Mounts and companion creatures

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I hope developers though about this but why not asking.

I was thinking if there are gonna be any items o habilities to tame some creatures for your benefits as mount (for going faster and expand inventory slots and also mounted fights) or a companion as a pet near you helping with inventory, fights harvasting some materials or just for have a simple and good-looking pet whitch share adventures xD

This would be a great point to have in mind


We’ve already discussed that a few times but I’m not sure if there is a dedicated thread for it.

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really? I’ve been looking for some thread about this but i did not found anything related

largest one i know.

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Might as well continue a bit here rather than necro the others.

I genuinly hope that we will get mounts, one thing i would really like though is Unique mounts, like instead of only having horses you would have things like this

On the other hand i also think that it would be kinda cool to have racial mounts like WoW. where it could be gotten by other races too but it would take some work, not entire sure how viable racial special styles and mounts would be in a game where there doesnt seem to be factions or quests or NPC’S

Another thing about mounts which ties into guilds, i assume making mounts or turning creatures into mounts does take some work but im not sure how much. But basically i think that guilds should have “levels” or “progress” where the higher the level of the guild (gold donated, exp earned, whatever) the more perks it can have, for example guild crest on flag, shields or cloaks. and then at the very top they are allowed to pick a “guild mount” where the GM will be allowed to pick 1 of 10 - 15 ish different mount types with the guild crest on it and then that mount will be purchaseable by the guild members.


And where would you buy them?
I think B< should be a game where everything you have should be obtained directly from the wilderness (tamed in the case of mounts) and not bought at some “guild merchant” like it is usual in MMORPGs.

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I also don’t think guild mounts should magically appear after a certain level is reached. I think it should be kept to the player that can tame creatures to then become mounts and then sell them to others. Maybe sell to guild members at a discounted price :wink: I think that would certainly be a good business as well! Especially if you ‘learned’ to tame exotic creatures as mounts!

I do like the idea of being able to customise them though - would be nice to see people running around with your guild colours and crest/logo etc.


which i also MENTIONED as one of the problems

i would indeed find it cool to tame animals as mount and also think taming should be a skill. But after playing Albion online i think it would be fully viable to somehow be able to get the “standard” animal which with a good enough crafting station and the right materials you can turn into a mount. there should be some challenge in getting mounts in my eyes, an example would be being able to find cubs or young animals that you have to feed and care for, for lets say a week and then you have a mount.

Yeah I agree with that idea - it shouldn’t be an easy process otherwise everyone will be doing it and there would be no point setting up a shop to do so. I think you should be able to tame both young and old creatures, but the old ones take a lot longer to do.

I think you should have to make riding gear for them as well, so it’s not just “oh look I have a mount” and off you go. You should have to work for materials to build or buy a saddle / reins etc before you can actually ride as well.

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That LITERALLY what i just said…

The thing about taming for me is that if you allow people to tame EVERYTHING, then they will do so. but if they make some sort of dedicated taming system like cubs or eggs then 1 out of 10 flocks of animals there might be a cub, or maybe even less, that way making mounts more rare rather than go “oh 10 wild horses = 10 mounts” :smile:

Then I MISUNDERSTOOD what you typed ^^ The way you wrote it, it sounded like you were putting the creature on a crafting bench and bolting things on to it! :stuck_out_tongue: I was trying to elaborate on what additional things could be required to actually differentiate between just a tame animal and an actual mount.

I agree with you that it should be hard to obtain a cub that you can train.
In real world settings, a herd of animals would normally protect any young from predators by going on the offensive when you got too close, so I guess that should be a consideration as well. Potentially you would need to kill all of the mature creatures before you could even get close to the young - meaning you would probably need to either work in a group and/or use hit-and-run style tactics.


Yeah sorry, i guess i have been brainwashed by albion which is just like “Put a horse and 20 leather together and BAM, riding horse!”

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