What do we have here?

Managed to secretly take a photo of one little feature in development. This is a secret… just between you and I :wink:



Awesome. I wanted this so badly.

Can you have different blocks in each hand as well? Would help for more efficient building.

I thought the pic had something to do with that camera :frowning:. Wow, i’m overthinking this too much lol.

Is that a steam controller?

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Oh you tease you! Does this mean we can break blocks twice as fast?!

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looks like one, yes ^^

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Avoiding unrequited hype (words…), no, only one item is ‘active’ at a time so two hammers is always left, right, left, right not left+right, left+right, left+right, we want to encourage more intelligent use of the system rather than everyone just having two of the same thing in their hands all the time because it’s faster.


Ok that makes sense - still looks cool either way!

Yes - there is a Steam Link hiding behind the mic as well. Got them to make sure Boundless plays nicely with them.


I was kind of disappointed with the Steam controller. The plastic material just felt really cheap. Anyone else have one? What do you think?


I agree that the plastic is a bit cheap, but the controller is really growing on me. You can be considerably more precise with the pads, and the bottom triggers are crazy useful. I’ve stopped using my wireless mouse/keyboard on my HTPC, too…

It really does take a while to get used to, though (weeks)


I have it since beginning of october now and think the material is ok, the buttom buttons are just a bit to “loud” when clicked. I like it to play fps games and also runs well with oort (my setting got quite popular by the other users ^^). The Link is just “meh”, especially cuz of it’s latency which is way better when connected with cable to both (Link AND PC), but still to bad when playing fast fps’ or racing games with to complex graphic (cuz of additional latency due to streaming).

I was going to get one as I’d heard good things about them from friends - maybe santa (A.K.A wife) will get me one for Xmas!


I hope this is kind of specialization :wink: so that just miners could use it.

Things like this make it more interesting to not go the usual way of a warrior. I hope you create big advantages like this in each path a player decides to go, so it really motivates people to think about what to do in the game, which role to play :smile:

Anyway it’s a cool Idea to be dual wielded…

An idea with 2 blocks in your hand: they could melt to a new sort of block :smiley: different from what you can craft. Else I yet see no reason for different blocks in each hand…

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Now this has me wondering what the interface is like to achieve a dual wield… do both hammers go into slot 1?

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Depending on how it’s implemented. As I have understood it, you wouldn’t have to switch between the two blocks anymore. You could just place them as you need them. Saves a lot of time if you build something huge.

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Quite interesting, would you mind elaborating this a bit more?
For example: Will we always use both hands alternating or will we be able to use each hand individually if we have certain things selected, i.e. blocks while building. Or how will selecting an item for each hand individually work?
And especially this phrase made me really curious about your future plans with this feature.

We havn’t made a decision on how to select what’s in each hand yet, or whether they’ll be totally independent or paired together as far as inventory interaction goes; but you will use the hands independently (it’s only restricted so that ‘both’ cannot be used at the same time).

We’ve actually supported dual-wielding in the interaction system for a while now, around the time that interacting with doors etc was changed to be a seperate button rather than a click.

Left-click/trigger = use left hand
Right-click/trigger = use right hand

Each item has a ‘single’ function (except a two-handed item which may have two functions one mapped to left and right hand/click/trigger), Eg: the function of a ‘block’ is to be placed into the world, the function of a ‘pickaxe’ is to do a melee attack of a certain damage type to whatever is in-front of it, whether it be an entity or a block.

The way this currently works, is that a ‘block’ is set-up to be a two-handed item instead, whose ‘left-action’ function is to do a ‘empty hand’ melee attack which I believe does no damage to creatures as it stands but does deal damage to blocks.

This is also one of the reasons (beyond making not super OP anymore) the grapplling hook/hookshot was changed to be a signle action of fire/release rather than a dual-action item, so that in the dual weiliding system we can keep have a consistent interface where you would have the grappling hook in one hand, whilst using a second item in the other hand rather than having to switch your selecttion away from the grappling hook.

So once dual wielding is fully incoperated, the block and other items will be dropped to a single-hand item so that the current behaviour would be to have nothing in your left hand, and a block in your right hand, but you could equally swap that round and have nothing in your right hand, and a block in your left hand instead, or a block in your left hand and another block in your right hand etc.


That sounds awesome! Also covers people that would prefer to play as a predominantly left handed character.

So would this mean that we could potentially equip 2 grappling hooks and swing around continuously like Tarzan by just alternating between left and right clicking?

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