Regen bombs and resource regeneration

I was just curious, does anyone know if using a regen bomb after mining in an area will help resources such as hard coal and diamonds regenerate faster?


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No it will not. Only the rock gravel etc.

Thanks for the quick reply. Do you know of anything that explains how world regen works?

I was just thinking if rock/gravel has to be regenerated before resources than replacing the rock/gravel with a regen bomb may speed the resource regen time.

I believe its 4 hours with noone walking threw the area before resources begin respawn.

Think it’s 4 hours of no harvesting, simply walking is OK. Regen bombs speed things up because regen works like this:

  1. 4 hours pass, begin regen of sand, gravel and stone.
  2. Populate stone with resources after full regen is complete.

Regen bombs shorten step 1. If you made a huge crater you could regen bomb it to not have to wait so long for resource population.


Sounds like I have a science experiment to conduct lol.

Mind if I weigh in/jump in regarding regen bombs? I’m searching high & low for regen info. (fairly new to game, extremely new to forums in general!) I’m a bit confused on regen bombs, are ALL bombs as well regen, do they all have the regen effect or is it more they are forged? Or can you outright craft Regen Bombs? Asking in hopes to use while gleam mining

You craft a bag of bombs, then forge with special gum.

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Only the bombs that have had this added on the forge will be able to regen.

It’s an easy forge ability as only one other boon shares the same gum and that’s the heal ability so the most expensive part really is the bomb itself.

I would recommend if you ever do this or look into getting some yourself to use iron bombs as different quality bombs are not worth it since they all have the same durability sadly plus iron bombs have 1 extra range even through they all have a very large area of effect.

Also a lot of the gleam farms people have built such as here should have them for sale: Gleam mining network - Code Gleam

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Afaik its 4 hours after the last block edit (add or remove). I’ve also wondered, as once your regen an area fully, there are zero blocks that require editing. Does the system (A) see regen as an edit, so 4h wait, or does it (B) see a chunk with no outstanding blocks and populate it instantly/ pretty fast…

I have reason to suspect it might be B…


Probably fairly instant, but I wonder what the delay is between full block regen and resource placement?

My go-to place to buy regen bombs in BCN BRGR in Ultima HQ. I believe it is directly north of the portals.


That’s a good question. Where is @Jiivita? We need a time lapse video haha :yum:

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Fantastic, thank you!

scrolls up to read what he’s missed

There was a bug, that should be now fixed, that would actually prevent resources from regenerating in terrain that was forced to regenerate with bombs >.>

Theoretically, since the game wouldn’t have to take the time to pop blocks back into existence, the resources wouldn’t have to wait on them to come back and therefore would respawn faster… but the difference would probably be relatively miniscule… but who knows… it might shave off 30-60 mins ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Last I heard, chunks take 4 hours to begin regenerating and resources come back after all of the natural blocks have been restored. Visiting said chunk will pause regeneration but it will resume almost immediately if no changes are made. If changes are made however the 4 hour timer gets reset.

and using a regen-bomb to regenreate the world is also treat like a “change” so that its a full 4hr after using bombs to regen the terrain before it will put resources in rather than just however many seconds of having walked away.

natural regen of blocks is not a “change” though so doesnt cause any pause of course and resources will get put in straight after a natural full regen of the chunk

This does mean that using a regen bomb “might” not make it faster to regen resources…

eg if you have just dug out the ground, then using a regen bomb will make it “slightly” faster as when regen kicks in, it doesnt have any work to do and can do resources straight away. But, if you wander over to a chunk that was “about” to fully regen naturally, and decide to use a regen bomb to finish it off… you will kick in a fresh 4hr timer and have just made the resource regen take longer to begin than it would have :slight_smile:


Perfect, answers all i was wondering thanks! The key difference is that bomb regen is counted as a block change, and not a substitute for natural regen. :+1::ok_hand:

Thank you all for your responses. Question answered!!