What musics do you listen to?

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Do you listen to musics while playing Boundless?
Yes? Then which ones tickle your fancy? When? Why? How? What? Uh?
What factors the most in your musical choices? Is it the activity you’re doing? How grindy you might find it? How relaxing it is? Maybe you’re just in the mood?
Can you share some of those phat beatsies with us?


I listen to different music depending on what my mood is. Sometimes it’ll be like this if I want some energy:

Or if something more contemplative is up your alley (Caution, may induce tears):


I like to listen to Boundless soundtrack with music off in game - just want it on all the time some days, it’s so good.


Really depends for me but generally ambience stuff or music from other games I’ve played, like Diablo 2/3, Pharaoh, Borderlands, WoW:TBC/WLK… Too many to name really.

Also more recent stuff like this sort of ambience from NMS:


To be honest, I love the sound effects on Boundless, but the music has never really quite grabbed me as much as playing without it on, or with something else of my choice. I do play without any music at all a lot of the time.

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I listen to the in-game music. The game comes with graphics and audio. I don’t play with some other artist’s graphics on the screen, why would I play with some other artist’s audio in my ears?


Changes frequently but the most common defining factor is that I probably don’t listen to much post 2000 (AD!).
Side note to back this up…my niece is off to the Reading festival soon (what is my sister thinking…my niece is only 16!!:scream:) and she went through the line up…I knew 1 band…1 :frowning:

While hitting exo’s last couple of days, I’ve been listening to Tracy Chapman, which made me very nostalgic for my student days…

I should listen to the in-game music…1 year in…about time :grin:
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I am too eclectic for most. If I’m not listening to prog metal like Stratovarius or Sonata Arctica then I’m streaming from my Bandcamp profile. Worth a peek for sure.


Yep, mining or resource gathering while zoning out to my music is one of my favorite things to do, so relaxing and really even healing. :slight_smile: I’ve found this sort of thing better than pretty much anything for helping with low moods and sadness, it is a complete escape, and afterwards I find I feel better too.

On the music, my favorites are mostly pretty obscure things… a lot of Celtic-type stuff, some stuff that would be called New Age but not the really relaxing, sleepy New Age kind of music but usually with a bit more electronic influences and more upbeat. David Arkenstone and Inon Zur are two examples that do game music who might be more familiar to folks here who do a lot of stuff I like.

This Sleepthief video, Eurydice, is one of my favorites, not only a beautiful song but a really cool retelling of the Orpheus myth-


Sometimes, just because:


Edit: Okay, okay. The first one was for fun (mostly.)

Here’s a few personal favourites I do love to numb out and build to:


This is my source of inspiration. At all times no matter what time lol :metal:

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What I listen to really depends on my mood or what I’m doing. I like to listen to almost all genres of music, old & new. Classical & Numetal/rock/metal are prob my favs.

One of my favorites that calms my mind:

(when I was little, I would sneak into my grandma’s art studio & watch her do oil paintings, sculptures, etc. She always had classical music playing)

Some I can relate too well to or they give me huge feels:

Yes, I’m weird. I know. lol



My go to!

as well this one:


All of this, and sometimes I just pick a song and let youtube roll. Never know what you will end up with. Been starting it with Saint by Echoes recently.

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Dang, I mentioned the Ard Skellig relaxing musics in the other thread! o_o

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Most amazing sound tracks ever. Sometime listen to it on hunts also.

Just youtube search for “Synthwave” for the Boundless B Sides. Haha


Adding to my other post, my fav guitarist = Santana & Los Lonely Boys

If I’m feeling super grrrrrr…this is something I might play:

Some odd stuff I like for diff reasons:



I love synth and vapor. I have put together an very epic wave playlist on Amazon music. It does not dissapoint.