What if the Tint Kit allowed you to change sign color?

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Recap :

Recently, there’s been discussions around the Gleam Club and the way it allows GC members to change colors of sign texts. Now most people agree about a number of things :
• It is one of the most appealing features of the Gleam Club.
• It does suck that this feature isn’t available to everybody, because it’s really nice.
• Without it, Gleam Club would clearly lose in value and it’s possible less people would buy it.
→ Hence the beginning of the other thread on how to improve the Gleam Club.


Gleam Club also allows us to change colors on our characters and their outfits for free, while non-GC members have to pay 200 cubits for that.


the sign color feature worked in a similar way?
What if non-GC members could buy a token in the exchange that you consume when you want to apply colors in a sign? How would that even work? The system would likely have to be re-made, since you have to write the colors as code (like :#ba6851: and such) and you can have several colors in the same sign.

But hypotetically, if the devs said this was doable, would you be ok with that?

  • Yay, I’d be ok for non-GC members to be able to buy sign-color-kits with Cubits.
  • Nay, I don’t want these peasants to have sign-color-kits for Cubits!
  • Meh, I don’t care if non-CG members get sign-color-kits or whatever…

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not being rude but…please no more of this gleam club and the bloody sign colors.


Yeah, I get where you’re coming from. But I personally have a horse in this race, as I would like to find a way to give sign colors to my friends who can’t/won’t get GC.

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Buy them GC? :sweat_smile:


That would be a solution too. But I’m pretty sure you can’t bring the gift of GC as you bring the gift of Friendship.

If you pm a dev I’m sure you could as I’ve bought gc for others before and I know a few others have as well



then an idea is to add gift feature to gift GC to friends


Gifting a friend gc directly from the shop is actually a good idea.

And yes, goblin, you can write the devs and provide gc for your friend. They have allowed that several times in the past. :+1:


I chose its ok with me… cause i dont wanna give “whatever” answer…

What??? Then who did? I assumed it was grumpy Buugi among the “I don’t care” voters!


Sorry Buugs

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Well, you can easily see who voted for what. I usually check that feature on, I like to know who stands for what. I’m nosy like that. Then I know who to backstab. :grin:

I like transparancy too. I voted no.

Lol I tend not to vote on most things. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: so i can’t see who voted for what

Yeeees, I saw that. :grin:
< slowly sharpens a dagger coated with green slimy liquid >


It’s a nice idea (and in an ideal world would be awesome), although does then mean that person A can spend real money to directly benefit person B.

I’m pretty sure that opens up an area for weird shady dealings (although at the moment all I can see in my head is a creepy guy in a trench-coat going “Psst. Hey you, wanna buy some Gleam club”). I’d guess there’s probably also additional legal wrangling involved in it that game developers won’t want to get involved in.

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Imagine that would fall under selling in game items for money and is a banable offense


selfquarantine intensifies

Sorry to let you down on this one

also maybe it is just me and this means no harm from me just my point of view on the poll.
feels like an equality problem here since non-GC club members are not worth less then GC members
or am I reading this wrong I mean a non-gc member could feel attacked by this and think why are we called peasants like I said its not an attack buddy just comparing equality here