What Happened to All the Wonderful Animations?

I know forever ago there were animations being made for all sort of interactions. Trading, typing a message, interactions with machines, etc. I know they were in the launch trailers and such but I am just curious why they haven’t quite made it in the game yet.

They are really cool and I think it would bring some life to our characters in the world. Instead of just blankly starring forward all the time when we interact with something.

I know this is probably low priority but the little things bring everything together you know.


Here are some of the old dev blogs that they were showcased in as well.

I know there are some many wonderful concepts and projects the Devs haven’t brought into the game, yet but I am just eager to see it all come to fruition.


This small thing would make the game so much more immersive. 10/10 need it in my life

it’d be neat if the animation where the character model is tinkering in the machine would play if you stood close enough and interacted with it.


I was actually watching some days ago old devblogs and was thinking something like you did “why this is not in the game yet?”.

I surely would like some animations etc more to the game,but as ive followed the community they are pushing devs hard to do “Big” stuff.

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Life is made up of little moments you much cherish them all big and small. Just like I cherish you and the community. :heart:

Well, a lot of animations are available when you’re writing, and hit-up the TAB key and the submenu Emotes.

Have to think machine interaction animations would only make sense if we made it so that you had to stand ‘right next’ to the machine before interacting too… which sounds annoying!

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Why not have both, the animation only activates when you are right up next to?

@Goblinounours I am referring interaction animations not the emotes. There are a few more dev blog posts that show them, I just didn’t feel like digging them all up. I know some of them were reused for emotes, but the point I was getting as was when your player is actually doing something, not just when you want to type it out.

Like this one that shows there are animations for when trading with another player.

And this one when you are interacting with a shop stand.

Which could also be another one that only activates the animation when you are right next to. I think most of us do when we see signs next to or on the shop stand.

Because it takes time and resources to implement things, both of which are finite. Which other feature are you willing to give up to have interaction animations that most people will ignore?

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That’s what happens when you make a video game?? It takes resources?? And time?? This is expected?? I’m not sure what your point is here.

I would assume that we wouldn’t have to “give up” a feature, just wait a little longer for something to come out. Again, this seems normal for games. You get different things at different times.

I see.
Apparently, a big chunk of the work is done since February 2016 too… like a lot of other things we’re waiting for, it baffles me that we’re still waiting with barely no info from the devs on that.

Yeah it can be disheartening, but I wouldn’t have backed it all those years ago if I didn’t have faith in the Devs to realize all the wonderful things they have in store for the future of the game.

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I looked at old post recently too prob cause I don’t sleep well nowadays…anyways what about furniture the devs I think posted something a year ago about that and why are we all still in underwear :bikini: lol

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Hi Danigon,

Thank you for your interest in the animations, I too think they’ll add a lot of life and joy to the game. :smile:
I’ve had a look at our current roadmap and I’m going to champion a few of these ideas to the team to hopefully hook a few of them in if at all possible. :boundless:


Woah, that would be awesome! :open_mouth:

Because it’s about priorities and a finite resource.

Everyday we try to work on the most important, most urgent and most impactful things. And there is a load of stuff that doesn’t get attention.


Could we see the list? I don’t mind going on a long journey but where we’re going is nice to see

Kinda brings us back to the whole point of the playerbase not being really aware of what sub-project is at what stage, which creates a ton of threads where people question what you guys are doing, you know? It would avoid a LOT of threads like this one if there could be some updates on the various things that are coming. It’s not like the secret is worth it.