What is the best way to make your sovereign accessible?

I have at least one sovereign world that is open to everyone. It’s got some choice orb gathering regions and some not too bad places for collecting certain resources (sap, sapphire, dark glass, great views), more than enough for just me, and I don’t mind sharing.

My question is this. What is the consensus on the best way to make this wealth available? I could set up a portal, but then I’d have to fuel it and I’m already tight on oortstone. I could just make tokens available, but like a portal the question comes up of where to set up a shop stand?


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Having done both, definitely seem to be getting a lot more visitors to ones I’ve put portals up to. Though I’m still getting visitors to my token worlds too, what I did there was put up stands at two of my bases, though I’m thinking I might try putting some in my shop at DK Mall and seeing what happens. I’ll usually put what the resource is and warp planet in the resource name.

There are shards going in the 19.5-21 range at DK Mall, what I’ve been doing for all my portals since I don’t hunt, and I think will get you a lot more visitors, just mine or collect (especially with the Spooky Oorbs now) for a little bit and sell the stuff for a stack of shards. I’m buying some raw Oort too, but with all my collecting areas coin becoming less an issue.


Yeah, I would say sell the stuff in shops is the easiest way for people to find it.

Some other great choices for discoveribility:

  • Put portals in common portal hubs. TNT has a wonderful Sovereign network going.
  • Make a post in the Sovereigns category using the awesome Template Generator @Gorillastomp and I came up with. If you want Block Colors in your template and they are not already, just let my self or @Soju-VB know. If you are not a Regular and cannot post in the Sovereigns category, just post any in General or Creations and someone will move it for you for sure.

Also, if your planet is close to being the “best” at any resource, people will find it. We have tools in place (the TNT Discord’s Nixbot, Boundless information Station, Boundlexx UI, etc.) that all help people find the “best” worlds for resources.


Is there a hub near your planet that you can portal from, then just ask someone nicely if you can have a signpost on their portal in a far away, but more used, hub?

I ended up making a portal from the planet my sovereign orbits because I felt like when I’m looking for something, I look up the resource, then find the planet, then find the planet it orbits, then go to a hub on that planet to see if they made it easy for me to get to their sovereign and if not, use a warp augment to get there myself.

If it was only tokens I wouldn’t know where to begin…I would still probably go to a nearby hub.

So far I’m not loving how hard it is to find sovereign worlds. If they made a portal it helps a lot, but if they didn’t, I may or may not be able to get there using a warp augment because of how the planets orbit and so aren’t always visible from where I’m standing.


To use Paka’s tokens as an example, I have some from her labeled “Bitter Beans 1, warp from Nyonka” (except using the right planet name). I use TNT to go to Nornkyo, then use the sanctum to portal to that world for 100c. You could also use warp conduit, but the sanctum is cheaper and doesn’t require leaving the safe area of the portal hub.