Release 169 - Report issues here

it was an answer to @james posting in Release 169: Tweaks, Fixes and Performance!, but I decided to place this answer here to not go too much OT there

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Please try reducing your “Chunk Download Rate” to “Low” and let us know what effect this has.

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ok, so it has happened once and I have a screenshot from sanctum, but there was a delay of course, as I had to hit debug first and then make the screenshot. I have played with debug on after that for some 30 minutes, but guess what, the issue hasn’t happened again.

At least I wasnt suck in the floor there. :sunglasses:

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Ok, so around 20 minutes on low CDR and I got a few go-to-sanctum moments and have been thrown straight to sanctum just now and got stuck in the floor. Screenshots below are showing being stuck situation around 3 - 5 sec after being transferred to sanctum.

My calculation from base hit being 683 with a critical effect of 75% added, results in 1195.25.

That’s kind of in-line with the 1194 we can see, although it’s off by 1…

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I finally got it working guys. Double check all your drivers.

The thread “Feedback on sloped surfaces on 168”

Dying from mountain side meditation: I was climbing a mountain on Vulpto, side is generated mainly from sloped rock. At one point my connection lagged a bit and character went into sited pose, in that pose it just went sliding down the mountain until it hit the ground, built up inertia killed me in place.

There’s a bit of jankyness when walking up a ramp and partially facing a wall. The screen shakes horribly (like you are mini-jumping) and you start to fall (mini-jump/slide) backwards even though you are holding down the W key. I think this started happening after recent ramp updates to make them more slippery. It’s fairly consistent but not always. It’s easy to repro at my current location.

If you’re being sent directly to the Sanctum then this is a straight bug, likewise getting stuck in the floor is a bug. I don’t know what is triggering them.

Next time this happens - please exit the game and share the game log.

Getting stuck in the floor is something fixed in development already in sanctum

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Totally changing my name to “Chuck Download.” +1000 internets!

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Assuming it’s still a known issue that players can get out of Sanctum pretty easy. Don’t see it listed in known issues for this release though.

The sanctum will be changing completely from it’s current form, so it’s not as much of an issue at the moment.

The game keep crashing when exit it.

i think im under the sanctum

I died and was dropped here instead of up top, I didn’t INTEND to get here

edit: saved log, my fav line of it is “[2017-07-14 00:09:05] WARN Resetting fog loading distance due to extreme drop (dev teleported?)”

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Yes, I do have a crash dump on that day. I’ve read in FAQ that you can access our crash dumps for steam users so I didn’t include it previously. I’ve just sent it now to

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There seems to be an XP exploit where you get XP for placing something and mining it immediately after. With most blocks, this is not a huge deal, however… Flowers give 16 XP when you break them (they break in one hit with the starting tool, which doesn’t lose durability), and give 8 XP when you place them. You get the equivalent of mining iron in way less time, since you don’t have to look for veins etc. With a script that makes you auto left/right click at a secluded area, you can easily level all the way up to 30 (starting at 1) if you leave it up overnight without server restarts.

I’d tone down the XP you get for flowers a bit (or increase XP gain from the other things to be more in line), and then prevent blocks that get placed and immediately mined from giving XP somehow. At the very least if you force the player to move (by not giving XP if you’re doing it at the same location), it will become unreliable enough to make automation not feasible.


Thanks for the reply, we’ve added this information to our database.

We agree that you shouldn’t lose health due to unintentional movement because of lag, so we’ve logged a bug about it.

Just to check (as your post followed the previous post above yours), this wasn’t anything to do with lag, was it?

By ‘it’ did you mean from the Sanctum? Do you have any crash dumps arising as a result of this?

Thanks for sending this, we should be able to get more information about what happened.

Thanks for the information, we’ve made a note of this.

I press Esc to the menu, click exit and confirm.
The screen go black for a few seconds and game crashing.


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