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Is there any update on when the shift click into storage bug that removes items from your radial wheel will be fixed?

That’s always the hardest, hehe. I’ll see if I can still reproduce with those blocks in vulpto and let you know tomorrow when I get a chance.

yes… reproducing bugs can be ridiculously difficult… this particular bug has been fixed locally now though!


Water reflections acting strangely at Aquatopia:

Thanks for the report, I’ve added it to the bug database.

What is your Chunk Cache Size and Chunk Download Rate set to? Try adjusting them to see if it makes a difference. If nothing changes, then press F1 and then select the Latency Graph option before posting the results here:

There’s more information on what else to provide in the above link too.

Can you go into more detail, or if there’s a forum post about this, could you provide a link for it here?

That’s a very strange bug. Thanks for the report, I’ve added it to the database.


Original post. See #2 - Release 172 - Report issues here
Release 176 - Report issues here
Release 178 - Report issues here

The issue is basically still happening. When putting things in storage many times items in the radial disappear on both hands and have to be replaced into the radial.

Luckily I have one. But since diamond tools lost their ability to hit 3 blocks at once on testing, the issue is naturally absent.

So I would suggest to test with the respective boon from the forge that grants the ability now.

@vdragon Thank you very much. I adjusted the chunks, and runs perfectly now. I never understood them to much and never messed with those settings.


My character is stuck between halfblocks.

IIRC the tiny triangular decorations in Hash Village near the portal to the portal hub do this too and it’s quite easy to reproduce; if a dev wants another affected location I’ll go back there and scrot it.

I get stuck between chiseled angles all the time.

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I’m not sure if I had ever managed to reproduce the issue using storage blocks/shelves, but looking at the links you have listed, I do remember the post you made in the Release 178 forum topic. This is what I experienced.

In the left hand, I have 99 pieces of cooked meat:

Then I start dragging the 99 pieces of meat from the inventory slot (not from the hand) into the smart stack of cooked meat to the next slot on the right:

Doing this causes the cooked meat to disappear from the left hand:

Was this what you saw? As a recap, if you can summarise how the issue with the radial displays and storage occurs (ideally with screenshots and/or a video) I can update the existing bug report.

That may not be a quick test due to the random nature of boons, but I try and give it a go at some point.

What are the coordinates of these example locations?

Yes this is basically what happens with things disappearing. I will see if I can do a small video or something. I’m sure others have seen this happen and maybe already have an example of it.


Edit: Presto! Doesn’t look stuck, but is. Did the falling anim a while, 2.7k dmg then stood but can’t move. Sometimes it loops the falling anim as you’d expect.

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I actually get stuck on those too from time to time.

I know a lot of things is getting re-worked, but for the balance part, to me the hunger bar depletes way to fast to be called realistic. You can fill up and before 5 minutes is up you’ve lost 25% of your bar. It’s crazy to have to eat so much food.

Also persisting pies probably should keep one full, for the duration of their own buff. I know we need to keep economy hungry but the hunger depletion is too fast. Also, Is it to overpowering to be allowed to have 2 different buffs from food? It seems a bit limited to have a durability buff, and nothing else.

Thank you


I would prefer less-potent but stacking buffs myself, if a balance has to be struck. Running low on energy because you don’t want to clear a buff, or eating 850 cooked earthyams, is not ideal.

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you actually might have a buff from food (like pies) and a buff from brews together

during hunts i use shielding pie+mega strenght brews (and using instant heal brews doesn’t wear off the mega strenght)

while gathering/building it can be persisting+fast brew

while mining it can be persisting+luminous brew

the meaning of using fast/luminous brew might also be to save some skill points and use them on something else (like dexterity attribute for faster block placement and swing speed)

and i was thinking just 2 days ago that, given how fast the hunger bar depletes, not to make it slower but instead to improve the buff…
as it is now it just give +15 life regeneration… wouldn’t it be nice if it also gives an +2 to all attributes (like a point in attribute bonus skill)?

Thanks. Some visual evidence of it happening would be great, so we can see the issue in action.

I’ve checked on the live game where the issue certainly does occur. I can’t reproduce this on the version we have, so it’s likely to be fixed in the next update when that has been pushed.

Just to give us an idea of what’s going on, can you describe the sort of things that you are doing? The rate at which the bar depletes will depend on the actions being carried out. So something likely merely walking / running around won’t make it go down as much.

Not taking into consideration the hunting part, where you shoot, run, jump, grapple all at the same time… i have the sensation that the actions “run” and “jump” are the one depleting the hanger bar faster then anything else;

but what i find incredibly fast at depleting it, are “builder” actions, like placing blocks and sculpturing…

Another factor i m taking into consideration is the base quantity of stamina you have: as a hunter i have faaaaar more stamina than the builder, wich i belive is normal… but when it comes to stamina depletion… it’s like if sculpturing and hunting deplete the same amount of stamina, but as a builder you have to spend points on different skills and attribute so your stamina pool is lower and, therefore, deplete faster