Tech: New grass and colour mixing seeds

Grass and dirt colours can be freely mixed, so you can add white grass to red dirt, brown dirt, orange dirt, green dirt etc.

That’s a whole load of color combinations, and that’s just with the colours we have on the current live worlds.

Placing down grass in the new system (not fully designed) involves adding grass seeds (coloured) onto a dirt block which turns it into grass, adding more seeds increases the density of the grass to a max of 4. Breaking a grass block on it’s top-surface cuts the grass dropping seeds depending on its height, whilst breaking on the side/bottom or continuing to break after cutting the grass will break the grass block entirely dropping dirt.

The system is general enough to handle more types of foliage in the future (Think seaweed, reeds, nettles…) or farmed foliage like wheat and other crops.


Awesome screenshot! :smiley:

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Awesome. but do you get all of the grass seeds dropped? and if you do does a dirtblock with grass destroyed from the side drop 1 dirt and 4 seeds? or does it only drop the dirt and in that way force us to remove every tier of grass first?

As it is currently implemented, and with current values in the data:

Breaking grass height 1, gives you no seeds (1 net loss in seeds)
Breaking grass height 2, gives you 2 seeds (parity)
Breaking grass height 3, gives you 4 seeds (1 net gain in seeds)
Breaking grass height 4, gives you 6 seeds (2 net gain in seeds)

Breaking a grass block from the side/below (rather than removing the grass first) will drop the correct number of seeds too.

The one place where seeds will ‘not’ drop, is if you crush the grass, eg by placing a block of stone ontop of the grass which will remove the grass, but not drop seeds.

So you place a seed and it makes grass then you add seeds to make it taller?
or does the grass grow on it’s own?

As it stands, you manually cause the grass to grow by adding more seeds. We have not implemented any automatica foliage growth and this also requires a fair bit of design on how we want to do it, likely differing for ‘farmed crops’ vs ‘natural crops’. eg: it’d be a bit rubbish if ‘all’ grass in the world over time became really dense tall grass :stuck_out_tongue:

could i place a purple seed and a green seed on a block and then get a mix of the 2 colors?

No, it will currently replace the purple grass with green grass. In the future we will most likely add many more colours to have a fuller pallete, and allow crafting to blend colours together.

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fair enough

This is great news for block shops! Rather than carry every variety ofof base dirt color, every combo of grass+dirt color, etc, you only have to keep dirt colors and seed colors to get any combo.

Did I understand that correctly? You need 4 seeds to grow the grass to height 4 and get 6 seeds back (I assume that’s what you mean with net gain?) So you can farm seeds endlessly? Or is there a restriction I overread?

Presently yes, that would be the case. But hardly an issue given that you can also presently press ‘i’ and get infinite blocks :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the robust use of color in providing block permutations. Maybe that will be extended to various skin textures down the road. :wink:

Love all the variety in grass/dirt combos already.
Can’t wait to see how this affects terrain in the future. :smiley:

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ok, you got a point there^^

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Hopefully the worlds of Oort will be full of pretty coloured gardens people have designed. Take the screenshot as your hint to put your landscaping hat on!

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