Poll: death penalty

To me, I can think of many times I’ve died to lag and ragequit for the day. Death penalty doesn’t add much to the game. You already have to reset to home.

Honestly I’d just remove it, especially while there is lag, and especially with the big XP nerf coming. Both the death penalty and the XP nerf feel like attempts to sell cubits. If cubits weren’t available for real cash it might feel different.

Note: you “lose” 3 plots for every 2 deaths.

  • Remove death XP penalty
  • Reduce death XP penalty by half
  • Reduce death XP penalty by 75%
  • No change

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It sucks that people are dying due to things outwith their control, and not even in game related.

But there has to be some -ve effect for dying!

And I can’t think of a better way of handling it.

It has felt harsh, I’ve been there, but if you die a lot, join a guild with the defeat insurance buff, take the death penalty epic (don’t know if these stack?).

Grab a teaching pie and mine on a t3/4 for half an hour, should sort it out quite quickly.

Sorry, don’t mean to come across as harsh at all, and i do sympathise with the lag deaths, but I think the death penalty is actually a good way of handling defeat in this game!


Maybe reduce it then? 20k xp is a massive penalty.

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And replace it with what?

There should be a punishment for dying, it is designed so you don’t want to die, and in all honestly the death penalty is quite light in my book. But I guess that is because I do come from games where death can result in the permanent destruction of items or assets.

If something bad that can happen to you is removed when and only when you are lagging, then people would abuse this by purposefully creating lag.

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I agree the death penalty is a pain in the ass .
Maybe a good idea would be having it run for a timed period with no XP earned.

And regarding what you said about cubits if they was cheaper maybe people would buy them.
£80 for about 480 plots that’s a bit steep don’t you think,ok for the older generation but where do the younger generations get that type off money.
My base is 900 plots and that has taken me over one and a half years to achieve with xp,how does one expect to be encouraged to build a city or something epic.

My motto is
the cheaper they are the more they will buy.


Permadeath would be quite punishing. I’ve played permadeath on diablo, but that’s a very different game. BL is not a hardcore MMO IMO, I see the emphasis more on exploring, but death penalty makes me less likely to explore personally. It’s a pretty big turnoff even with buffs. Yes, I have loads of xp, but each death makes you “lose” a full plot and a half (200k xp is 30 plots; a death makes you lose half of 20k xp). So I’ve probably lost 150 plots which are plots the devs then try to sell at the same time for real money.

Just my opinion. I welcome debate and other opinions.


I don’t understand this. The „nice“ thing about this is once you die, the pressure is off. you have the debuff, and dying again soon afterwords is very little extra punishment, if any.

If you are dying all the time however maybe an reevaluation of how you are exploring is in order.

This is not 100% correct since you decide to claim that „each“ death makes you,

the debuff doesn’t stack. It just refreshes back to full each time you die, therefore if you die many times with out gaining much exp in between, it is not much different then just dying once.

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Point noted and very well explained.

And on that note I have to agree with you remove the death penalty .

I would agree with this only if there was a some limit on the about of levels or xp that you can gain, and the death penalty actually stopped you from gaining one of the set amount of levels

As it is, xp and levels are infinite and unlimited in any way, so it’s not like you are losing the level is just taking a little longer.

And this also assumes that everyone is instantly converting cubits to plots.

Current death penalty is not hard to remove, people are over reacting with this rock->stone change.

Early access time Boundless had death penalty where all inventory item durability did get lowered by 50%. After dying to lava twice smart stacks of items was very low :frowning:

If you die often and see your connection to planet is bad, start using reviver brews to not get that death debuff.


In EA we had a skill that removed the death penalty. I know most of the people I played with got the skill so it did not destroy our tools.

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For a person doing tons of exploring deaths don’t matter much since as noted, they don’t stack. But to us town folk who think of going off for a quick 15 minute exploring “stroll” before going back to work, the penalty is a huge deterrent. I also don’t do as cool of builds as I’d like because fall deaths deter me. I don’t feel challenged by fall deaths, mostly because many deaths are due to lag and not skill; XP penalty simply prevents me from enjoying exploring and building as much as I would like.

For those in favor of keeping a death penalty, can you give a good argument against a compromise of “reducing” the penalty? To me, having to reset to spawn is a decent penalty. I remember WOW used to let you pick between coin, xp and reset to home spawn. Does a harsher penalty make the game more fun? Genuinely curious. (Sounds like trolling but I swear I’m not, it’s just impossible to convey tone in text form). Would people object to letting the user pick in real-time between different penalties? I just know for me it’s a huge turnoff for enjoying a large aspect of the game, and I imagine others feel similarly.


The iteration before the death debuff, was all inventory lost durability by 25%…not just held items. ALL tools in your bag.
It was nightmarish.

iirc, the idea of the debuff vanishing over time was brought up, but it was more a concern that people would just log out, or log an alt. Which still detracts people from playing.

I think the biggest issue is non-hunters getting enough exp ‘fast’ enough to remove the debuff, whilst allowing fun and progressive gameplay to continue


A penalty of a few thousand xp would be enough deterrent; to me 20k duration is massive.

And since a few people mentioned you can just go get more XP, that’s true, but I find the penalty large enough to be demoralizing. It’s like losing 20 minutes of work or so (hard to quantify). Would you feel that it’s reasonable if it made you lose 40,000 coin each time you die? It’s sort of equivalent. You can also “just get more coin”. Not attacking the opinion holders, just disagreeing with the opinion. I welcome other opinions and want people to share their thoughts and debate the idea.

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As it is now. . I still log out and play another game where I can make progress with my character. Has been two weeks of casual play and I still have not worked through the death penalty.

I will agree with this and now they are removing one way of removing the penalty in a few hours for a player using iron tools (I do not have forged tools).

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Correct me if i am wrong but its not 20k every time you die? Its 50% cut off the next 20k so thats 10k. Plus, as others have mentioned, there should be some consequence to dying imo. Honestly personally i dont care at all when i die because its just part and parcel of going around and hunting. Its better than the old punishment of removing durability!

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Great point about the rock XP as a counterbalance that is being removed.

Half of 20k, yes. So 20 deaths loses 200k xp which is 30 plots.

I don’t disagree about having a consequence, I just think the consequences are too harsh.

I’m all in favour of choice, and allowing people to play in the way that they would like.

And if there is anything to be done to get more people playing the better.

Its a difficult balancing act though, just how much coin is 20k xp worth?

You make the comparison with losing coin, and I understand why you would do that.

I don’t think it equates, others may have a different opinion, simply because the majority of coin is controlled by other players, so you are relying on someone wanting to buy what you have. Or competing feats/objectives, which I think we can all agree is an awkward way of reliably earning coin.

Once the new coin machine comes in, it may be different.

To me a forced respawn at home (losing the “spawn here” option) would seem a reasonable penalty - and it would encourage builders, since they would be able to keep working with no penalty. Though perhaps that’s a different debate altogether to have, haha. I do think we’d see more large builds with a more compassionate death penalty.

Basically I think the xp penalty deters exploration and building in a way it shouldn’t for many players. Not all players, or even most, may be deterred. But if even 10% of players don’t explore and build (and therefore play the game) as much as they would with a different penalty, to me, that’s a BIG problem. If the defeat penalty makes people turn the game off to play something else, it’s a bad mechanic IMO. Ragequitting should be restricted to getting griefed by plot trolls. If 30% are deterred, that’s a MASSIVE problem.