Sunday Stream big giveaway + 1 million coin raffle!

you read that right!

tomorrow on Sunday I will do giveaways throughout the day!
also starting from tomorrow I will make 1 person a millionaire (every Sunday)
so every Sunday I will give away 1 million to a random winner.
will you be the next boundless millionaire?
the stream will be roughly 12 hours long, with of course little breaks in between for me.
there is no specific time for the giveaways but I will post here when I start one and give people roughly 30 minutes to join in.

donations are welcome that I will give away on the stream throughout the day.

thank you for your generous item donations

testing-game (Golden fist with a warranty!)
babycookie (900 gleam sacs)
mathews fam (rift sling bows, umbris sling bows,rift bombs, umbris bombs , blink bombs
anonymous donator (2ss enriched combustion and 1 million coins)

please spread the news to your fellow friends to give them a chance to win something
or even become the new millionaire.

of course, I will stream nearly daily, but just remember the big day on Sunday :slight_smile:
follow me to get updates and to see when I go live :slight_smile:


There’s a little delay with the stream, we had a bad night and Host catches up a little more sleep :slight_smile: my apologies and thank you all for the understanding!


thank you darling for the message, I woke up not long ago, going to eat something first then do a little preparation before I start, it won’t be too long!

3 hours later? not that long means what? :slight_smile:
Sunday is nearly over, at least here or was not this Sunday meant?

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it is nearly 7 PM here, it took longer than expected but I’m live, ill do giveaways meanwhile working on my build, it is not going all at once, and this Sunday was meant

First giveaway will be in 30 minutes

First winner Zelda! Box 13 revealed… 1 SS enriched combustion particles

Second winner wearefelos! Box 4 revealed… the second 1 SS enriched combustion particles

Third winner shiromiku2! Box 3 revealed…
6 SS of refined Sedi Rock in white!

Fourth winner Daone82! Box 1 revealed … 3 SS refined white gravel and 2 SS white brick

Fifth winner idlehabitat! Box 12 revealed … 1 SS mutated gleambow sacs!

Sixth winner hardtruth39! Box 8 revealed… 500 White foliage, 100 barbed white grass seed, 1 SS decorative white gleam, 20 white tables, 20 white chairs


Eighth winner hotdogdihydrogenmonoxide! Box 16 revealed…100 Workbench, Refinery, Extractor, Compactor and Mixer coils!

Ninth winner Foxy! Box 18 revealed… 3 SS Tier 7 sapphire hammers forged by Karios!

Tenth winner wearefelos! Box 2 revealed… 300 gleampops!

See more winners below…


Thank you for the prizes!! They will come in handy since MOST of my builds are black and white :blush:


every 30 minutes a new winner gets price! so stick around, because it could be you!

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everyone welcome! still going strong

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Another two anonymous donators popped up!!!

2 more items and another million to give away!

Eleventh winner kadriah/Nandor! Box 17 revealed… 8 SS kindling shred!

Twelfth winner Xaldafax! Box 19 revealed… 2 SS unforged rift, 2 SS blink and 2 SS umbris bombs!

Thirteenth winner and winner of another 1 Million Coins is…Blitz88!!! CONGRATULATIONS BLITZ!!!

Fourteenth winner Xaldafax again! Box 6 revealed… 6 SS plain glass in black!

Fifteenth winner Marcel020681! Box 11 revealed… Maxed out WARRANTY Gold Fist forged by Warranty/Testing-game (SWProzee1)

Sixteenth winner imbedroc! Box 9 revealed… 1 SS enriched combustion particles

Seventeenth winner Blitz88 again! Box 5 revealed… spray paints: 1 SS white, 1 SS ashen turquoise, 1 SS ashen mint, 1 SS vivid moss!

Eighteenth winner idlehabitat! Box 10 revealed… 4 unforged rift and 4 umbris slingbows!

Nineteenth winner TaraBiggley! Box 14 revealed… 1 SS enriched combustion particles!

Twentieth winner kadriah again! Box 7 revealed… 300 gleampops

21st winner hotdogdihydrogenmonoxide! Box 20 revealed… 500 Mega Strength Brew!

22nd winner chicula_dreams! Box 21 revealed… 1 SS green candy cane!

23rd winner chicula!!! Box 15 revealed… 8 SS bonding agent!

24th winner and winner of the last 1 million coins is…TaraBiggley!!! CONGRATULATIONS TaraBiggley!!!
(Thank You very much Blitz88 that you gave up on your win for someone else to win the last million!)


What a handsome voice @HOST lol, I’m old and don’t use twitch haha

You wanna participate Karl?

I don’t have twitch hah it won’t even let me chat unless I sign up haha

Host says, then sign up :stuck_out_tongue: after a discussion also with our viewers, a lot of people signed extra up for the giveaway today. So even though we wanna be fair and understanding at all times, it’s kinda unfair to all the people that support the stream for hours… My apologies Karl.

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Not a problem, i don’t need any prizes i just wanted to come hang- but thank you. Hope it went well :stuck_out_tongue:
Discord is the only thing i use hahahh im old.

Thank You all for participating! It was nice having You all around and I hope You all had a lot of fun and the winners are happy about their rewards! Much Love! :heart: :blush:

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Ehhh @May-L04 . Did you forget Marcel020681 winning the warranty Gold Fist ?

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Thank You! Now that makes sense. I was very busy doing real-life tasks baby and supporting the stream at the same time! I was thinking already huh? Did I forget and skip number 15?? Thanks a lot I will edit the previous post then :slight_smile: I think Marcel was number 15… xD I wanted to add him and forgot I’m sorry. Was a long day…
Edit: Done

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Thanks everyone that participated and joined the stream! Enjoy your winnings. Also thank you @May-L04for keeping up with the winner list :heart: