[Thread] That time I was dumb... Share your silliness!

Feel free to share your stories about yourselves being dumb in boundless! I’ll go first.

This week I decided to build a bigger workshop, and what better place than under another building right?
Since I had to clear quite a large are, I got some aoe bombs and started blasting the place and eventually I got close to the building on top.

I was too lazy to go and remove my builder from the beacon permissions to avoid destroying the building so I just dug a hole deep enough to not break anything important with the bomb, well when I threw the bomb the damn thing got stuck on the edge of the hole and guess what?

Luckly the damage was not that bad! So I went back to my storage for some blocks to fix it.

What happened next?

Well I forgot to remove the bombs from my hand and I DROPPED ANOTHER ONE INSIDE THE BUILDING

Somehow I remained calm and just had to do a quick shopping cause I did not have enough blocks to fix that hole. Once I fixed it I just quit the game, I was no longer in the mood to keep playing.

So that should be the end of the story right?


Next day I decided to continue my journey to start building my new workshop! But I was dumb and I still had the bombs in my hand and trying to get my building blocks in hand…


Well that is my story about me being a genius.

On the bright side after a couple days of work I finally made some progress!


I once crafted 2 SS of vigour 1 accidently :confused:
During a shortage of hopper cores, that hurt pretty bad :frowning:


Oh I once used exo gleam to make ornate doors and used all the mats I had (at that time it took me a while to get them).

I was really excited about my new doors but I messed up and did a mass craft of trapdoors instead :frowning:


I’ve accidentally done this several times lol I’m like “why won’t these doors stack with the other doors??”


So funny! Great story damage bombs most dangerous item in game haha


LOL, I did the same thing once! Well 1 ss only tho, but yikes!


I one time moved my base to another location built it all put items in came back next day and regrowth happened lost alot cause I missed one plot


While giving away a spot on the co op slide I forgot that the spot I was giving away was plotted to the stairs and not an individual beacon. I deleted the co op slide and didn’t know until a friend used it hours later. Fixing it was a costly mistake to say the least.


Re-plotted a area highly convinced i did it correctly. Missed a plot apparently. Thinking this won’t happen again.
And apparently did it 3 more times…
Sad thing event and exo mats disappeared.

The trap door thing did it multiple times wasn’t happy about that because I needed doors and had no other mats. (Still gathering dust on the shelves)

Bombs are forbidden in my build for all builders. Thought one time to be funny and blew up almost my entire bridge while running across.

And well while building knowing you are in danger and then just have to get that penalty.
Or forget to eat and then just suddenly dying when you drop down a block or 3.

Also remember the first time switching to a titanium grapple. Throwing my self against the wall.
Now i am telling newbies when i give them one “don’t release until you are standing still”.

What still happened a few days ago… grappled my self to death several times in a row… straight in to the bottom of a lava lake…

Lol don’t forget buying mats in the beginning thinking i made a steel and would make a profit turned out i made a big fat loss…

And the list keeps going😉


Equipping wonky trigger hammer in settlement, fatal grappling into shrubbery, throwing away a HUGE stack of brews by mistake…

Better question in my case might be: that time I WASN’T dumb! :flushed::joy:


1 and only time so far. I made black ornate gleam trap doors instead of normal ornate gleam doors. First time round of the Gleambow event before I was really spending any coin. So it was a big punch in the gut.


When I was in a hub on MalariaMcRib and decided to swap the resource in an atlas by pressing x but instead dropped the stack of completed atlases each with gems in them then couldn’t pick them up straight away and someone came running through. They probably didn’t find them in their inventory until later and must of been wondering where they came from.


When I moved from refgar to xa frant and we had the new “remove all plots” i deplotted when i thought i was done. It was only the next day i knew i messed up because I forgot to move a gem storage in a cave losing about 6 million in value that hurt me real bad.

A while back as wel I had coins stored in request baskets when I was redoing workshop only to find out the coins dropped and vanished after a while losing about 2 million.and here I’m just thinking meh whatever s#$t happens


@HOST What the heck; its just only a game :sunglasses:


This happens way too frequently! :joy:


Every time I have to do movements with my plots this scares me


Boundless is not “just a game” haha :yum::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Specially not after bombing your building 3 times in a row lol


Lol I got one! The time I was dumb and shut down a portal to a build under lava with no working spawn point…had to get a friend and bomb each other while swimming in lava to get back in haha (was before lava guild buffs)


One time I unplotted and replotted front of my current workshop to move plots to another character. Next day half the front was gone…

When I noticed James was there, he called me a noob… :smiley:

(and he wonders why I like teasing him, tsk! :joy:)