What turns you off playing Boundless?

More props are coming (see all the concepts from @Minyi) but I also love the voxel chiseled designs players make - I think they’re genius!!


I don’t think worry too much about things like griefing – a good solution is just to make the “regenerator” cost a fair amount of resources, so that using it to farm prefabs might not be totally economical. I’m always in favour of more potential interactions, even when some of them could potentially be frustrating. In the current state of the game you can’t really get “trapped” anyway, since you can always return to the Sanctum.

But as for the salute thing, definitely no “social incentives” like that – one of the coolest things about Boundless is the community, and how when you randomly stumble across someone you both wave like that. It’s spontaneous; but if it was part of a feat or an incentive, I think it would become insincere and lose its magical charm.


ok. what drew me in was the graphic’s, fully destructible and rebuild-able world, CHISEL’S, and much much more. i love this game dearly. its really the only game i play anymore. its above 7days to die , skyrim and forza for me. all games i love but this game has my heart <3.

what turns me off from boundless… not very much… the lag sometimes pisses me off and i just stop playing for the night… but that might be that im using wifi on my laptop… the rubber banding i get sometimes annoys me and i lag into lava… or when i shoot the grapple and repel up… it shoots me back down… one big thing… the max level… i understand we are still in alpha… ( WHICH IS INSANE FOR THE AMOUNT OF CONTENT IN GAME) but a max level of 50, and a max amount of skill points is sad :frowning: i just hit level 50 (again) and now i might have to start another alt to get the giddys back again for the game. a little higher level cap would be nice. or maybe some more skill points… yea more skill points lol

other then those very few issues which may be due to wifi… nothing turns me away… always something to build. always something to explore or grind. this game is Beautiful and is only getting better for me.

thank you Devs :slight_smile:


As negative and discouraging as this thread is I have to say that it was a good idea because I’m seeing a lot of really good ideas and potential changes that would benefit the community.


im totally not unhappy with this game man! i love it! just wanna know why im so laggy half the time…

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It’s more so the new players who are quick to complain. And I absolutely 100% understand their complaints I just want them to be patient and give the game a good chance.


yea i hear that! please give the game an actual shot! play it for more then a couple hours… you will see the game is FANTASTIC


yeah haradim needs to get rid off his wonly furniture hahaha
he needs sponged seating


The fact that we don’t get skill points after lvl50, not even when we are willing to grind for it.
Being forced to use multiple characters I really, really hate.
And the fact that obvious trolls/griefers can do their things without even being warned or punished for it at all.

It did not turn me off, it made me quit playing Boundless.


i reskilled my caracter to be hunter and builder but now the drops lowered on animals and i know zero recipes i only hunt run and build fast cant even open big portals im level 42 i think we need a bit more skillpoints in my opinion

and a big portals skill is lame because its hard work to maintain one why you need to loose skillpoints for it to

also gem tools hard to get then why loose skills on yielding them?

but its not making me not play well done devs love the game

ps dont give away buckets not fair to people who dig out a lake for it hahahaha


I think the one thing that’s holding me back now is the realization that other than crafting, there’s nothing to do in all these rooms I’m building. I can set up a small shop in the plaza I created in front of my compound–but I can’t think of anything to do it in other than move my shop stands out on the plaza and…not do anything else. What else is there? I’m effectively stuck on Solum–because everywhere else scares the whoopie-pie out of me, and I just don’t want to go there.

If’n it had been me, I’d have started getting that Titan stuff into the game before I busted out eight varieties of chisels (or whatever it is).

We can’t really farm. (Or can we, because–as usual–I’ve missed something?)


Maybe be able to build an automatic door closer.


I’m with @brook-monroe on this. I have about a 500+ plot build, and don’t know why. I would rather settle for a nice farm with 30 or so plots. I do love the idea of large collaborative builds, but i don’t see any incentives to join up with anyone at stage of development.


I know some people will just not want to chat, but there have been soooo many times when I’ve ignored people without realising it! When I’m trying to get somewhere quick I often don’t pay attention to what’s going on around me so I miss people talking, especially as the chat window sometimes blends into the background. If there are multiple people around when I enter an area, I won’t assume I’m being spoken to unless mentioned by name or directly approached.
Also, some players don’t know how to chat! It took me a while to figure it out - the first time I met another player I kind of just stood there staring at him, flailing my totem around until he told me how to enter the chat. Not the best form of communication :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes!!! <3

After playing a lot since the recent update, I agree that post-50 plots are a bit slow. Most of my xp comes from making stone and refined rock which doesn’t get as many points as I would expect. It takes me 2-3 days to level up, playing around 8 hours a day (because I currently have no life).
A specific skill for this would be great! Even being able to get 10 plots per 100,000xp instead of 200,000xp would make a huge difference right now.

I don’t see this as negative and discouraging! Some of the stuff here has been mentioned before in passing but not given as a specific suggestion. A lot of comments refer to the plot/level/skill balance which we all know the devs are working hard on, but it’s not an easy balance to find. Continuing feedback on this is really important!
People also tend to give suggestions for improvements alongside problems they are having so it’s nice to be able to discuss options and get perspectives from other players who play in a completely different way to me.
Wanting to give ideas for the game to develop shows that people do actually enjoy the game (or want to be able to enjoy it more in the future) otherwise they wouldn’t care enough to want it to improve. If there were no ‘complaints’ then the game might as well be released right away - we all know that’s not the case though as there is a lot more planned and there is always space for minor tweaks and new ideas in the game.
There are plenty of us who love the game just as much as you do - and really want to see it do well! :smiley:

Again, I think feedback from new players - especially when they’re only a couple of hours in - is super important. First impressions are going to decide a lot, and creating the best starting experience for new players will encourage them to keep playing and get the game a great reputation.
In my own experience, I found the first 50 hours or so very grindy and a lot of the time kinda boring… It was interspersed with some really great moments where I felt a real sense of achievement (building my first portal, my first storage block, finding silver ore) but they were separated by pretty long periods of grind. Now, I’m the kind of person who is happy to sit and grind away digging rocks for hours while watching Netflix, but the game was very much a background distraction and not something I was primarily focused on. It wasn’t until I reached level 20+ that I really felt I had the freedom to play and build as I had wanted to from the start.
For me, it was all worth it as I really love working on my settlement and meeting other players, and I’m coming up for 500 hours playtime.
I don’t really think expecting every player to go through that in order to see what the game really has to offer is fair. I know the recent update has made it easier to get past the grind stage, but it’s still not quite there yet. I’m hopeful that the skill tree changes we’ve been hearing about will address this even more - it certainly sounds like it’s going to be a good update when it comes!
Another issue for new players, is that it’s quite difficult to find people and settlements without using the forums a lot. Some in-game systems (a ‘knowledge’ tab has been mentioned by the devs?) to get around this would be helpful :slight_smile:

In terms of my own hesitations with the game, I think more functional buildings would make me want to play even more. Right now, we’re limited to shop or portal hub. These are probably going to be the most used and most popular types of building in the game but it would be nice to have more.
I’m at the point where I want to extend my settlement more, but I don’t really know what to put in it - I could make more shops, but I don’t have the time to keep that many more shops stocked, or to check loads of shop stands regularly.
There have been plenty of great threads discussing things like this:

  • taverns or restaurants with different food/drink available
  • inns with functional beds that give stat buffs when used
  • weapon repair stations
  • fighting arenas/weapon test arenas
  • noticeboards for requests and contracts
  • farms
    They would really add some more life to the game!

Also, different beacons for different types of building :smiley: in particular, a ‘shop marker’ would be useful. Let players highlight individual areas and designate them as ‘shops’. Let players add a very short description to the marker explaining what they sell and advertising to customers. Maybe some other button they can activate each time they restock.
When you enter a settlement, there could be a menu tab listing all of the beaconed shops. Players would be able to see the name, location, description, and time since last restock. It would make it easier to narrow down your search for a specific item, without giving too much away or stopping people from exploring different shops.

That’s it for my very long reply :stuck_out_tongue:


Combat is kind of boring, when you don’t want mobs they’re everywhere, when you want mobs you have to run a lot.

Building doesn’t do anything, nothing is really functional. I almost want to make a long road to run along to find mobs(but that’s a lot of plots!).

A lot of huge empty towns.

Gem and titanium hammers could last a little longer.(bugs me a bit that a good hammer doesn’t really help you get good hammers any faster)

Red gleam is hard to get… but somehow everyone seems to have thousands…

A full reset will probably be done in the future.

Multiple characters… there is no way to friend your characters. I had to use family sharing to create a second account just to create a character for plots so that I could friend my 2 characters and then give them access to the same plots… To me I’d think both my characters on the same account should own same the plots. (I now have my prestige split 3 ways lol)

Kind of irks me that you can buy 200% more plots. The cheapest is $100 for 25% more plots…


To keep it simple, I personally feel like there is almost nothing to do. Extremely limited content. The game is probably the most beautiful voxel game ever made but that can only take it so far. When I played minecraft(modpacks) it was a simple looking game, but the vast sea of content kept me playing for months at a time.


The lack of reason for doing things. (Contracts and Objectives I’m looking at you!!)

I’ve been trying to create specialized characters without any skill points on crafting. Here’s what made me almost quit or gave up:


  1. I’ve been mining a lot early levels of this character but I just found myself hogging up resources without actual use to them (no crafting skills). Made my way to city (not that hard) and spent countless hours for people looking to buy my resources @_@. @OmniUno saved me on this one or else I wouldn’t have pushed through this character.


  1. So I just shoot these very sparsely spawned creatures and obtain useless drops. I can’t even use the technique with miner (sell for money) since these drops are so little and values are so low! (1C at shops!)
  2. So you’re telling me I’m not killing these cute creatures just because an old farmer has been attacked by it??
  3. Why don’t we have objectives for hunter? I see there’s one for crafter, explorer, trader, and miner. At level 7, I’m just left on my own without goals/guidance. Most MMORPGs gives you main quest upto higher levels and not to mention other optional quests just so that you’re not just “killing things for exp”.

Some more concern for Hunters:

  • Creatures spawn is very sparse that I literally put points on movement speed instead of damage as it’s more efficient.
  • We need more dangerous creature for starter planets BUT this should be warned on choosing your landing location when you hover over that area.
  • We need dangerous regions or camps that we go to if we want to kill harder creatures on SAME planet (i.e. lvl 3 tier 1 planets, lvl 5 in tier 2, so they’ll be our mini boss and gauge if we can go to the next planet).
  • Combat Mastery should be available the same time Tool Mastery. I don’t see any reason why we can get Tool Mastery earlier than the Combat Mastery since they are the foundation of different class.
  • I just really want some active skills for hunter… Progression by just stronger damage and higher HP feels like we’re just dancing the same dance till lvl 50. (Bombs, Lance, and Charger/Repeater hopefully change this one! Yay!)

I believe, this would be the concern of people coming from MMORPG side. Needless to say, I think I’m giving up with my hunter character until things change. :sweat_smile:


How about some kind of craftable lure? Something that would attract a large amount of a specific type of mob to your location?

I really want this to be implemented too! I know that it’s in the works somewhere, but not a priority. You’re not the first person I’ve seen mention this as an issue, so maybe it’s worth the devs bumping it up the list a bit? Not sure how difficult it would be to implement though, and there are other things that come first.


Better chat. Double the font size, make it legible, with a high contrast background, so people can communicate. If you keep it the way it is, the kids will all end up with eyes as bad as mine =) Configurable chat sizes is a good idea. Up to about 24pts+

Addiction level of this game is extremely high. Steam says I’ve averaged 10 hours a day since i arrived. ++

I found a nice spot on Alturnik where the Cuttletrunks seem to spawn nearly continuously. Of course, when my hunter kills them, the goodies slide 100m down the cliff but hey. Nothing is easy.


I agree with what @Smidge said in response to this too. I think it says it all that somebody who knows the ins and outs of the game and loves it as much as you do says, “give the game a good chance”. A game shouldn’t need “a good chance”. If it’s not fun right from the get go, people are just going to drop it. I feel like the beginning of the game is pretty rough right now in a lot of regards, but I’ll make my own post for that. Thank you for your earnest opinion!