Saturday Stream big giveaway + 1 million coin BINGO [6]

It’s soon time for another giveaway Saturday! roughly 9-hour stream (ish)

when? --> +/- 2022-07-23T16:00:00Z until roughly2022-07-24T01:00:00Z

from giveaways throughout the day to exploring, forging, mining, and building!
and of course, we will be giving away 1 million coins at a random time on the stream.
this will be done by the new live BINGO! you get yourself a free bingo ticket
you do not have to do anything yourself the bingo is automated and will randomly pick numbers

This week we got rid of the wheel of names and turned it into something more time efficient!
from now on you will have to be active in chat to participate
we will also move to another giveaway location built by the awesome ZeldaNL!

how does it work? and how to enter?

when you can join in on the stream when a giveaway is planned @May-L04 or ZeldaNL I will let people know on the forums/in-game/ on stream roughly 30 minutes before I start.
when I start the giveaway I ask people to join in on the giveaways if they like to, Zelda, May, or I will start the command in chat, this will trigger my program to respond. you enter the giveaway by entering !boundless in chat this will automatically add you to the giveaway, you have roughly 5 minutes to join in, after that, it will automatically close the giveaway after it has been closed Zelda, may, or I will trigger the draw winner command this will randomly pick a random winner from those who have joined the giveaway by entering !boundless once we have a winner, this winner can pick a numbered chest ranging for example from 1 to 20, inside the chest, there’s random stuff, and the value varies.

old one:

generous donators

@Huntsman, 2 million coins, 4ss enriched combustion particle, 8ss white sand, and 8ss white concrete! 1 million and half of the combustion/sand/concrete, has gone to last week’s giveaway

update donation list soon.

got an area I need to explore? or would like to donate goodies for the giveaway? PM me or feel free to mention it below!


Finally we got an easier way to get a winner ^.^


1st winner: lostagain_13
Box 17: 200 advanced extractor coils

2nd winner: Kadriah
Box 8: 100K coins

3rd winner: Shiromiku2
Box 3: 4 SS white concrete, 4 SS white sand

4th winner: May
Box got picked by Daone - 1: 8 SS shimmering orbs

5th winner: Adora_Lupinatu
Box 4: 100K coins

6th winner: frejaya
Box 11: 100K coins

7th winner: Daone82
Box 2: 150K coins

The winner of 1 Million Coins is Blitz88!!! CONGRATULATIONS!

8th winner: frejaya
Box 10: 250K coins

9th winner: saintedcrusader
Box 6: various flora, 2 unforged blink grapples, Daone82’s DIY kindling farm building set

10th winner: Daone82
Box 12: 300 enriched combustion particles, 2 unforged blink hammers

11th winner: May
Box picked by Blitz88: 20: 100 enriched combustion particles, 300 gleampops

12th winner: Zelda
Box 13: 150K coins

Daone gives away 150K coins to Blitz88!

13th winner: imbedroc
Box 7: 100K coins

14th winner: May
Box gets picked by Adora_Lupinatu, 14: 400 enriched combustion particles

15th winner: zimbabwejay
Box 19: 150K coins

16th winner: lostagain_13
Box 5: 300 enriched combustion particles, 2 unforged blink hammers

17th winner: Adora_Lupinatu, she gives it away to Naeah as birthday present :slight_smile:
Box 18: 400 enriched combustion particles

18th winner: Daone82
Box 9: 300 enriched combustion particles, 2 unforged blink hammers

19th winner: Naeah
Box 16: 200K coins

20th winner: Daone82
Box 15: 5 SS light turquoise marble, 1 SS of each rough sapphire, diamond, amethyst

Every winner gets 9 snowballs and 25 lovestruck bouquets on top :slight_smile:

Thank You all for participating! It was another cozy stream, it’s always lovely to see familiar faces and also new faces in the stream! I wish You all a very nice rest Saturday! We see you around :slight_smile: