Testing 27 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in the Testing 27 release in this thread.

One quick bug: Warp conduits cannot be destroyed by stone, haven’t tried iron yet.

But more importantly, how do they work? I built 4, placed them 2x2 vertical, click on them, and got nothing. I can’t go to new worlds or have any saved locations.

How do I get to the other worlds? How do I save locations on those other worlds or on my current world?

Warp conduits can be destroyed by an iron hammer. You only need to stack 1 warp conduit on top of another then you should be able to interact with them using “e”

As for getting locations on other planets, you need to craft the warp location picker upgrade. Then you load it into your totem and shoot it at one of the planets in the sky. You should then see that location show up on the location menu when you open a warp conduit by interacting with “e”


Ok, so then how do I get back after going to a new planet? Do I need more conduits and location pickers or does the conduit I warped from get saved as a location and I can easily get back home?

Yup, you’ll need more conduits to get back again. You can add locations manually for a world that you’re on (only your current location), so you should probably do that before you leave a world in case you want to come back again.

I think when you place a beacon, that location automatically gets added to your location menu, so you may already have one there!

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So i’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this but either its some kind of bug or unheard of lag but i had first spawned today about 3500 blocks to the west of my home so i had decided to make the trip back home and i had even seen a couple players talking but then i was kicked from the server and when i managed to reconnect i had spawned at the same place i had first spawned today.

I did originally make it all the way back before i got dc.

Game crashed as i was opening a smart stack. Log HERE.

This should be a Container but it has the gleam texture completly around it.

Somehow when I logged in I had been transported WAYYYYYYYYY far away from where I logged out. Maybe that was the new planetary spawn point or whatever, but if it was, it was really really bad. I spawned in a tiny cave, around 30-40 levels below ground, and there was 2 giant pools of lave surrounding the tiny island I was on (in the cave).
took me about 30 mins to dig my way out.

So, am I the only one that the lag issue has gotten worse for?

I just got stuck inside a rock in cave. When I attempted to break the rock to get out of it, it said I fell for 14366 damage and died. I think this somewhat goes along with the previous bug (that still occurs) where moving rapidly horizontally and only falling a few short blocks can register as a fall and really chunk your health down(I generally achieve that by grapple-running). Anyways, cave walls that bite can be a thing i suppose lol
@UmbraVictus yes, I had almost 0 lag before 27, and now I lag ALL the time.

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Ignoring the Lag issue for a moment, what sort of FPS does the game normally give you? Solid >60+, or lower?

Ok thanks. Will check it out.

If this happens again - please share the game log with us.

Usually higher than 60, yes, In full screen I am always over 100 FPS. In windowed I am a bit less, around 70-90 most of the time.

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Spawned in underground cave but got out x)

My FPS is generally over 60, I think the highest I got was like 120. It drops though, like drastically when I lag. I am sure I was seeing things, but I think I actually saw it say -20 FPS at one point for like a split second.

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A little one.
I you have the lightcube in left hand to pair with a tool, then go to inventory move the cube to another slot and close inventory, you still have the cube in your left hand until you switch tool with mousewheel.

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I do not know if this is a issue known in first pass plints, but i cant put more then 1 object for sell, if in plint-menu and 1 object is for sale, all other object in inventory is locked.

Couple of issues this evening when playing

Firstly, when I logged on, I noticed this…

The four items I placed in my container the previous evening seem to have merged into one location. Accessing the container and removing/re-adding an item seemed to fix that particular location.

Also, leaving the general area and coming back seemed to fix all of them.

Second one was a noticeable lag spike (which could well have been caused by my internet connection, but figured I would mention it), when I accessed this buying plinth…

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Bug: Using a stone crossbow with wood arrows and arrows are lost when bow breaks.