Halloween Is Coming Back to Boundless!

It’s that time of year again - the nights are getting darker, and spooks lurk around every corner. We’re very pleased to be celebrating Halloween in Boundless once again!

From 1200 UTC on the 24th October, until the same time on the 7th November, you’ll once again be able to Craft special Props from Spooky Orbs found throughout the Known Worlds. These include the returning Pumpkin and Skull Lanterns, joined this year by our little lost toy, Oorty the Oortling Doll! We expect to see a lot of these creepy little characters decorating the scariest Builds around the Universe. A final new prop, creepy Spiders, will be grown from Spooky Seeds in Trellis blocks, creating some seriously unsettling scenes…

On top of this, we’ll be bringing some new wearables to the Exchange, including the skin-crawling Cuttlehugger mask, creepy Oh My Button Eyes, the Spiderina mask and a gruesome metal Screw to spook up your Citizens!

On top of all this, from Halloween itself (31st October), you’ll be haunted by special Nighttime lighting conditions, ominous weather effects, and a horror-tinged soundscape that will send chills up your spine!

We’re also going to be unveiling an awesome new sanctum for the duration of the event, brought to you by a very talented member of the community. We’ll reveal more on that closer to the time - it’s looking great!

Have fun, don’t get too scared, and be sure to share your best efforts with us!

Here’s Jiivita with the video rundown of the event!

EDIT: in a slight change of plan, players will now craft the new items from Spooky Orbs, dropped from Fungus. Spooky seeds will be planted to grow spiders in trellis blocks, creating the most frightening crops you’ll ever see.

Players with existing seeds will find them converted to orbs, which are used to craft the lanterns and dolls. These can also be used to craft spooky seeds, which are used to create Spiders. Spiders can be placed anywhere in the world and do not wither - these are props, not decorative crops.


Time to get Spooky! :ghost:


YAAAY! thx!


Oooooh aaaah nice nice nice^^


Awesome, thanks devs!! Can’t wait! :+1::medal_sports::grin:


They just tweeted a new wearable , cute as a button :slight_smile:


Ohhhh my goddd yesss!! :smiley: I’m so excited for these! Spiders everywhere! You’ve made my Halloween hahah! Ill name some after my tarantulas :smiley:


Any body paints do we know?

Also, this is my first Halloween… What drops spooky seeds?

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I hope we get a new body paint too. Plants drop the spooky seed though. Edit: oortian staff, trumpet root and rosetta nox


At least what i remember one of the plants was
Rosetta nox . (That flowerish looking thing)

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Yea I thought it was only Rosetta Nox that dropped it

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@Buugi yea i think rosetta also dropped them. Might be one more plant that also dropped. They might still be in the knowledge tab if anyone is online (i know you’re not online fire :joy:)

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Actually im wrong. Oortian staff, trumpet root, and rosetta nox drop according to boundless crafting site


While im excited… at the same time this feels a bit dissapointing…

Same lanterns… pumpkin and skull

Spider /doll (hooray i guess… at least something new).

Weather effects/sounds… ye i guess ?

Sanctum… ye i appreciate that for that 2seconds im there (great stuff)

Feels like again… this is a bit rushed and kinda like “oh ye theres halloween coming lets just add this and that”

I mean, we’re gonna have 6 chests/boxes and about 15 new blocks in a few days… what were you expecting? 15 other blocks next week for Halloween? ^^’

Honestly, I couldn’t give two flying cr@ps about Halloween since it’s only gonna be up for 2 weeks. What they announced here is plenty enough, really.


We get to keep the spiders all year round though right?? I need two to stay in my base forever!!

Also the wearable last forever too don’t they?

Im super excited for it :smiley:


Yeah, sure, but you will most likely need Spooky seeds to craft dem spiders, so you better pack-up on the seeds during the two weeks. You’ll learn the recipes for the entire year, but without spooky seeds, they’ll just be taking space in your crafting list.

People will certainly farm the seeds, only to sell them at ridiculously high prices for the entire year.

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Yeah im excited to get gathering!

I like events are like this: It gives something seasonal but don’t change or force to play game different way while it is active.

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Cuttlehugger mask O.O are there any pics of that pleaaseeee