Private World Grievances, Feedback and Suggestions

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Alright, so before I start, I should warn that I’m currently butthurt and might sound harsh.
Here, I will list some grievances I have regarding Creative Worlds.

1) World Fuel Cost :

EDIT : this problem has been solved. As highlighted here, the shop webdesign displayed world fuel costs on the front page only for 3km worlds, which was a terrible idea and I’m sure it could have deceived more than one player. I believe the problem has been received and will be changed. But clearly, this wouldn’t have happened if we, the community, were given the pricing info and exact list of options offered by the website as they were decided (which clearly must have happened a while ago) instead of “when the update is released”.

2) Accessing the form after buying :

You can’t see the options on the shop before you buy your world. You have to buy and THEN you see what you might be able to do with it. On its own, I’d be ok with this, but compounded with the rest of my feedback on this thread, I would say this is bad shop design and not ok.
You should be able to peruse the list of biomes and all options you will have before you purchase a world.
Again, this should’ve been discussed transparently with the community before the release was done so we could give feedback about this, because that’s also borderline bad shop design.
And YES, I know some people (like Majorvex) posted directly on the forum the thumbnails of each biome in bigger sizes (not in bigger resolution though) with numbers, but that doesn’t count.

3) Biome information :

As a follow-up with #2, it has been made evident that biomes are more than formations of block, they can affect the weather, even around them. I wish I had known before setting up my world that taking an icy biome would randomly create snowfalls on nearby non-icy biomes too. Some biomes are “wet” and will make it rain more often. That’s useful information to get!
The thumbnails already are small, but some of these pictures show things that aren’t relevant to the actual biome, so that doesn’t help either.
It would also help if you could simply click on a biome thumbnail and get a higher res version of the picture in a pop-up, so you can look closely at it.

4) Creative Weather Control :

As covered in #3, you might currently be surprised to have un-wanted weather pattern on your world.
How about adding a tab to the World Control only for Creative Worlds that would allow you to (at least) reduce the occurence of some weather effects?
Here’s a simple point, I have this level of control in Sanctum Edit, which I don’t have to pay a monthly fee to use. Why not the same for a Creative world?

5) Crop control :

I’ll admit, I wasn’t active during testing of sovereign / creative worlds, and that’s my bad, but I would be surprised if nobody mentioned how dumb it is to have farming working the same way as a survival/sovereign world on a creative world, when you can’t even harvest your plants! Why keep the whole RNG timer thing where you have to wait for your plants to grow? Again, like with #4, we have more control in the Sanctum Edit. Worst case scenario, turn off the entire growth system on a Creative World, and change how the Fertilizer item works into something that cycles the stages of growth of crops. Done!

6) Furniture update :

Something that became horribly apparent after a few hours of play on my own Creative World was that I had ‘nothing’ to build.
When you remove the actual need to craft and manage a base, you’re left with just doing statues and artsy builds. I was going to make a workshop and a fake store just for pretends, and maybe statues or artsy things… but now, the abyssal lack of furniture becomes 100% more apparent. I’m not saying this is priority n°1, but this has to happen soon-ish because it’s becoming ridiculous.

7) Region naming :

When you buy a sovereign or creative world, among the options of control and ownership you would expect, it would seem obvious that being able to decide how a region is named is right up there. I was expecting this and thinking of some names for MONTHS before the update was even put in testing. Turns out, nah, you can’t, you get all these weird… randomized german-ish names we also get on worlds in the survival universe. We should have a tab in the World Control allowing us to change the names of all the regions.

8) Day/Night cycle control :

Suggested by @Spoygg, a great option to add to the World Control would be a way to set the Day/Night to the real-life cycle (of whichever region your world is located in : EUC, USE, AUS, etc). On a Creative World, I would imagine that some would also want to be able to freeze the cycle at anypoint to have a world always at night, or always at noon. Understandably, some builds featuring gleam work better at night. Some that don’t rely on gleam do not and were made to be seen during the day.

9) Flight permission :

On a Creative World, you can turn on/off Flight… for everyone on your world. That doesn’t make a lot of sense. You might want to allow flight as a building tool for those who have the permission to claim land, and not allow it for visitors, who might be supposed to walk on roads you built for them. The current system doesn’t permit this. Flight should become an option similar to “Can plot land” or “Can edit outside of plots”.

10) More crazy options!

Creative Worlds should have some fun rules. Why not add an option to Creative Beacons to disable Grapples? Add a “low gravity” option to your world? That could happen further down the line, of course.

11) Flight animation :

Super low priority, but when you fly in Creative Mode (or in the Sanctum Edit), it looks like you’re glitching all over the place. Now that Creative Mode is an actual thing, it could be nice to polish the experience by making a proper flight animation that feels as good as walking and running.

12) Where are my Atlases?

It may sound stupid, but in Creative Mode, you’re stuck with Creative World Atlases. It would be nice to be able to set an Atlas to a Survival mode, for decoration purposes.

13) Color picker, color picker everywhere!

Private Worlds have added a new Color picker system to chose the colors of blocks on your world. Yet other features like the ‘Beacon Plot Color’ or the coloring tools for skin and clothes are still using the old system where you move from one color to the next with arrows. That needs to be updated quickly!


I agree with a lot of this but I can not over emphasize how much I agree with No. 3.

Had I known that either one or more of the biomes I chose (I still do not know which ones) would cause it to rain constantly with merely a few seconds between downpours, I would never have chosen those biomes for my Sovereign World.

Detailed information on each biome should have been given well in advance of this update in my opinion. It would have allowed us to make informed selections.

Based on this, I would like to request that Weather Control be added in a future update and become, part of the color selection options upon each billing period, for both Creative and Sovereign Worlds. Separate weather from the biomes and make it it’s own controllable entity. I really don’t want to have to reroll my world in a months time and have to go through the whole process again. Thanks Devs.


I think this SHOULD be priority number 1 especially now that there’s creative like you said. Furniture NEEDS to happen ASAP.


As someone that is going to reroll my planet due to the biomes, I do agree with number 3 and number 4.

If I am renting a planet to build then snowfall in particular is really annoying. Even while testing. when it snowed we just had to stop and wait for it to be done to do any more work. I am good with an off on switch or at least more information on which biomes produce which weather. I have a desert planet and snow just does not fit into what I had in mind. .

I also agree it is hard to understand exactly how the biomes spawn and how they are going to affect each other. I had avoided any biome with mountain in the description and still ended up with a very mountainous planet. I really do not want to have to start removing mountain ranges and using plots to do it in order to build.

I do not mind to much rerolling the planet, but it does seem like a waste of developer time if a lot of players start doing this.


I personally don’t mind mountains, but I did mess up by selecting 2 or 3 icy biomes among the 33 of my world. It creates snowfalls far too often, and that was ruining my experience on my world.
Next time, no bullsh!t, I just go for forest & grassland biomes and maybe one or two mountain biomes.

Thing is, I could buy my new world now. But I want the devs to make some changes first. I want a better ‘buying’ experience first. I want them to fix #3, the Biome informations. Not gonna buy a third world if the second one craps on me too, I’ll just stop playing Boundless altogether.


IMO weather options should be added to sovereigns. If you want it to never rain or snow on your planet that should be an option.

Snow was super cute for like 2 days back in 2018 when it was added for xmas but I’ve never liked it since then.


I knew there was an annoying thing from my Creative World that I forgot to add to this thread, and I couldn’t remember what it was. @majorvex reminded me with her thread.

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Everything is all a bit “whatever” because I too am butt hurt. The price is shocking considering the player cap which absolutely destroys my plans of taking my hunts to our sovereign. People suggesting they could make us pay for capacity upgrades but honestly, $40 for 40 people is extortionate.


I have to agree, we were excited for this and then when we made our first world we chose a lava on lava with small rivers and instead got oceans of lava with the gleam bls hovering over it. So we tried again and this time it was way better, but come on the pics were so small to see and not very detailed so it was a gamble to get the right look.

Now also if we’re gonna pay for it then by God we should have total control of it. I mean granted there’s creative but if I wanted that I would’ve chosen it but world control means WORLD CONTROL. I’m also forced to agree with @Bethlehem why should we have to buy the large world just to up the player cap?


And what is total control?

How about getting 2 planets used for hunts and when you gather up the hunt have 2 hunt leaders, and split the people in half?

So just use 2 sovereign planets any that want to set up hunts

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That’s 80 a month tho…


I’m not saying it should be paid for by 1 person many got a 6KM one
I’m even willing to setup warps or platforms in all 64 regions to be used for hunts

if this helps any hunts

then just split the hunts into 2

problem solved

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Total control, is pretty much like creative without giving you everything i.e. Weather control, meteor frequency, full color spectrum not just a handful of colors etc…

But why spend the extra cash to do that when current perma world’s don’t have any issue hosting 40 people.? Although it’s leggy as all get out for some. But I purchased a permanent world size and am only allowed 20… why the cap, why pay more for what already is there

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I paid for a 6km world 40$ and was ready to spend 10$ per month to keep it alive for a year or so (spent 40$ expecting 4 months of world fuel, got 1 month), but say I invite 10 or 15 friends on it, I don’t think many/any of them would pay for it or help me pay it. The 40$ price tag on the game is already enough for them.
That’s why I would tend to laugh at someone saying "why don’t you take 2 6km worlds and have your friends help you pay for it.

If we all the things listed in my OP were resolved, sure, maybe. But as it is, WHY?
Why even pay for that at all, if you can do hunts with more people on a regular survival world, then?
Let’s be honest, there aren’t that many people who would want to pay for something you already have for free.

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Because I have an established hunt group, they enjoy hunting together. Would hate to have to send some elsewhere and how would that be governed? How do I decide who goes where?

We are a big group but we are a close group and we have been hunting together for months. Not splitting up the family.


i understand , just trying to come with some solutions


this has already been changed on the website

And when you select one of the fuels it tells you exactly how long they last depending on your world’s size


I’m confused about your point about the crop control. Is it because you would have wanted to plant inorganic crops in the daylight? If that is it, you can do what everyone has been doing on permament world, which is putting a structure around them while they grow and then take the structure out. Otherwise, I guess you just have to wait for crops to grow. Most of the crops will be full grown within a 48h period.

The only thing I didnt see coming about this is the player cap on planets. Which kind of make sense the more I think about it.

Although I wish we could see more of the biomes when picking them, I am pretty happy with the whole picking process and I have been very happy about my picks so far and I get quite excited about going out to explore my planet to see how it turned out with the biomes I picked.

Most important, I am very happy with how many new colors are now available. Although, one might notice that new colors of metamorphic rocks are still pretty rare compared to the sedimentary rocks lol.

Another thing that could to be added to the world picking part of the process is that I think that some terrain caracteristics are linked to the type of world being chosen. Like, most T6 coal worlds will have holes bringing you all the way to lava. And T6 toxic worlds seem to have the underground tunnels that are good for goo harvesting in exo worlds. That would have to be confirmed by a dev, as it is only an observation I made while exploring my sovereign worlds and from my experience with permanent and exo worlds.


Absolutely appreciate the suggestions. It’s just a shame. Really disappointing.