All or nothing! / go hard or go home!

I’ve been on boundless since it came out I fell in love with the game so I’m spreading the word trying to give it recognition. But I can’t do it on my own can’t be the only pillar sustaining the game! We had new players join and leave and other players give up and vanished. The developers need to know that they need to add more things to keep players interested and for old school players to come back! A few ideas I have are
1.pets or tame creatures
2. Jet boards or anything to move fast on water
3.more creatures like aliens or human like enemies!
4.diffrent alien races as characters to choose from
5.allow us to collect different water colors from other planets and use it on ours!
6.maybe let us refuel all beacons that are controlled by the same guild from the guild control cause not all can pay the gleam club and we have to run around the city or town to refuel!
These are a few I can think about but there are more. I love the game and I want to see it grow not chewed and spit out. Hopefully I don’t come across as a jerk or asking to much I just don’t want the game to die out it has alot of potential


I need to put this at the bottom of all of my posts on these forums :laughing:

Also welcome! A lot of solid ideas here and many are things that we’ve bounced around a lot! So your head and heart are definitely in the right place.

Pets/tame creatures were one of the original ideas discussed so hopefully still something they’re considering.

Races have been explored in art such as in this devlog post

And I really like your number 5 and 6 suggestions! Keep up the great work!

Edit to include links to hunters and ground bashers (each word is it’s own link there), two of the potential future enemy types we might see.