Suji's Forging Ingredients on Biitula! Now open for custom orders!

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After weeks of hard work, @Mittekemuis has finished creating the new centralized store for Suji’s Forging Ingredients! You will NOT find any cheaper prices!

On a series of floating islands, connected by rubble and bridges, between the ruins of an ancient outpost, you will find all the popular forging ingredients! As you have come to expect from Suji’s, they are all priced to sell, it’s allmost like you’re legally robbing me!

How to get to Suji’s?
There are direct portals located in:

  • TNT Megahub
  • Hunt Hive
  • My shop in the Naughty Mall
  • My shop in Legendville Mall

As always, if you’re missing an ingredient, please contact me and i’ll make sure to stock it!


Can’t wait to go check this out :smiley: still using your store at Sunken City. The new build sounds awesome


Go and check this out! It is absolutely gorgeous!! And the prices are well worth the trip too. :grin::green_heart:


I’ve been trying to find a store like this for ages.

Thank you.

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Thank you all for your kind words! Please do let me know if you’re looking for something i’m not currently stocking and i’ll whip up a batch for you!

Now also buying scales, 5c each, request basket in the middle of the mini-hub at the new main Suji’s store!

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Request basket filled up again! Vigor 2 is being restocked as we speak!

If you’re a forger, Suji’s will have your forging ingredients for cheap!

Missing anything? Let me know and i’ll make sure the store will start offering the ingredient!

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Restocked all your favorite ingredients! Dirt-cheap!


These are great prices!

I know Legendville Mall could use a forge mats store, I’ve seen a few people looking for one since Karios hasn’t been playing. Want another outlet spot? I’m still paying for people to open stores :blush:

Nova Golda Market could use one too, then I don’t have to run around so much anymore! :joy:

Hmmm, so you’re now promoting someone else’s forging mats store in Suji’s forging mats store thread?

Tsk shakes head

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Haha good point deleted, forgot the OP

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Appreciate the offer from both of you! I just came out of a very busy month where i could barely keep 1 store stocked, let alone my 3 other outlets :slight_smile:
I’ll see how i go in the next few days and get back to you :slight_smile:

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The build is amazing! I wanted to do a sky island for waterfalls a while ago. Reminds me of the Kingdom of Zeal in Chrono Trigger.

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All credit to @Mittekemuis! All i did was share my ideas, she did all the building :slight_smile:

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Restocked the main store and standardized the items on offer in my mall-stores (exception being sunken mall, which will be done tonight).

Also opened up a store in Legendville Mall! Row C! Also reachable through the Suji’s hub in the main store on Biitula :slight_smile:


Restocked all the pastes in the main store. So cheap it’s like legal theft!

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Everything is back in store! Also recoined the request baskets in the island under the tower :slight_smile:

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With the recent pulsing orb shortage, i may have to up proces on draining 1 and corrupted one. Current stock will still go for bargain prices though, grab them while you can!

Opened up a new portal from the Fireborn Nomads circ hub!
Now even more ways to get your ingredients fix!