Need help with machine math

I’ve been wanting to expand. My current workshop has ONE of each of the machines. I’m having to wait hours and days to get higher end items crafted which is one of the reasons I’m SUCH a slow slow builder.
With the wonderful news we got this morning, I’m willing to make the effort to expand so I can build bigger, faster, longer.
So …
I want to add 4 more of each machine. Which means 96 of each advanced coil to get the max 24 coils.
Starting from the bottom that means 1440 gems of each type.
That translates into :
360 gems make 50 compact gems (mass)
36 compact gems make 50 refined (mass)
36 refined gems to mass craft 50 coils X 2 (mass)
Equals 96 available advanced coils for 4 each of every base machine

Correct? :stuck_out_tongue:

Last question(3) :

I’m not an advanced miner.
Best worlds to mine each gem?
And best world to mine the plethora of ancient tech I will need for the machines.
And best world for a mass of copper/iron/silver/gold/titanium

I did find an SOV for amethyst so I have that covered

PHEW! I know this is a lot. I -could- sit and search the hundreds of world’s resources and pick the best. But if I’m going to use these forums, might as well use them well, eh?

Thank you SO much for your time!
marshmallows raining on your head

Hey, before you do all that :smiley: consider a layout for it all… do you want to go by machine location, or by “purpose”, so dedicated machines for Bricks, mixer + compactors dedicated just for that.
By having dedicated sections / areas for something, you avoid ever needing to swap out materials in the machine itself :slight_smile: as well as you can store the “used” materials for X purpose right next to the machines as well.


I use this tool for that kind of thing:

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My area is tiny but that is what I have now. Items that will be used more for the compactor/extractor like mob drops/ores are next to those machines

The layout will have a section of ‘color’ too.

The floor area will be larger obviously, to accommodate more machines, but the layout will be similar. I’ll add storage in between the 2 rows of machines in arches so i can pass to each side easily.
The machines themselves will be IN the side walls, like they are in the floor just shifted up.
Storage will be as you said, things used in specific machines for a specific purpose will be next to those machines or IN the machines

My only ‘concern’ is where … I’ll need much more space than where I have the workshop now.

Thank you so much for the heads up though! Great point to make.

Nice! Thank you! I will bookmark that site.

That helps with half of the post


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This post could be usefull

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If you aren’t already, make sure you’re thinking about complex block limits considering all the storage and machinery you’ve got there.

I usually refer to this guide when looking at mining:

On top of that, I would take a look at Paka’s Palace for mining worlds to visit.

Ancient tech is… very cheap. Would you like some? image


Nice!! Thank you for both for all of the reference material.
I use Boundlexx, but it’s a pain to flip back and forth between tabs to figure things out.

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That is very generous. I’ve been given so much already by Host and Gobs.
I really want to gather on my own.
I have hammers ready, just point to me to the proper world :stuck_out_tongue:


Link below for planets with the most Ancient Tech Comp.


Perfect. Thank you!

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You are welcome I believe one of them is owned by @bucfanpaka which you can get to via

TNT Alcyon > Paka’s Place

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Mining in the Sapphire/Stardrop portal areas there a decent bet. :slight_smile: Dig down about 20-25 and mine around, don’t need an atlas if you stay in the glacier area. I get a fair amount doing this, and you’ll get tons of sapphire to sell to make up for the tools!

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Beautiful! Thanks for the info!

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Here’s a tip - somewhat random. In my last personal workshop (not my ‘factory’ type builds) I went full coils, it feels nice. But it’s a lot of extra cost for almost no benefit. And I don’t mean the upfront costs, I mean there is a continuous cost to over coiling.

Very few (probably less than 5% - 7% but just ball parking) of the recipes in the game can take advantage of a fully coiled machine. Even fewer (less than 10 I think) require it.

However if you fully coil - the coils will still share the full wear and your repair costs will be greater every time you repair the machine.

Now that’s honestly trivial, but it’s true :man_shrugging:

However when moving forward on a budget, it’s worth noting that a half dozen 16 coil machines are going to give you a lot more “bang for the buck” than 4 machines with 24 coils each. Review what you really craft in bulk against the power requirements and you may find that 8 with 12 coils are going to be even more useful.

I’m still planning my new setup but it’s definitely going to have multiple “tiers” of machine, with a small area for high end batches, and most machines being only partially coiled for both repair efficiency and compactness. I don’t know I might also make some special purpose areas, where before I just had a single giant sort of “Factory floor” of max powered machines.

TBH a good part of what gets done in refiners doesn’t need coils at all, and a machine like an extractor (which I often used in batch runs) just needs enough coils to tackle the job.

Large fossils and I think oort can be extracted with IIRC three-coiled extractors.

The time savings are tempting when you look at coils and think about one batch, but honestly 8 3-coiled extractors are going to push out a TON of more work than 1 24-coiled extractor. Who cares if it takes twice as long per batch when you’re looking at 8x the throughput?


I agree with what Nightstar says. When I really want something NOW because I’m actively building with it, I put 2 or 3 batches in my fully coiled machine, and then I fill up my lesser coiled machine with the majority of the production to do overnight. What do I care how long it takes if i’m sleeping.

I already had a lesson from Goblinounours in discord about this very thing. But thank you VERY much for the info here. So others can see it.

And exactly the reason I am going bigger. More machines means I can churn out not only one item, but several but from the same types of machine.

Thank you all for all of the info. You all make me glad I decided to join the forums :slight_smile:

Exactly. And why I break up the piles of ores into several forges if I’m actively needing the product. If I’m heading to bed I just load in the whole stack. I don’t care at that point how long it takes.

I don’t have that option with my current 1 per type machines in my workshop.