I will only suggest a solution that provides a one-way cheap connection from survival to creative for a creative world to receive visitors. If you buy a creative world, you are given a single block of “landing pad” material to place wherever you like in that creative world. It creates a “Landing Token” you can bring to survival and give someone to put in their survival portal on the host planet. Survival portal displays the creative world as usual, but on the landing pad side there is no portal and no way back.

Remaining Problems with this solution:
Unfortunately my solution requires blinksec limits to be the same in creative as in survival, so it is an imperfect True Creative.
I also rely on asymmetry: easy to go from survival to creative but less easy the other way around. (sanctum/home portalling required in many cases) so it is an imperfect Same Universe.
I introduced 4 new items in the course of this solution: Creative Portal Conduit, Creative Portal Token, Landing Pad, Landing Pad Token.

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Needs tldr


I think we are kinda on the same page but I’m not 100% sure

Your landing pad sounds a bit like a free portal though

Personally I think if a portal exists in survival it needs to follow survival rules to avoid p2w scenarios, but I’m open to creative ideas.


I might be wrong but I thought it would be good to expand what I thought about James’ original post. By elaborating the problem statement I wanted to avoid a long thread of solutions to less-strict versions of the problem.

Landing pad is free but 1-way which avoids the free portal network problem. You cannot use it to go from a creative portal hub to a survival world. You can only use it to attract visitors from survival.

Takes up space in portal hubs though which takes that space from someone in survival

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Very true. I think it’s better than the self-serve option of letting creative worlds take portal tokens from survival. In this version you have to build a survival portal or get ur friend to give u a spot.

At first I was on team one free portal. But why should creative players get to have a free portal to their base at a hub when other people don’t get the same treatment even if they live on a different planet? There’s already a mechanism for connecting one planet to another and that’s portals with oort.


Agreed. I don’t think oort should be accessible via creative, personally. And disable meteors on creative worlds. If people want to maintain a connection to a survival world or wherever, make them do it the old-fashioned way. If they don’t and they just wanna hang out casually in their creative world and chill, that’s cool too.

And yes, @Alwin, I know this is not true creative. But it is true equality :laughing:

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I agree requirement 4) “Cheap Connection” is not something explicitly mentioned by James and the only thing that 4) ties to in my partial solution is the “landing pad” idea.

I’ll admit my solution is also not True Creative :stuck_out_tongue: as mentioned in my post. And I’ll also admit the features 1-4 are not what I personally want (I’m staying on public worlds) but what I interpreted James wanted.

I think meteors on creative is fine, you already can’t bring inventory back with you. Chance for ppl to practice with max gear I guess? Donno why they would bother, but why disable them

so they can’t grab forged OP bows and turn off dmg and fly from region to region farming oort at lightspeed.

In the solution I proposed it doesnt matter if people on creative worlds get infinite Oort since they can’t bring it with them to survival and only survival-side portals can open/fuel creative-survival connections.


While rereading James’ post he doesn’t actually mention anything like True Creative.

I bolded the bit above that I’m about to reference. I think the easiest limit is to not even start that “if” hypothetical at all. Simply don’t allow free portals and nearly every problem is solved in my mind. That solution allows for all three of his first points to be possible. And again, if people REALLY just want to build in creative they don’t need portals. If they want to open portals they can do so with Oort from survival worlds. If they run out, they can warp to the nearest survival world and go about getting some :man_shrugging:

Yeah I mean this is pretty much what I’m saying. If you can only fuel it on the survival side it’s the same thing. And then I guess meteors don’t have to be disabled in the name of fairness.


If people want to fly around hunting oort that they could just spawn into their inventory I say let them

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There aren’t suppose to be any drops on Creative worlds. Has anyone completed a meteor or found a dormant one? Where there any drops?

I forgot to try out meteors…I wasn’t expecting to see them there lol.

You can give yourself infinite oort/shards without doing anything on Creative.

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Because in my solution, they can’t just spawn it into their inventory.

Great point. I didn’t both signing up for one b/c I have no interest in them unless this problem isn’t fixed and I can use one as a personal hub to go where I want for free.

Well yeah if I can have a free infinihub on creative I’m DEFINITELY getting one
Pretty sure it ain’t happening that way tho

I did complete a meteor and find no drops.

They’re also fun to chase when you’re flying.


I can see the Boundless mini-games version of quidditch now :smile: