What turns you off playing Boundless?


Yeah Using the block change type chisel - it allows you to swap colors between rock types (but not to other block types). Gleam, unfortunately, is out.

In my screenshot, only the colors with the shop stands are available naturally as sedimentary


Thanks a bunch @nevir and @Bryethewizard.

Time to get me one of those swanky chisels.


That’s sixty or seventy colors? wheres that pale one on the end from?


No sir everytime i pay off penalty then die it goes to a higher amount that i have to pay off dont know what your seeing but its not what im seeing


Started at 100 xp penalty now im at 15000xp penalty


It’s based on the amount needed for your next level.

So at lvl1 is nearly nothing, at lvl50 its 20k.


As @Ynnoz said the penalty is a percentage of the level your charter is at so as you progress the amount will be higher. The penalty doesn’t stack so if you die three times in a row you don’t end up with three times the amount of penalty it just resets each time …this can be a bit frustrating though if you’re just about to pay the penalty off and then die and have to start again which has happened to me a few times but at least you’re still earning some xp even with the penalty.


Having played for a little over two weeks I think the single issue for me that turns me off slightly is the same issue I had with Second Life - everyone teleports in and out of everywhere. They won’t even walk down the road. And then it’s only really a few hubs that get a lot of traffic. The hub in the town by me gets little traffic even though it has a massive portal in Ultima Hub. Why? Because it’s not next to all the other hubs. It’s about ten seconds walk away but that doesn’t matter. Port in, port out. It kills the feeling of a vibrant world.

I’m not sure there’s an answer to this. I just mention it as the most likely thing to turn me off atm.


Yea that sounds about right its just a pain at the higher levels when theres so much xp to get


I think a lot of people get tunnel vision on leveling up before exploring. I enjoy exploring, but have to make sure my character can be largely unhindered, for example


Nice! Is this is in the current live worlds or was this an old screen shot?


Current live worlds!


Nice, you got location? That will be something that will come in handy for very very often!


Yup! It’s a work in progress, for now you can check it out via:


If you’re looking for colors/textures and what not theres a shop that has a museum for every (i think) block, refined, brick, wood, timber etc you can view. Even signs with the world its from. I go there all the time :grin:


Being an Australian player, going to any tier 4, 5 or 6 planet is a constant struggle with Unplayable Connection. This is so frustrating and has led to many deaths. Easy fix, please release some higher tier planets for the Australian servers.


My character is broken and I can’t get any help fixing it. Reports sent days ago, but still haven’t heard a peep. Really wish I could play, but it’s not realistic right now. See this for more info (or the reports I sent). Thank you.


Not having settlement controls.

After working for a week straight to get capital city status, then to constantly have the city stripped of settlement status because someone decided to build a bridge from their settlement to ours.

Why should I sign on and rack my brain to figure out how to fix it… when its just going to happen again?

I’m sure I can find something more productive to do with my time, rather than play the “Work around the current settlement rules” game. Or the “Ask nicely and they may withdraw their plots” game. I shouldn’t have to.

I should be able to use a tool or click a button that tells the game that this plot is NOT part of this beacon.


I’ve been playing since the prerelease on PS4 and truly enjoy the game for the most part but there are a few things that turn me off;

  1. Lack of resources from players strip mining so the resources do not regenerate, I know this was slightly addressed in the last update but it’s still somewhat bugged to support a large player population.

  2. Finding a hot section on an Atlas and digging to the correct level only to find that Players have completely plotting around resources in SERP so other players can’t access them is frustrating to say the least. As resource availability is already limited, this senario potentially means that other players do not have access to those resources for at least 3 weeks when beaconed!; can we not have a rule that if that if a certain area does not achieve a certain amount of prestige or development that the plots are automatically returned to the player and he area is free for other player to utilize?

From my perspective this is driving the player driving economy into the ground, shops are running out and progress is more than tedious!

Please add more planets with resources or improve the regen metrics further.

  1. The amount of recipes are enormous. Having the recipes listed in the machines is Fantastic! Can this be added to the furnace interface as well? Another request is to add a selectable link from the resources of these recipes that will open the knowledge menu which has a cross reference for the other recipes that resource can be used in.

  2. To no surprise to you I’m sure; server lag. Game is still really great but waiting in front of portals for 15 mins or being trapped on a planet is no fun. Usually I can just use a different portal if there’s more than one unless the atmospheres are above my skill set.

  3. The mods spawned from meteor’s are very confusing. Sometimes level 2 mods are harder than level 3 on the same planet.

So anyone reading this please keep in mind this is just my personal opinions, I do really like the game.


I agree with this. 1, 2 and 4 are bothering me to the point that I’m about to uninstall. I have much better ways to spend my time. Like eating nails or rolling around in a pit of cacti. How in the world has this mess been in development since as early as 2015 and still having such large issues, ill never know. /flipstable

3 would be nice.

My biggest concern with mobs is being a miner and traveling to a planet higher than t2 to search for gems is awful. I die to everything. I die and then I respawn, and then I die from the same creature. Or I barely escape to die anyways at another creature that’s like 10 feet away. It’s gotten to the point that I just said “F-- it” and just play with a full time penalty. And my gosh the wasted food. Just “why?” :confused:

The recipes keep getting harder and harder. The economy is ruined. It’s all balanced around end game players and people who play 10 hours a day… I can’t and won’t put that much time into a game. Some of these recipes are just crazy. Even if it is labled an mmo. I play mmos all the time. WoW, FFXIV, GW2, Runescape. Nothing has been as tedious as this Imo. Usually with recipes like this, the items can be repaired and don’t have to be made often.(mainly referring to titanium and up)

This game causes me far more frustration than entertainment half the time. Once my ps4 playing friend gets his pc, we likely won’t touch this again unless we see a lot of changes made to it. Sorry for the venting added into this post. (Though I’ve felt this way for a while its not just the frustration talking, it’s my thoughts for the past 2 weeks.)