Sunday Stream big giveaway + 1 million coin raffle! [4]

It’s soon time for another giveaway Sunday! 7-hour stream (ish)
due to in real-life time consuming stuff, I’m not able to reach the 12hr stream this Sunday

when? --> 2022-07-10T17:45:00Z until roughly2022-07-11T01:00:00Z

from giveaways throughout the day to exploring, forging, mining, and building!
and of course, we will be giving away 1 million coins at a random time on the stream.

how does it work?

when you can join in on the stream when a giveaway is planned @May-L04 or I will let people know on the forums/in-game/ on stream roughly 30 minutes before I start.
when I start the giveaway I ask people to say something in the stream chat, this way I know who’s active and not a bot, since the online viewers count is not accurate and might show people there while they are not actually there anymore.
meanwhile, while people show that they are active on stream, I add those names to the ‘‘wheel of names’’ which picks a random name after a spin.
after the spin we have a winner, this winner can pick a numbered chest ranging for example from 1 to 20, inside the chest there’s random stuff, and the value varies.

NOTE: I do understand you might need to do something in real like having dinner just let me know, so you do not miss out on any giveaways

old one:

generous donators

(will update the donator list after the stream)
@catfud 900 advanced workbench coils (300 given away last week and 600 for this week’s giveaway!)

got an area I need to explore? or would like to donate goodies for the giveaway? PM me or feel free to mention it below!


First winner: Pixelatedtwix
Box 7: 16 SS Ancient Vital Essence

Second winner: Daone
Box 1: 8x 300 Spray Cans of different colors

Third winner: NL-Tim
Box 5: 16 SS White Rock

:yellow_heart: Daone gave away 500k coin, the wheel of names picked shiromiku2 as winner! Congratulations!

Fourth winner: NL-Tim
Box 18: 4 SS Rough Diamond

Fifth winner: Pixelatedtwix
Box 9: 8 SS Warm Viridian Marble

Sixth winner: shiromiku2
Box 13: 200 Advanced Workbench Coils

Seventh winner: d3nz3l
Box 21: 4 SS Rough Sapphire

Eighth winner: Kadriah
Box 17: 8 SS Hard Coal

Nineth winner: Daone
Box 11: 4 SS Rough Diamond

:yellow_heart: Daone gave another 500k coins away, congratulations to the winner BabyCookie!

Tenth winner: JojoPanda
Box 16: 4 SS Rough Diamond

Eleventh winner: lostagain_13
Box 8: 1 SS Rough Blink

Twelfth winner: Minipower
Box 12: Token worth of 250 K Coins

Thirteenth winner: digbycceasar
Box 14: 8 SS Bones

:sparkles:The winner of 1 Million Coins is Kadriah! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Kadriah requested a re-roll and minipower won! Thank You a lot Kadriah for your generosity :slight_smile: Congratulations to Minipower!:sparkles:

Fourteenth winner: kemyobra
Box 6: 1 SS Rough Diamond

Fifteenth winner: Shadykatt
Box 19: 200 Advanced Workbench Coils

Sixteenth winner: kemyobra
Box 15: 8 SS Shimmering Orbs

Seventeenth winner: BabyCookie
Box 4: 8 SS Oortshards

Eighteenth winner: Minipower
Box 3: 16 SS Fresh Vital Essence

Nineteenth winner: TaraBiggley
Box 10: 200 Advanced Workbench Coils

Twentieth winner: Debstep/Ectopus
Box 20: 8 SS Rough Titanium Ores

Twenty-First winner: kemyobra
Box 2: 1 SS Rough Rift

Thanks everyone for participating! And a big thank You to all donators! Good Night everyone :slight_smile: